Enema: What Is It?, Purpose, How To Use It With Safety, And Risks

Enema bag kit

What Exactly Enema Is?

Enema is a water therapy tool that is known to remove dirt from our large intestines.

In this, a pipe is inserted from the rectum into the intestine and the accumulated dirt is pulled out.

It is quite popular among people. although it has been used for hundreds of years, especially to treat chronic constipation.

Its purpose is to clean our intestines and remove those frozen toxic substances, which promote many health-related diseases including:

NOTE: This detox technique was identified as Jal Basti in our Hatha yoga Pradipika thousands of years ago.

Enema bag kit

Types of Enema

Basically, there are 2 common types of enema. they include:

Cleansing Enema

The purpose of cleaning an enema is to gently remove dirt from the colon (large intestine) through the water.

There is some other cleaning enema with water including:

  • Water or saline: Its main purpose is to dilate the colon and promote mechanical defecation.
  • Lemon enema: In this, lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water is put inside you, which helps balance your PH levels and cleanses the colon.
  • Epsom salt: It is said to be more effective in relaxing the intestinal muscles and relieving constipation.
  • Apple cider vinegar: It is said to have antiviral healing properties that come from mixing ACV with lukewarm water or filter water.
  • Sodium Phosphate: It irritates the colon, which causes, intense cramping or “griping, and expands the colon and releases waste.

Retention Enema

This is also like a water-based enema. just in that it stays in the body for a long time and is usually oil-based. which lubricates the passage of the colon and brings out the stool.

There is some common retention enema. which include:

  • Coffee: In this, a caffeinated coffee and water mixer is inserted inside the intestine.

However, there is no scientific post that ingesting these substances like coffee and oil does not pose any risk.

These may also allow harmful bacteria to enter.

  • Mineral: This type of enema mainly lubricates the waste inside your colon and seals it with water, leads the removal of dirt.
  • Herbal: In this, herbs mixed with water are used as an enema, to fight infection and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Probiotics: In this, your intestines are cleaned by mixing probiotics with water, while some probiotics help in eradicating the bacteria.

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Purpose of Enema

Enema is a kit that is specially made for detoxing our stomachs.

Simple – Its main purpose is to clean out the dirt accumulated in our stomachs, which has been stuck inside for many years.

  • The lukewarm water is pushed through our rectum.
  • the water is held for 10-15 minutes and once the pressure is built up the water is emptied from the bowel.

This is propagated to scrub the colon and enhance detoxication.

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Benefits of Taking an Enema

Relieve Constipation

Even a doctor, may recommend it to treat constipation because it clears out intestine waste material.

However frequent water enemas can also cause problems, such as dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance.

Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It can be useful in IBD include – Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis (a condition where the lining of your colon becomes inflamed and sometimes ulcerated.

Even, my doctor also prescribed other types of enema.

Improve Overall Health

NOTE: Did you know 80% of diseases are born in your intestines, In such a situation it becomes very important to keep your stomach clean.

Some studies claim that it can support healthy glowing skin, boost immunity, maintain blood pressure, remove toxins, weight loss, and more.

Used in Gastrointestinal X-ray

Having water in the intestine can give a real-time picture of any organ or tissue.

The doctor also uses contrast agents like barium, mixed with water, which helps to clear the images (1).

With enema help, things like abdominal pain, constipation, blood in the stool, or mucus can be detected.

How To Use It?

It is a simple step to use but with safety includes:

  • First – You will need an enema kit, you can easily buy it online. then wash your enema pot clearly.
  • Then add 300-500 ml of water to it, don’t add more water than 500 ml (if you are new to taking it, then start with 300 ml)
  • Apply a bit of oil to the tip of the pipe, to lubricate it and allow it to easily go inside.
  • Then place the enema pot at a high place like a shelf, window, etc (it should be above your waist level at least)
  • Now place a mat or towel on the floor and lie down – the left lateral position (which is the best position to take enema)
  • Then insert the pipe into your rectum around 2 inches (then open the water control value.)
  • Now water will transfer from the enema pot to your intestine. watching the pot until it is empty, it may take a few minutes.
  • Once the pot is empty remove the pipe slowly, and hold the water inside you for 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Walk around for a few minutes, which allows the water to work.
  • After some minutes, go to the bathroom (you will wonder what is coming from inside you?)

NOTE: If you take an enema after fasting for a whole day, you will get even more benefits.

Safety Precautions of Enema

  • Water should be filtered, and use lukewarm water (water neither too cold, nor too hot)
  • Don’t apply chemical cream to the tip of the pipe.
  • The best place to take it is your bathroom, but you can also use your bedroom (for just comfortably.)
  • If you can’t hold water for 5 minutes, then start with 250 ml (just don’t put too much pressure on the intestine)
  • Using it on a limit (using it daily can make your stomach get used to it, for passing poop.)
  • If a person has a colon surgery or bowel issue, this can increase the risk of bowel perforation.
  • When giving an enema to a person, make sure to check visually to avoid pushing the stopper into the rectum.
  • Avoid it, if someone has frequent constipation, it may be a sign of something else, talk to the doctor.
  • If you see any uncomfortable, multiple times, then avoid inserting this, and talk to your doctor.

Possible Risk of Enema

Through an enema, your stomach is cleaned, but somewhere there may be some risk of it. if it is not used properly. possible risks are:

May disturb your body’s natural PH level

There is some type of enemas like coffee, soda, and magnesium, that can disturb electrolyte levels.

In one case, an old man died from two sodium phosphate enemas, severe electrolyte disruption is caused (2).

Using tubes multiple times a day

Many people use them multiple times a day, It is not good, because it can train your body to release stool every day, multiple times.

So make sure just take it only 3 times a week, and once a day.

Other enema types may lead to health issues

If you are using coffee, oil, and magnesium, can promote health problems (Coffee enemas may cause serious side effects, such as rectal burns).

Apple cider vinegar, coffee, and lemon juice are acidic, and the body can also introduce harmful bacteria.

There is also a lack of evidence suggesting the effectiveness of the enema types.

A small study in JAMA internal medicine shows that “fleet enema” which contains sodium phosphate has been linked to health issues like kidney failure.


Avoid it, if a person has a colon surgery, or bowel issue, this can increase the risk of bowel perforation.

In this, the enema tip of the pipe is inserted from the rectum into the intestine and the accumulated dirt is pulled out.

Did you know 80% of diseases are born in your intestines, In such a situation it becomes very important to keep your stomach clean?


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