Inhaler: How it Works? Using in children, and More


An inhaler is a tiny incredible tool for your lungs that sprays medicine directly into your lungs and lets a person breathe properly.

People with asthma and COPD mostly keep it with their “where asthma makes breathing difficult” and it open airways to proper breathing.

This medicine is mostly available in mist or powder form and instead of swallowing pills it directly goes to the lungs.

Types of Inhaler

There are bascially 4 types of inhaler such as:

MDI (metered dose inhaler): It use a canister to pressurized air to spray a mist (small water dropletes) of medicine into your lungs.

In this after taking the pump person holding their breath for sometime and then exhale.

Pros & Cons

Pros: easy to carry and bring quick relief.
Cons: not eco-friendly and need technique to proper use.

DPI (dry powder inhaler): DPI have powdered medicine capsule, where deep breath activiate the device and then release the powder into your lungs.

SMI (soft mist inhaler): It spray fine water droplete of medicine into your lungs and it is easy to use and doesn’t any coordinate.

Nebulizer: It is an electronic device that mostly used in new born babies those who have difficulty in breath.

How it works?

Instead of consuming pills, It deliver medicine directly to your lungs which bring quicker relief compared to other medicine methods.

Basically these medicines (form of small water droplets) widen the airways to increase air flow to the lungs (1)

In this way, inhaler prevent future asthma attack by helping person to breath properly (reduce inflammation)

Inhaler reduce airways inflammation by which person able to breath properly and prevent future asthma attack.

Using Inhalers in children

Older children may use a spacer with mouthpiece and younger kid may use a space with a mask.

Here are video for better understanding.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Explain children how to use it properly “while using 2 to 3 pump of inhaler and then hold breath for 5 to 10 sec for better feel.

Is children can stop inhaler use for lifetime? In case of asthma children is can not completely stop lifetime.

Some children need for daily even 3 to 4 times it occur when airways become sensitive to trigger as resultin inflammation.

If children want to stop or reduce it use then you should consult to your doctor, which will tell you what good for children.

How to use Inhaler?

Make sure consult to your doctor before inhaler use because medicine may interact with your health and create problems.

There are two ways to use inhaler with space or without spacer.

Spacer is specially made tube that helps the medicine to goes deep into your lungs (2)

Here how you can use inhaler with spacer or without spacer.

Inhaler without Spacer

  • Take off the cap
  • shake it well before use
  • then attach the inhaler to the spacer
  • put the mouthpeace in your mouth and close lips tight
  • now press down the inhaler and inhale medicine slowly
  • hold your breath for 5 to 10 sec for better absorbation
  • now take off then breath properlly

Inhaler with Spacer

  • Take off the cap and shake it well before use
  • then attach the inhaler to the spacer
  • Placing the mask on your face
  • it should be tight attached to your nose and mouth
  • now press down the inhaler and inhale 6 deep breath
  • now take off then breath properlly

Keep the spacer net and clean to prevent infection risk.

Inhaler and Nebulizer

Both device used to deliver medicine directly to the lungs.

They both are good on their way but inhaler is easy to carry and use “where just 2 to 3 pump and you ready to go again.

However nebulizer is not portable it is typically large and require electricity to use.

Nebulizer are often used on newborn babies or people with asthma or COPD patients require large dose of medicine.

Nebulizers are often preferred for people with severe asthma or COPD who require a larger dose of medications.

ElectricityNo require electricityRequire electricity to pump medicine
Portableeasy to carry or pocket friendlylarge not easy to carry or not pocket friendly
Medicine deliveryDeliver medicine in puffs and in limited amount pumpsDeliver medicine into small water droplets and contain more medicines.
Useseasy to use, just 2 to 3 pump and you good to go again.easy to use but hold properly until work is not done.

Down Line

It one of the best gadget to prevent asthma attack or any breathing issues where it widen the airways to increase oxygen flow.

Person with asthma mostly use it “where 2 to 3 pumps of inhaler make it easy to breath properly.

Consult to your doctor if you or children use it for a long time sometime it may interact with your other medicines.


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