Is Omicron End In 2022? And More Information On New Varient

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As we read on previews topic of omicron, which is a new mutant varient of coronavirus.

Due to this, cases increased not only in India but all over the world as fast as they were not big even in the second wave.

The impact of the third wave of covid in India was massive. But the good thing is that all around the world scientists and experts are claiming, that is the end of covid.

Along with omicron, coronavirus is again spreading in India.

25/1/22 to 31/1/22 report – In some states in India, schools have been opened from classes 1 to 12. Young children are going to school after 2 years.

NOTE: Some of these children have been vaccinated and some are still unaware of this varient. But in adults, the third vaccine has also started to be used.

1. New Research and Studies on Omicron

After 1.5 months there has been a lot of research on omicron which talks a lot about it.

1 studyRising evidence suggests the Omicron variant is associated with fewer hospitalizations and is less likely to infect the lungs.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) compared the risk of hospitalization for those infected with Omicron, compared to the Delta variant. Suggested that the risk of being admitted to the hospital with Omicron was half that of Delta.

Delta varient was the worse varient, due to these all around the world, we saw the deadly second wave.

3 studystudies show that the Omicron variant is less effect on lung tissue, but much more quickly in tissue from the upper airways compared to previous variants.

4 ResearchUniversity of Edinburgh – compare omicron and delta variants and found that the risk of hospitalization due to omicron was 65% lower than delta variant.

5 Research According to NICD, they had analyzed 160,000 patients, they found that if you get infected with omicron, you have a 70% lesser chance of having severe disease.

You can compare this thing with yourself that what happens when the 4th wave come in south Africa. And if we compare the death rate in South Africa

The number of death in the 4th wave was the lowest. And the fourth wave was the highest, but the death was the least.

In today’s time 25/1/22 everywhere, omicron cases are being less reported.

Talk about other countries, so where the 4th wave was the highest, but the death was the least.

6. study on animals University of Liverpool published a paper, saying that, when the varient was tested on the rats and mice, found that omicron is a less severe disease.

Even rats who get infected with the omicron are losing weight, but less, have a lower viral load, and less risk of pneumonia.

According to the CDC statement, infected are a 91% lower chance of death, if people are infected by this new varient.

2. Why omicron is less deadly and more transmissible?

First – The coronavirus infections start with the mouth or nose, which spread to your throat, if the virus is mild then, it doesn’t proceed beyond it.

But once any coronavirus reaches your lungs, causes a serious health condition.

It’s said that omicron only affects your throat cells, and that’s what becomes this multiple varient, – means it doesn’t reach the lungs in most cases.

NOTE: if any virus is multiplying in the throat, it becomes more transmissible mean – more easily spread through the air, that is why omicron is more transmissible.

It’s confirmed by the university of hong kong researchers, when they compared 12 lungs samples of omicron and delta variants, found that omicron is less grow in lungs, than delta.

Dr. Jaiprakash said that it is almost unstoppable, and it will spread to almost all. The chief medical advisor of the president of the US, said the same.

3. Symptoms and sign of Omicron

There are most commonly seen signs of omicron are:

  • common cold
  • fatigue or weakness
  • body ache
  • fever – It can stay for 3 days and if it is not gone, then that becomes a sign of moderate to severe infection. 
  • cough which may be dry cough
  • congestion
  • body pain, especially seen in back
  • runny nose
  • In some cases, loss of taste or smell seen

The UK-based Zoe Covid app study found new symptoms such as nausea and loss of appetite.

If you see this symptom, which may a serious issue. Then talk to the doctor which includes:

  • difficulty in breathing
  • loss of speech or mobility
  • chest pain
  • severe headache
  • body pains
  • confusion or dizziness
  • discoloration of fingers or toes
  • Irriated eyes

4. Is Omicron could act as a natural vaccine?

Some studies said yes, Omicron could act as a natural vaccine. some virologists claim that it could lead to widespread boost immunity.

South African researchers’ study has shown that those were who infected by omicron, are remain protected from delta variant.

And because omicron is much milder, it gives us a good quantity of antibodies, and that antibodies protect us from the delta varient.

Professors and doctors of the University of reading, and yale school of public health, also said this theory right, that now omicron has become a natural vaccine for the world.

In India, home isolation is also reduced to 7 days, also the US reduced it 5 days, and in the UK it has been reduced from 10 days to 7 days.

NOTE: Omicron variant act as an immunity booster against other variants of covid. Immunity is greater if the person is vaccinated.

5. How effective is the vaccine in Omicron?

Many experts say that vaccines protect people from severe disease, and the unvaccinated people that get infected with omicron, are more prone to hospitalization.

Covishield and omicron – Experts suggest that Covaxin can be highly effective against the Omicron as it is a whole virion-inactivated coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). 

What about Covishield – According to the LANCET study on Covishield’s vaccine effectiveness in full vaccinated people is 63%.

According to the studies on South Africa, and England journal of medicine both doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are 70% effective or protect against omicron.

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that the booster dose of Pfizer will come soon in march or April.

However, a research paper conducted by Oxford University reported that two doses of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines offered little protection against the Omicron.

On far 25/1/22, more than 1.32 billion covid vaccine doses have been administered in India and more than half of the adult population in the country is now fully vaccinated.

NOTE: IL6 Receptor Blockers and corticosteroids are still effective for managing patients with severe COVID-19. Other treatments will be assessed to see (2).

6. Is Really 2022 the End of Covid variants?

Most scientists are predicate that, after some months the covid-19 will become a normal illness like seasonal flu, which means it will not end but will too mild.

But some other scientists, believe that after the march, life can go on a normal track. if all governments pull all restrictions.

Also, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, that the Covid-19 pandemic will end in 2022 only If we end inequity, which is true (3).

However, it will continue to be mutated. this is the reason, which you may also notice when omicron started spreading, delta almost vanished.

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7. New variety of omicron

Health official of the united kingdom has confirmed a new version of omicron called BA.2, which have some notice points include:

  • May spread faster then the original
  • Discovered in 40 countries include US, India, etc

However, there is insufficient data on BA.2, that it is can cause more severe illness than Omicron? but data is limited and UKHSA continues to investigate “Chand,” said.

Most cases of BA.2 were reported in Denmark, followed by Sweden, the Philippines, France, Norway, and Singapore.

The researchers of Denmark have a concern about this varient, that it could lead to two different peaks of epidemics caused by the omicron virus.


Most researchers are predicate that, after some months the covid-19 will become a normal illness like seasonal flu.

In today’s time 25/1/22 everywhere around the world, omicron cases are being less reported.

South African researchers’ study has shown that those were who infected by omicron, are remain protected from delta variant.

The number of death in the 4th wave was the lowest. And the fourth wave was the highest, but the death was the least.


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