The Sauna And Weight Loss Connection: Explained

Saunas and weight loss are one of the search topics related to saunas, but Is sauna really help in belly fat, and more?

Reducing excessive weight or obesity can reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, and promote overall health.

According to WHO report in 2020, more than 2 billion adults (39% of the global adult population) were overweight.

The sauna is a hot room, where heat is released through different methods hot rock, boiling water, and infrared to heat the body.

A sauna is an effective way to reduce weight, however, there are other methods that may be better than a sauna which will discuss later.

5 Ways That Saunas Help With Weight Loss

Saunas are well popular for their relaxation and purifying the body, which will also help in reducing weight.

Here are the top 5 ways where saunas may help in losing weight are:

Evaporate Water Content

The quickly seen benefit of a sauna is losing weight, where heat evaporates the body’s water content.

But it is important to keep your body hydrated, dehydration leads to several health issues including:

Burn Calories

Sitting or lying in a sauna session burns calories through heat up your body.

During a study, the copartner burns 73.04, 93.82, 114.91, and 131.40 calories for each successive 10 minutes session in the sauna.

Even, another study showed that just sitting in a sauna session for about half an hour can burn 300 calories.

Boosts Metabolism

Sauna speed up the metabolism waste, but temporarily, which shows a positive effect on skeletal muscle (1)

Study results showed that metabolic rate increased by 25-33% after the first day of the sauna session.

Reduce Stress

study revealed that infrared sauna reduces stress and improves the symptoms of other mental disorders like depression and anxiety (2)

Stress is one of the common mental issues, that leads to several health issues including high blood pressure, chronic stress, etc.

However, stress can also contribute to both weight loss and gain, where sauna promotes relaxation, which reduces stress.

Increase Circulation

Generally, the sauna increases blood flow by heating your body, which helps burn calories, resulting reduce weight (3)

Heating aid in relaxation and ease muscle stiffness or tightness, which improve blood circulation.

Remember, the sauna is not recommended for health issues individuals, so it is vital to talk to your doctor before doing any new therapy.

Other Benefits

  • Improves flexibility
  • reduce belly fat
  • improve sleep
  • boost immune system
  • antiaging affect
  • aids muscle recovery

Research papers showed that sauna baths are most typically practiced for recovery after exercise.

Are Saunas Really Help In Weight Loss?

The sauna help in losing weight, but for a certain period of time, but how temporarily?

Sitting or lying down in a hot room is not effective as other weight-loss methods, like running, and exercise can burn fat, which reduces weight.

In the sauna, you just remove water content by heating the body, once you drink water, the water weight return.

Sauna reduces weight temporarily instead of burning fat, which is not recommended as a natural way to reduce overall weight.

But reducing weight this way may lead to dehydration and other health issues, so it is important to drink enough water before and after the sauna.

All saunas are working the same whether it is portable, infrared, or suit, which just removes water content, instead of reducing fat.

But a sauna suit increases body temperature during exercise, however, scientists do not support that it a shown long-term weight loss.

If you use it frequently or daily, then may potentially increase the risk of dehydration and overheating, so avoid it frequently.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Sauna?

Burn calories in a sauna depends on how much time you spend in the sauna, the person’s weight, and the temperature of the sauna.

However, research has revealed that a 30-minute sauna session may burn between 150 to 300 calories in an average adult.

Remember, the sauna is not a permanent solution for reducing weight, where it just removes the water content from the body.

But while sauna you can also engage in exercise and a healthy diet, which is a permanent way to reduce belly fat, and lose weight.

Risks of Dehydration

It definitely increases the risk of dehydration, where a shortage of water inside our bodies occurs, which is common in the summer season.

Apart from the sauna, there are other several reasons for dehydration which include:

In addition, pregnant and breastfeeding women require more water, and children require less water than adults.

Over time, this dehydration leads to chronic, which puts individuals at risk of several health issues such as:

Avoid fiber-related food, and make sure don’t go with alcohol, soda, sweet drinks, and caffeine during dehydration.

Saunas and other Health Issues

As we know that sauna has several health benefits from promoting relaxation to detoxing the body.

More than your tolerance limit, or if you beginner are doing more than that may rise several health issues or disorders such as:

  • Dehydration
  • feel lightheaded
  • heat exhaustion
  • stroke
  • dizzy
  • uncomfortable
  • burn

If a person has cardiovascular issues, then hot air in the sauna affects the skin and cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

So it is important to talk to your healthcare provider, if you have a health issue, you are on medicines, or you are pregnant.

Safety Parameter for Using Saunas for Weight Loss

Generally, using a sauna to lose weight is safe, just sit and reduce your weight, but there are some guidelines that must be followed (4)

Here are the safety parameters while using a sauna for weight loss include:

Stay hydrated – which will prevent a person from dehydration, so drink water before and after the sauna therapy (5)

Don’t go overboard – If you are a beginner then start it with 10 to 15 minutes, and gradually increase.

But some people may spend minutes to hours in the room, with proper safety, experience, and help from a therapist (6)

Listen to your body – monitor your body and what you feel – If you feel discomfort or dizziness, then quit it immediately.

Avoid drinking alcohol – Drinking alcohol, before taking therapy and even other types of relaxation therapies may worsen the situation.

Consult your doctor – If you have a health issue or you are on medication period, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding women.

So it is important to talk to your healthcare provider who will suggest whether it is good for you or not (7).

Use the sauna properly – This means – starting with a lower temperature, if you are a beginner, wear comfortable and lightweight clothes.

After the session, wait till your body temp comes to normal, before taking bath or shower.

Sauna Vs Other Weight loss Methods

I think the sauna is just a temporary solution to reduce weight by removing water content from the body, which is regained after drinking water.

But may be able to burn some calories, with proper exercise and a healthy diet plan.

However, the sauna is very excellent in bringing other health benefits like detoxing the body, increasing relaxation, reducing stress, etc.

But if we compare the sauna with other methods in reduce weight, I don’t think so sauna is a good or effective way to reduce weight.

Here is other weight loss method include:

Diet and Exercise

Diet whether it is a healthy diet or a keto diet, both are excellent in reducing weight, diet plays an essential role in gaining and reducing weight.

Exercise is one of the best methods to reduce overall body fat, and improve overall health.


This method permanently reduces your weight, but it also has some side effects like being expensive and being careful.

It is effective in individuals with severe obesity, so consult your doctor, before using this method for weight loss and other use.

Supplement for Weight loss

This method is an effective and fast method to reduce weight, however, it is not effective as exercise and diet.

Even, doctors suggest that any type of medication or supplements should not be used for the long term due to adverse effects.

These methods to from 1st to last – so a healthy diet and exercise are the 1st, then followed by a sauna, and last supplement and surgery.

Success Stories: Real People Who Lost Weight with Saunas

There are several success stories of weight loss and sauna, and you can even check them out on your social media account.

After finding a story, you can also make your own story on reducing weight with a sauna or you can also check out our more blogs on saunas.

Make sure, if you have health issues, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding individuals should be avoided and talk to their doctor before.

Down Line

Sauna are many types, some use hot rocks, boiled water, and infrared method to heat up the body

It is not an effective, and natural way to reduce belly fat, sauna just removes water in our body, which comes again after drinking water.

Sauna has various benefits include – improve circulation, prompting a good mood, reduce stress, detox the body, and more.


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