Yellow Urine: Causes, Is It Normal, Signs, How To Treat, And More


Yellow urine is normal in most people, which carries a yellow pigment and when you stay hydrated, your urine is seen as almost clear in color.

However, YU color signs that you need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated, also some other factors like medicines, and any infection.

There can be many uneven colors of urine and this color can indicate some disease or infection such as dark yellow, orange or red, clear, and orange.

Usually, yellow urine is mostly visible in the morning, because our urine is more concentrated while sleeping.

If in the morning time, your urine color occurs pale, or light brown, so its means you are well-hydrated and healthy.

So, Make sure you drink enough water at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.

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How Common Is It?

If we talk about pale yellow color, then it is most commonly seen, dark yellow urine, it might be a serious condition, it indicates dehydration and UTI.

However, it can be prevented by drinking enough water, and it becomes almost clear. the less water you drink, the deeper your urine will be (1).

What Color Is Normal Urine?

If we talk about the color of urine, then the color of everyone’s urine should come in the category of yellow.

Also, it depends on your body condition including:

  • If you drink more water. so the color of urine will be light yellow which is called a normal urine color and healthy.
  • Even after taking medicines for a long time, dark-coloured urine can be seen.

If the color of your urine is getting a dark yellow for no reason, then you should see a doctor.

Causes of Yellow Urine

The most common color of urine is yellow which is due to the presence of urobilin which is a biochemical waste product by the breakdown of old red cells.

Yellow urine color is normal or healthy urine color, but if you see darker color, then there can be many reasons. which include:

Liver Problems

Jaundice is a liver disease due to abnormally high levels of bilirubin in the blood and causes black urine to be excreted through the liver.

Hepatitis means inflammation in the liver, usually occurring due to viral infection, this can make pee become darker and seem brown.

Lack of Water

The most common cause of dark yellow and bright yellow urine is due to drinking less water or not drinking it.

However, lack of water is also seen in multiple situations include In fever, body sweating, and during exercise.


The pigments and substance compounds in the food sources you eat and the drugs you take additionally modify the shade of your pee.

Medicines can also become your yellow urine and dark colour reason, including antibiotics, OTC, and chemotherapy medicines.

I have personally seen that whenever you take hard medicines for the long-term around 5 to 6 month, it also affect your urine color and poop color.

During Pregnancy

Like, In normal people old red blood breakdown, causes yellow urine, similarly, it happens during pregnancy, and old RBC must be broken down, for new cells.

NOTE: Apart from this, Dr. Kaaki “says” that there is an increase in blood by up to 50%. therefore, urine becomes clearer and more diluted during pregnancy.

While pregnant, if you see cloudy and foamy urine, it might be a sign of Kidney stones (2).

NOTE: Many people and evidence also believe that bright yellow urine can be early pregnancy symptoms. however, there is no hard evidence to support this.

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Dark urine color is most commonly seen in dehydrated people, which is a sign that your body is struggling with water.

So remember to drink enough water, however, chronic dehydration puts people at a risk for type 2 diabetescancerhigh BP, and obesity.

And dehydration can be dangerous for anyone, especially older and younger children.

Certain Foods

Yes, there are certain types of food, that easily change your urine colour, not necessarily that is only yellow colour, it can be any colour. include:

Beetroot, blueberries, rhubarb, and other fruits give urine different colours, such as red or pink, yellow, and greenish-blue.

Carrot and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body, which give you light orange, and yellow color urine,

Pomegranates may give you reddish color urine, however, they are not harmless, and after the complete discharge, the normal color of urine comes.

Medical condition

Some liver problems like hepatitis and urinary tract infections can turn urine into dark yellow and dark brown.

Apart from this, kidney damage, (due to excessive supplements, protein, exercises, and muscle injury) can also change the color of urine.

NOTE: If you saw your urine becomes cloudy, and has a strong smell, so it may be a sign of bladder or kidney infection.

Signs of Yellow Urine

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Here are some signs include:

  • Taking medicines but not drinking enough water with them.
  • If you see dark yellow color urine, it may sign of hard medicines and maybe dehydration.
  • Excess Vitamin B in the body, however, this condition is harmless.
  • Lots of sweating

In Diabetes People?

In diabetes urine also comes more, because the body wants to remove the glucose which has increased inside the body and it can be removed only through urine.

Diabetes patients have high levels of glucose which damages the blood vessels, including the kidney.

Due to this, the kidney has to work harder to filter the blood, resulting in dark yellow urine, and a hard smell.

How To Treat This?

Mostly it is seen that due to lack of water, are a common reason for yellow urine, which can be easily treated by drinking enough water, especially during physical workout.

Yellow urine can be seen even during taking medicine and pregnancy.

So make sure to drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily, especially pregnant, or breastfeeding women should drink 2.5 to 3 liters a day.

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If your urine color is coming yellow, or dark. even, when you are not pregnant or dehydrated, and not taking medicines, then it could be a sign of some other internal problem, so talk to the doctor.

When To Talk To The Doctor?

Tell your doctor, if you see the color of your urine as pink or red, this may be a sign of more serious conditions such as cancer.

Urinary tract infections can cause bleeding, which is certainly seen in children in rare cases.

But this figure is 60% among women who experience it at least once in their life.

NOTE: If you see this in urine, then talk to the doctor. they include:

  • Blood in urine
  • Dark yellow, brown, or any color without any reason
  • Hard smell
  • Frequent urine in a day


Yellow urine color signs that you need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated, also some other factors like medicines, and any infection.

NOTE: If you saw your urine becomes cloudy, and has a strong smell, so it may be a sign of bladder or kidney infection.

I have personally seen that whenever you take hard medicines for the long-term around 5 to 6 month, it also affect your urine color and stool color.


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