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A person eating a processed food


Fast food, and in other words unhealthy, or Junk, which is high in calories, sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, or other important forms of nutrients are found in high amounts. 

Precise introduction varies by purpose and over time. some high-protein foods, such as meat, prepared with saturated fat, may also be called junk food.

Fast food those commercial products, like hamburgers, french fries, momos, soft drinks, taco bells, doughnuts, pizza, which have no good protein, nutrients, and vitamins but that have more calories, which is really not good for our overall health.

A person eating a processed food

Some fast foods are high in calories (like I told you before) and low in nutrients value, while other foods, such as salads, boiled vegetables, and homemade daily diet may be low in calories, high in nutrients good for our overall health.

Fast food (junk food) is defined as processed foods with negligible nutrients value and are often high in salt, sugar, bad fat. 

Eating fast food increases the number of calories in our body and the formation of calories created lumps in our veins.

Due to which the flow of blood in our blood is not good and the chances of heart attack increase in us.


  • Calories show junk foods do look delicious and mouthwatering.
  • Junk foods are defined as processed food.
  • We often get confused. which is fast food and which is junk food?

1. What makes food Unhealthy?

In the way of making it and putting such type of ingredients that are definitely not good for our health. 

In all its many disguises – it’s amazing how easy it is to feel even the very careful consumer-junk food  “sodium sugar, fat, including soda, is one of the world’s most successful business ventures, millions of starving people have now become overfat, thanks to junk food. 

4 + Fast food that is not even your match, so how can it be good for your overall health:


Pizza is the most popular junk food in the whole world. most commercial pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients, including:

  • Refined dough
  • heavily processed meat. 

Pizza also tends to be extremely high in calories. frozen and fast-food pizza can contain ingredients like preservatives, colorings, and unhealthy fats.

Frozen pizza is the most popular meal choice for many peoples. while maximum calories, fat, and sugar are not believed to be good for our physic.

They are typically highly processed and contain added sugar and unhealthy fats. 

Deep fried food

Fried foods not only damage your organs but your brain as well, not just for the long but in the short term as well.

It’s important to eat foods that make your body feel clean, fresh, and not heavy or empty.

In this, the oil is used repeatedly, which keeps on using it again and again.

It is synthetic and deprives cells of oxygen which causes all sorts of diseases, and illnesses, and even leads to some type of cancer.

Mustard oil also used in deep fry. these contain to keep a standard taste that also lasts long.

Excess oil increases cholesterol and bad fat and even causes cancer in the long term.

The arteries are like an internal drainage system in our body which can spoil eating junk food then, they reduce our blood flow, which means blood does not flow properly in our main systems, like the brain, heart, etc which leads to a stroke.


The burgers are used as a quick lunch or casual dinner, and they’re found on every street corner.

They are delicious but are also increase weight, bad diet has bad for us. you know right, but some are ‘tremendous’ for our health, especially burgers. 

More often than not, burgers fully loaded with many bad calories, saturated fat, and sodium lead to high blood pressure as well as increased chances of suffering from stroke and other kidney diseases.

A healthy adult should not consume lots of sodium per day since doing otherwise will risk their health.

Bergers are also believed to displace healthier foods in your diet instead of being more nutritious they lead to our poor overall diet quality. 

Diet soda

Many peoples consider diet sodas to be more healthful versions of soda.

But this is not entirely true. diet soda is essentially a mixture of carbonated water, artificial or natural sweetener, colors, and flavor.

They low in calories, artificial sweeteners are in diet soda they are known as trigger insulin. 

But many people also believe that drinking diet sodas will help them lose weight.

The study does not support the myth that non-nutritive sweeteners will help people lose weight. but also remember diet soda increases your risk for diabetes and heart diseases.                   

A study found people who drink even one diet soda a day have a greater chance of developing metabolic syndromes such as:

  • Diabetes
  • heart diseases including stroke, heart attack,
  • weaken the bones

Spicy Noddles

Noodles are very tasty or delicious foods and many peoples like this food. but there are some countries that have noodles in the morning as well. 

Apart from that, it is very famous. because of its spicy, flavor, and it also contains high fat, white flour, and many other harmful ingredients present in spicy noodles.

Noodles also stuck in our intestine there are many cases in which people also had to do operations. 

The noodles also take 1 to 2 hours to digest, which is not vital for our daily food routine. due to spicy, different types of spices are added to it.

Out of which we can have a stomach problem, heart disease, and other illnesses such as piles.

If you eat any food (i am not only talking about spicy noodles) that is spicier. It leads to other health problems.

2. Fast food list

In this list, there will be fast food that is very popular and consumed by half of the population of the earth.

And we will not add any fast food company or any restaurant. 

  • Hamburger (in many varieties)
  • pizza
  • French fries
  • Taco bell
  • Noodles
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Soft drink
  • momo – fried momo, noodles momo
  • Donuts
  • Diet soda
  • Spicy noodles

Fast food in “India

  • Samosa – sweat samosa, chaumin samosa
  • Charmin 
  • Vadapav 
  • Chole kulcha, Chole bhatura
  • Bhaji pav – bread pav
  • Golagappe
  • Jalebi
  • Tikki – aloo Tikki, bread Tikki
  • Bread pakora
  • Momo – chili momo, fried momo
  • Chili potato
  • Spring roll 

South India 

  • Vada – Rava vada, masala vada
  • Dosa – masala dosa
  • idli – Rava idli, rice idli
  • Uttapams
  • Pongal
  • Sambar

3. Should we ignore Fast Food?

A girl eating food
When Hunger Makes People Angry and Irritable, Then This Said To Be Hangry

Junk food is found everywhere a supermarket, restaurants, convenience store, and mainly in the street vendor.   

Some foods that are considered healthy are actually junk food such as fruit drinks, and soda in which sugar and calories are added in high amounts to increase the sweetness of the drink.

5 reasons Why you should Ignore fast food

  • Nitrates: processed foods contain a large number of nitrates. polyatomic ions (nitrates) are used mostly in meats like cold cuts to keep them from growing bacteria or losing aesthetic appeal. 
  • studies show they increased occurrences of cancer in those who intake too many polyatomic-containing meats.
  • Bad Fat: most processed food contains a large amount of bad fat. this is generally saturated fat, which can increase LDL cholesterol.
  • Sugar: processed foods are also highly rich in sugars, which can make them very high in calories.
  • Sodium: salt or sodium are mostly high used in junk foods, is used as a preservative in foods, and can increase blood pressure and cause bloating.
  • Digestive problem: effect of junk foods on our digestive system. junk food is not good for our digestive system as they slow down the digestive process making the stomach bloated.

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