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Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect means when heat is trapped near the earth’s surface by gases like carbon dioxide known as greenhouse gases.

It is a natural process that maintains Earth’s habitable temperature, but certain gases trap this heat inside causing an increase in Earth temp.

Apart from gases, the greenhouse effect is important to maintain the earth’s temp, also regulate climate, and the overall living environment.

But, human activities highly interfere with the greenhouse effect by releasing gases that trap excessive heat inside the earth causing increased temp.

What if it increases at a high level? Simple global warming occurs, here is some effect of global warming:

  • Melts down the glaciers
  • increase the sea level, resulting in the seashore starting to sink
  • increase the chance of uncurable disease
  • disturb the ecosystem
  • climate change occurs which brings flood, dryness, excessive rainfall overall disaster
  • increase the risk of several health issues like cancer, cardiovascular diseases
  • impact food chain

But there are several solutions also available, which overall decrease the harmful gases, and promote the natural greenhouse effect.

Reasons for the Greenhouse Effect

There are several reasons for the greenhouse effect but one of the main reasons is greenhouse gases which highly damage the layer.

Burning Fossil Fuel

It is one of the main reasons for the greenhouse effect, which releases harmful gases like:

  • Carbon dioxide mostly comes from vehicle exhausts
  • water vapour
  • methane, release from landfills, agriculture and other origins
  • chlorofluorocarbons, a made-made chemical used in several things
  • nitrous oxide, which comes from industrial waste, agricultural activities


Cutting trees and learning about land, agriculture, living, and industrial land, decrease the oxygen level and even lead to soil erosion.

Deforestation overall results in more carbon dioxide gas remaining in the air because trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

It also impacts the ecosystem, because a great number of species live in the forest, by cutting trees we will also lose species.

Human Activities

It is a major source of pollution, where factory pollution, coal, and vehicle exhaust is the major reason for global warming.

A study in 2023 reveals that human activity warming increases the heat rise at the rate of 0.2°C per decade

Not only does it impact the air, but also human waste like sewage, and factory-emitted chemicals in water increase the risk of waterborne disease.

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are those gases, that naturally keep the earth’s temp warm, and make it a habitual place to live.

Human activities like burning fossil fuels like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and water vapor, increase the earth temp.

This activity increases the earth’s temp to a high level, which overall affects the earth’s ecosystem like climate change, dryness, floods, and disturbed food chains.

Overall, greenhouse effect trap the heat inside the earth’s atmosphere and avoid escaping the gases, which increases the earth temp.

Impact on Excessive Greenhouse Effect

Excessive greenhouse gases highly impact the overall earth temp, living things and the Greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon, that keeps the earth’s atmosphere habitable, but human activities have increased it significantly.

What do greenhouse gases do? it increases global warming.

Global warming is a process where the earth’s temp is increased, resulting in melting ice on the poles, which increases summer heat.

Rising Sea Level

Gases increase the earth’s temperature, which melts down the poles, mountains, and glaciers’ ice, which raises the sea level.

Increased sea level seashores are starting to sink, affecting the world’s economy, living area, and food supply.

Harsh Climate Change

Global warming changes the climate by increasing heat or cold in particular areas which leads to dryness, flooding, and excessive rain.

Climate change comes with heat waves, extreme colds, hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, forest fires, floods, and extreme dryness.

Overall, it impacts the economy, overall ecosystem, agriculture, infrastructure, and so on, which overall impacts life.

Disturb the Ecosystem

Rising temp can disturb the overall earth’s ecosystem, which disturbs the natural habitat balance that interacts with species intercourse and migration.

These gradually increase the extinction rate of phenomenal species, especially those that live in cold areas like polar bears, foxes, etc.

Increased chance of Diseases

Yes, it increased the chance of unwanted diseases or impact on human health in several ways including:

  • Extreme heat increases the chance of sunstroke, sunburn
  • increase the risk of skin cancer
  • raise air pollution which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, leads to heart attack, stroke, etc
  • increase the vector-borne illnesses like malaria, and dengue

Several researchers believe that if pole ice continues melting at this speed then, it will also release incurable, and unpredictable viruses.

Interact with Food Supply

Climate change brings extreme rain, and floods, which destroy agriculture, which increases demand and supply chain.

It increases food spoilage and leads shortage of food, which affects the country’s economy by hiking the food price.

Solution of Reducing the Greenhouse Effect

We can easily reduce the greenhouse effect by reducing burning fossil fuels and turning to solar, wind, and electric energy.

Here are several ways to reduce the greenhouse effect which include:

Promote tree planting: Growing plant first increase the oxygen level on earth which decrease extreme greenhouse gases, and maintain natural temp.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Go with this, use paper bags, instead of plastic bags which can easily dissolve in the earth.

Switch to electric vehicles: It is a new way to reduce pollution, which is also reliable, and most countries are now avoiding dependency on fossil fuels.

Use public transport: It avoids unwanted traffic jams, and pollution, whether it is air or noise pollution, it is a major reason for global warming.

Here are some additional ways to contribute to Green Earth:

  • Reduce spreading air pollution by not burning plastic, or tires, and using public transport, instead of using cars.
  • put garbage in the dustbin, which reduces land pollution
  • avoid products with excessive packaging
  • go with green energy

Down Line

The greenhouse effect is natural, but excessive greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, etc highly raise the temp.

It can easily damage the economy, humans, animals, and trees, and also increase the risk of climate change which brings flood, dryness, etc.

We can easily reduce gases by avoiding dependency on fossil fuels and switching to green energy like solar, wind, electric, and water.

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