10 Easy Ways To Increase Self-Confidence, And Self-Esteem

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Importance of self-confidence

In today’s time, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem becomes vital, also it plays an important role in our life helping in achieving success.

NOTE: Self-confidence and self-esteem are very important and help us to face life experiences. and there are many examples are included:

  • Give opportunity
  • Eliminates fear
  • Try to achieve success and reach new peoples
  • A confident person knows how to handle negative thoughts
  • more willing to take smart risks
  • Less anxiety, and less fearlessness
  • A confident person is more able to move outside your comfort zone
  • Feel freedom
  • helps you make the right decisions
  • More chance to impress a girl or men
A girl is looking at something in front

10 ways to Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Here are impressive and proven 10 ways to improve your confidence, and self-esteem.

Walk Faster

Walking faster than normal people heat up your body, which suppresses your fear to talk to someone, or face anything, which basically grows self-confidence.

Research suggests that regular exercise can also increase your self-esteem, also improve your stamina, and overall body posture.

A good body posture includes keeping your shoulder back, lifting up your head, and moving ahead a little faster to feel your self-confidence grow.

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Talk Slowly

Many people who are smart enough, also have good bodies, but they spoil a lot of work because of their habit of speaking in a hurry.

When you talk, people judge you a lot by the way you speak, so make sure, to talk slowly and comfortably, so people understand and be interested in your words.

NOTE: If you feel nervous in front of the public, girls, boys, and anyone, if you taking speed, so do practice talking slowly in front of the mirror.

People who feel they’re not worthy of being listened to tend to talk quickly so ensure that you’re not rushing.

Also, absolutely natural when talking to someone.

Practice Speaking Up At Every Meeting

When you are in a meeting, listen, analyze, and think that what you are saying or that they are saying is good or bad, then speak, comment, make a suggestion, then ask a question.

NOTE: Don’t judge a person in no time, perhaps they are going to say something further that can be very important to you.

Whether you are in a classroom, meeting, or in public speaking, do not be afraid to ask your question, because this situation can make big difference in your future.

Be Original

This means – whatever your language is, whatever your nature is – like a child, just be original because when you are natural, you are more confidently talking.

For example – No one becomes cool by talking in English if you know Hindi so talk in Hindi, by speaking broken English, you can get insulted in your meeting.

NOTE: If you want to impress any boy or girl then avoid these things. which include:

  • Taking in a fake accent
  • Lying
  • Bragging
  • Lots of attitudes
  • To make a real man in front of the girl, by knocking or stamping someone. very big mistake.

People catch these things, easily, but how? stammer, and stuck makes the situation more nervous.

Dress nicely

Whether you are men or a woman and of another gender, you have to look at your dressing sense, which plays an important role in increasing or decreasing confidence.

When you are going to social gatherings or other places, do not do experiments on anything, like bag, cloth color, and fitting, especially before any occasion.

And do experiments, but in your free time, and safely.

Don’t wear such things that make you feel low or uncomfortable.

Because if anyone will watch you, laugh at you, and stare, this will bring your confidence immediately drops from 10 to 0.

This may come across as cliche but when you dress nicely and feel relaxed, will most likely feel more confident.

Empower yourself with knowledge

Actually, empowering yourself with knowledge is one of the best strategies for building confidence.

Some kind of knowledge, speaking at the right moment, or doing it the right way, can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

NOTE: knowledge is important to understanding and solving problems. Confidence is necessary to take opportunities.

When we put the knowledge in confidence. then both knowledge and confidence give us the way to achieve success.

However, sometimes more knowledge brings, attitude, confusion, and doubt, in this case, confidence can help to take the risks and try new things.

Practice making eye contact

Eye contact plays an essential role in showing your personality, or confidence.

Looking down or looking around makes you look more nervous, which also ends the interest of others in you.

According to multiple studies, eye contact is an important nonverbal social cue because it projects confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness (2).

NOTE: When someone talks to you, look them in the eyes.

This will help you to connect better, and understand better, and next time the chance of chatting increases even more.

Even sometimes it makes another person nervous when you have proper eye contact with them.

Stay Positive

Your negative thoughts can make your situation worse, and negative thoughts will always keep coming, learn to avoid them or how to handle them.

Stay positive, like I can do this, or that, I can be successful if I work at it. so start your day with some positive thoughts or work.

NOTE: Positive thoughts should be inculcated in children in childhood, and also teach how to avoid or handle negative thoughts, by which inner confidence will be built in the child.

Giving positive fuel to your mind means keeping your mind positive in public speaking or presentation because a positive mindset is equal to positive actions.

Take care of Your Body

There are many things that help you to take care of your body. they include:

  • Hygiene is very important. include bathing, no smell feet, so do remove armpits, and balls hair, no bad breath, no dandruff on shoulders.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 1 hour daily, which gives your body good shape, and a good body posture will increase confidence by up to 50%.
  • Wear matching or nice clothes means wearing good-looking clothes, with confidence, that enhance you more in public.
  • Eat the right food, and avoid junk food, which leads to stomach problems, that can cause pimples, dark spots, and other illnesses, that affect your health.

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Instant Become More Confident In Life

  • Take Care of your grooming
  • Avoid comparing yourself with anyone else
  • Body Language
    • Many studies have shown that a good body posture is essential to a positive outlook on life and a positive attitude contributes to self-confidence.
  • Positivity and happiness
  • Do yoga practice


Research suggests that regular exercise and some other things that build confidence can also increase your chance to achieve success, also improve your stamina, and overall body posture.

Don’t wear such things that make you feel low or uncomfortable.

Hygiene is also vital including – bathing, no smell of feet, and balls hair, no bad breath, and no dandruff on shoulders, to which boys should pay more attention.


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