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Endurance exercise and resistance exercise both are different work on our body – endurance improves stamina and resistance increases muscle strength.

Exercise can increase testosterone levels because it promotes muscle building, which means – the more muscle you have, the higher the T level that has.

So in this topic, we will learn about what exactly is these exercises, what benefits we get from these exercises, and more things.

Resistance Exercise

A girl is shown exercising with lifting weigth

In Simple – Resistance is any power that makes your movement harder to perform.

Resistance exercise is also known as “strength” or “weight exercise“.

Any exercise that involves muscle contraction against an external resistance to increase strength, and muscle mass.

The resistance exercise can be dumbbell, weight lifting and any object that puts more pressure on your muscles to get stronger.

Benefits of Resistance Exercise

There are multiple benefits of resistance training which research also believes. they include:

  • Improve muscle strength and tone to protect our bones against injury.
  • Maintain the ability to control body movements.
  • Reduce excessive weight, and if you’re looking to gain weight, then heavyweight is a good choice, but don’t push yourself hard.
  • Enhance sleep quality, by giving you a tired feeling.
  • Can boost our self-confidence by improving body posture.
  • Keep your chronic illness under control, such as type II diabetes, high sugar level, and high BP, as well as improve bone density, reduce back pain, etc.
  • It protects the inner part of you when it is hit by a heavy object or any other.
  • Enhance health in older people.

Side Effect

The risk of anyone increases more whether is exercising, or eating, if it is your first time then start slowly and lightly.

But there are some side effects such as:

  • The bood pressure reaches a very high
  • Cannot monitor intensity.
  • Risk of injury from dropping, and improperly grabbing dumbbells

Resistance Exercise At Home – For Beginners

Here are the top 5 resistance exercises that you can do at your home.

If you have dumbbells, then it’s great, and if you are a beginner, then start with a moderate amount, don’t push hard.

Always start with a warm-up like stationary running, squats, and push-ups.

1. Starting with one set of each exercise, involving as few as 8 reps, and no more than two times per week.

2. Lunges

Lunges allow you to shape and strengthen almost every muscle of the thigh including hips, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

You can do walking and stationary lunges both are good and stationary lunges you have to stand in one place and do lunges.

Learn more about – exercise for beginners.

3. Bodyweight Squads

This exercise is one of my favourites because it strengthens the legs muscles, and core, and also improves blood circulation.

And you can also do this with dumbbells, and if your base is enough strong then it also helps you in lifting heavy weights.

4. Plank

Plank is a great exercise for improving our core strength, and stability.

  • To plank, place your forearms on the ground and also the toes.
  • Your elbows should be straight down to your shoulder and your head should be straight forward.
  • Hold this position for 30 sec to 1 minute, and over time you can increase by minutes.

5. Home Weight-Lifting (Deadlift)

Deadlifting is a great way to relieve back pain, and also give strength to the backbone, you can do it at home as well.

  • You can try with a 5 to 10-liter water bottle and dumbbells.
  • Stand with your feet and broaden your legs or hips. slightly fold the knees and relax the arms in front of your quads.
  • Bend your knee so that you can keep your butt backwards.
  • keep your back flat and shoulder engaged as you slowly lower your arms along your shins toward the floor until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • keep your arms close to your shins as you pull, pause at the.

Endurance Exercise

Endurance (anaerobic exercises) are those exercises that increase endurance, these exercises are excellent ways to improve stamina.

These exercises are very essential for athletes, runners, etc, and through this type of training, they gradually get used to facing long exercise routines.

Those exercises include:

  • Running
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • dancing
  • skipping
  • jumping rope, which is well-developed to improve stamina.

Muscle endurance exercises where you can take out a lot of raps, without getting tired of that exercise continuously.

Muscle endurance is such an ability of our muscles due to which the muscle can endure many contractions continuously.

If your muscular endurance is good, then you can perform many reps of any exercise for a long time.

Benefits of Endurance Exercise

1. Good for cardiovascular health: Improves heart health by circulating blood throughout the body.

Swimming, running, and strength training which are heart-pumping activities are considered best for heart health.

2. Good for lung health: As we know these exercises increase breathing and heart rate.

And this exercise can reduce breathlessness by increasing oxygen capacity.

3. Improve sleep quality: Exercise can also improve sleep quality, by giving the person a tired feeling.

Aerobic exercises (resistance exercise) are the best options for good sleep and other aspects of your nightly rest.

4. Keeps away from diseases: As we know regular activity helps our overall health and quality of life.

This also reduces the chance of type II diabetes, and heart disease, and also keeps away from minor diseases.

Difference b/w Endurance, and Resistance Exercises

Endurance exerciseResistance exercise
Endurance exercises, primary work is to promote oxygen capacity.Resistance exercises, primary work is to promote muscle strength
In this, you need more stamina to drive yourself.In this, you need more muscle strength to push something and pull something like dumbbells, etc
Endurance exercises such as running, cycling, jogging, swimming, skipping, etc. all these exercises require more oxygen.Resistance exercises such as weight lifting, dumbbell press, and chest press. all these require more muscle strength.
The basic difference between endurance and resistance exercise

Endurance Exercises At Home

You can do this anywhere in your home, gym, and park.

NOTE: Just make sure, before starting any exercise, to do a warm-up, which decreases the risk of injury.

Here are the top exercises that can help you to build more stamina. they include:

1. Skipping, or jumping rope: This exercise does not need too big a space, all you need is a rope and just jump from it.

2. Stationary cycling: This low-impact activity can help to increase leg strength.

If you have a bike at home, then you can 15 to 20 min cycling and gradually increase hard to hard.

3. Running in place: Running in one place, or you can do stairs up-down which is a suitable choice to warm up your blood circulation.

If you can do it fast, so can which is good for improving stamina.

4. Body pushups: 10 to 15 min daily pushups are very good for the triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

Which builds upper body strength.

Any exercise that affects your oxygen capacity, builds your endurance.

Down Line

In Simple – Resistance is any power that makes your movement harder to perform.

Muscle endurance is such an ability of our muscles due to which the muscle can endure many contractions continuously.

Resistance exercises such as weight lifting, dumbbell press, and chest press. all these require more muscle strength.


Hello, I'm Sahil bisht, I am a Mechanical engineer, As well as, aspiring blogger with an obsession for health. This blog delicate to people who want to learn in health.

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