Daily 30 Min Running What Changes Does Bring In Our Body

a man is running


Running is quite healthy for our lifestyle, and believe that daily 30 minutes of running could help in weight loss, improve heart health, etc.

Also, research has shown that daily 30 minutes of running can bring many health benefits in the long term, and in the short term.

Is It OK to Run Daily?

a man is running

Running every day can increase the risk of overuse injury, (overuse injury means doing too much physical activity, and not allowing the body to adjust).

So make sure not to do it daily, you can take rest 2 days a week, which also allows your body to take some rest.

Improve Stamina

Yes, running improves stamina, but how? Due to daily running, the supply of oxygen to our muscles and lungs starts to increase, due to which stamina increases.

But there are many youngsters who don’t even hit around and get tired before that. because of the wrong technique.

Here are some ways to improve running fast.

  • Always start running with a warm-up or stretching which heats up your cells.
  • Do breathing exercises such as anulom velom, and kapal bhati which increase oxygen, you can do them before running, and after running.
  • Try to push yourself a little more and more every day.
  • Hill training or stair training is a little harder than simply running, but this definitely improves your overall running performance.
  • Eat a good protein, and high-nutrient diet, giving you more power for the next day.

And most important it’s all about the mind game, if you are fully prepared then you will continue running even after exhausting.

Feel better, Feel Energetic

It is believed that if you do something good in the morning or see something good, then the whole day goes well.

But how? When we run, our heartbeat goes up and down very fast which increases blood circulation, and releases endorphins (responsible for pleasure)

If you run daily for 30 min you can see these benefits like clearer skin, and promote healthy skin face by increasing blood circulation to the skin surface.

Running brings good body posture which completes about 70% of our self-esteem belief.

NOTE: There is research to help the possibility of runner’s high as well.

It seems to be related to the creation of endocannabinoids ( responsible for influencing mood, craving, and pain)

Very effective for overweight people

This point is one of the favourite and most searched topics because many people start running because one common reason is being overweight.

And being overweight is not good for our health, even sometimes feel shame, and running is an excellent way to burn excessive fat.

NOTE: Studies and even I have personally seen that daily 30 minutes of running burns fatter.

Because during running, our body uses fat as the first source, as opposed to depending on carbohydrates

If you are overweight, start with a small run, because currently your legs and joints cannot take your body weight while running.

Also, there is some exercises which is good for weight loss such as:

  • Swimming
  • weight training
  • yoga is quite benefical for both overweight and underweight people.
  • crunches and planks are very good exercises for reducing belly fat.

Make sure to go with healthy weight loss, like running, and exercising, it takes time, but the result will shock you.

But at the same time eat low-calorie and sugar food.

Learn more about – weight loss foods.

May Improve Mental Health

In animal studies, running has been displayed to promote the quality of newly made neurons in brain, and that impacts ageing, learning, and memory as well.

Running is a successful method to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. also, improve mental sharpness and enhance sleep quality.

It also helps those people who struggle with the seasonal affective disorder by running outside in warm, and sunny monsoons.

Research and clinical experts have shown that physical activity can treat serious depression and anxiety.

Know about – food that is better for working on mental health

Reduce the risk of heart disease

When you run your heart rate increases the more intense the workout the faster your heart beats as a result various aspects of our body reap the benefits.

NOTE: Running helps with preventing blood clots in the arteries and vessels, which is a major reason for heart attacks.

Running is a great choice to keep our hearts healthy for years and years.

It is a highly aerobic activity that uses both fatty acids and carbohydrates for energy.

The runner has a lower risk of heart disease because of a strong heart, and they normally have a lower resting beat rate and intake amount of oxygen.

As a result, the organ can handle a larger amount of blood pumped per beat, which assists the heart with playing out its work effortlessly.

Learn more about – Yoga for heart health

NOTE: But make sure, if you have just come out of heart disease, then start with running slowly in the initial times, and for days.

Promote Bone density

Weight-bearing exercises such as running, jogging, dancing, and jumping rope, are those exercises that keep our bones stronger.

But how? See, bones are living tissue, it change over time in response to the forces placed upon them.

When you do exercise like running, your bones adjust by forces and bones build denser.

Must see – Running with essential protein, and enough vitamin D is very important for strengthening the bone.

Daily 30 min of running is good for overall health, but take care not to overdo it, especially for people over the age of 40 because it can increase the risk of knee pain.

Studies show that women who run long distances have lower bone density than women who just walk, which increases the risk of osteoporosis, and fracture.

Improve your sleep quality

Running may improve sleep and mood.

Researchers and one study observed that a group of healthy people ran for 30 minutes at a moderate-power pace every day for three weeks.

The resulting sleep, mindset, and concentration capacity during the day were better.

NOTE: A study published in the Journal of clinical sleep medicine has found that daily physical activities can work on the quality of sleep.

The only thing is that it requires around 4 months for your body to become acclimated to the expanded movement level.

Learn more about – food and drink that help in quality sleep.

Boost Testosterone Level

Exercise can increase T levels because it promotes muscle building means – the more muscle you have, the higher the T level that has.

A study on men found that 90 seconds of intense treadmill running with a recovery time of 90 seconds resulted in a greater boost of T levels, compared to 45 minutes of Running.

Foods that can also contribute to increasing low testosterone levels such as salmon, oysters, beans, eggs, etc.

Daily 30-minute running can enhance the T level, but extreme endurance exercises over a long period have been shown to bring down testosterone.

Some other exercises that are even better than running to Increase T level include:

Also, do not leave leg days for exercise.

Weight training and any form of resistance training are some of the best ways to increase the production of Testosterone.

Down Line

Do breathing exercises such as Anulom velom which increase oxygen supply throughout the body, which increases running power.

Do not do it daily, you can take rest 2 days a week, which also allows your body to take some rest.

Running daily for 30 mint can promote healthy skin face by increasing blood circulation to the skin surface.


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