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a piece of kiwi fruit on hand


Sleep is a natural way to relax your body and it is essential for mental and physical health, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Various research has shown that an average adult should sleep 7 to 8 hours per day, however, it can change in life situations.

For being a physically active person, pregnant women, and having health issues individuals need more sleep, than usual.

Getting sufficient sleep helps in reducing stress, boosting the immune system, and keeping your mental and physical maintain.

There are mainly 2 types of sleep – rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep.

REM sleep: In this, your brain activity is similar to when you are awake.

Non-REM sleep: In this, you are in deep, and light sleep. Non-REM sleep is vital for repairing tissue.

Not getting proper sleep every day, leads to sleep deprivation which overall affects your health negatively such as:

  • Affect your mental health and leads to headache, stress
  • fatigue mentally and physically
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • increase the risk of heart disease like stroke, diabetes, etc.
  • difficulty on focus
  • increase the risk of accident

If you facing difficulty in sleep, then you should consult your doctor, it might be some underlying medical condition.

a piece of kiwi fruit on hand

Top 8 Food and Drinks to have for soundly sleeping

Here are the top 8 foods and drinks to have for sound sleep:


Kiwis promote sound sleep because it contains several nutrients like vitamin C, and antioxidants, which promote the immune system.

Vitamin C also prompt the serotonin level which helps in better sleep and is beneficial in the treatment of sleep disorder.

Research in Taiwan reveals that eating kiwi regularly is linked to both sleep quality and quantity.

Another study found that consuming 2 kiwis at least one hour before bedtime helped people fall asleep quickly, and soundly.

If you are searching natural way to sleep, then you should add this food and exercise to your diet.

Warm Milk

Milk is considered holy in many countries, especially, in India and many eastern countries milk is fed to children from childhood.

It contains several nutrients and protein which is essential for a baby’s growth and devolvement.

Milk triggers the production of melatonin (a hormone that is produced by the brain in darkness and, as a result, promotes sleep)

Tryptophan is like a foundation of serotonin, consumed warm milk triggers the production of serotonin (which plays a vital role in the body)

Serotonin is responsible for several functions in our body like sleep, intercourse function, regulating mood, nausea, etc.

If you wanna take good sleep after work, then you definitely should add warm milk half an hour before bedtime.

Hot milk with turmeric is the best combination, which protect against free radicals, and sleep deprivation, and improve mood by reducing stress level.

Drinking milk at night not only brings warm sleep but also increases your weight (if you are thinking of gaining weight).

Tart cherry juice

It’s considered one of the best alternatives to promote sleep.

Tart cherry juice is a good source of melatonin (a sleep hormone) which is considered best for patients with insomnia.

It also contains other compounds like tryptophan (an amino acid that aids in the production of melatonin)

One study in 2019 revealed that tart cherry juice for 2 weeks promotes sleep quality in insomnia patients.

Another study in 2022 found that its juice also helps patients with chronic insomnia, and improves quantity and quality.

If you wanna promote sleep quality and quantity then you can add its juice to your diet, but if you have a medical issue, then first talk to a doctor.

Herbal Tea

It has been used in Eastern countries for hundreds of years, even in today’s time herbal ingredients are used in medicine.

One of the common herbal teas is chamomile herbal tea which is used to treat depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Herbal tea contains a calming effect antioxidant called apigenin, which helps in warm sleep and prevents the risk of cancer.

A Study found that women who didn’t get enough sleep, but when consumed chamomile tea for 2 weeks showed better sleep quality.

Herbal tea has anti-inflammatory agents that prevent the pancreas cells from being damaged.

Overall, chamomile tea stimulates sleep and reduces anxiety, and gastrointestinal conditions, such as gas, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

You can also add lavender tea which have a calming and relaxing effect and promote sleep, by reducing stress and anxiety level.

Make sure to consume caffeine-free tea or avoid coffee before bedtime, because it interacts with sleep and keeps you awake.

Fatty fish

They improve sleep quality and quantity because they are good sources of vitamin D and omega-3 which trigger serotonin.

Fishes like salmon which are considered one of the healthiest fish contain all necessary nutrients, while others like tuna and mackerel are high in mercury.

A study from sleep medicine found that people who are fatty fish 2 times per/week for the next 6 months have seen sound sleep.

Another study saw that omega-3 fatty acids supplements enhanced sleep rate in adults with insomnia.

So if you are looking to enhance sleep quality, then you could add fatty fish to your diet.

If you are still not able to get proper sleep or wake up at night without any reason, then you should consult your doctor.

Milk with Honey

Yes, milk with honey is I think the best combination to promote sleep, there are several studies that support this.

A study in 2021 report found that drinking milk with honey before sleep promotes both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Milk and honey are two powerful tonic allied with many health benefits like:

  • Improving sleep quality
  • promoting heart health
  • reduce the stress level
  • promote melatonin production
  • improving bone health

Another study in 2022 found that drinking a mixture of milk and honey before bedtime reduces the chance of awakening at night.

To increase its power, you can also warm the milk first, then add one teaspoon of honey to it, this helps in sleeping fast.


Consuming almonds on a daily basis are allied with a lower risk of fewer chronic illness.

But almonds are considered hot in nature, so consume them at a limit, especially if you are already in a medical condition.

It contains antioxidants (able to prevent free radicals which increase the chance of cancer) and promotes sleep quality.

A 2023 study posted by Journal Nutrients found that intake of almonds before bed promotes sleep in insomnia adults.

It contains magnesium (it do several things like reduce stress hormone and increase melatonin level that overall promotes sleep)

Calcium (directly connected to our sleep cycle), so almonds contain both items, which promote sleep.


A new 2023 study where older adults are involved, who ate bananas for 2 weeks, showed fewer sleep trouble than normal adults.

Banana is a good source of potassium, which is good for healthy hair, however, excessive potassium in the body leads to hair fall.

It contains several nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and tryptophan, which acts several things like:

  • Relaxing muscle
  • trigger melatonin

Apart from this bananas do several things including:

  • promote weight gain
  • easily add-in snack
  • help in muscle recovery
  • good for digestive health

Healthytalk8 does not consider any kind of medicine and supplement for sleep, make sure first go with natural remedies.

Down Line

Sleep is the best way to relax your body it is believed that an average man should sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

There are several things that promote sleep quality like kiwi, and warm milk with honey, which are considered excellent sources of protein.

If you have any sleep-related issues, then you should consult your doctor with proper medication and add help to it.

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