Medicines: How Is It Work, Types, Side Effects, Healthy Tips

medicines in container


Medicines have a very close connection with our health. it is true if we stay fit and healthy then there is very little need for it.

But still, we all have to take medicines at some point in our life.

Medicines are chemical compounds that treat disease by boosting your bacteria’s power to fight pathogens.

Understand it like this – All medicine are drugs, but not all drugs are medicines.

NOTE: Medicine generally is non-addictive, but drugs create addiction and they have a very bad effect on health.

medicines in container

How Does Medicine Work?

After consume medicine goes directly to our stomach, where its break down, then travels to the small intestine wall to the network of blood vessels.

These blood vessels are connected to the vein, through which medicines go around the body including the heart, kidney, liver, and brain, and do their work.

The liver filters it where it is passed out through urine.

But How Does The Medicine Know Where To Go?

Truly, medicine doesn’t know where to go, but thanks to the veins of our body that give the path to the medicines, where it travels through the veins throughout the entire body and does its job by finding its target.

What about – pain situations, Here nociceptors come in handy they act as pain detectors and are present everywhere in our body.

When you feel an injury or some prick, these nociceptors get alarmed, which sends a signal to the brain to give pain.

What are Generic Medicines?

This medicine is a generic version of a branded medicine. these medicines are of the same and same quality as the branded medicines.

A generic medicine is a medicine that is similar to a branded medicine in terms of safety, quality, dosage, strength, and uses.

It provides the same clinical benefits.

You can take any medicine, and the effect of both will be the same because in generic medicines the same active ingredients are used as branded medicines.

Why Do Medicines Cause Side Effects?

If the medicine is made to make us feel good, then why do they cause side effects?

NOTE: Because the pill doesn’t know where to go, it is acting even in that place where it shouldn’t, that’s the reason why we see side effects of medicines.

Side effects are not always bad, but sometimes serious side effects can also be seen.

Types of Medicine?

There are basic types of medicines which include:

Capsules: The active part of this medicine is contained inside a plastic shell that is slowly dissolved in the stomach to exert its effect.

Liquid: The active ingredients of the medicine is combined with a liquid to make it easier to absorb better.

Tablet: These pills are the most common type of pill that is considered the safest and most effective method by mouth.

These types of medicines are made by mixing more than one material into a solid, greasy, coating, which is broken down in the digestive system.

Drops: The active part of this medicine works by directly reaching the affected area such as the eye, ears, and nose.

Cream: The active ingredients of this medicine work by being absorbed by the skin, and also contain one or more drugs in it.

Inhalers: Unlike liquid, and tablets. inhaler medicine works with a spacer device, which goes directly into our lungs.

People who suffer from asthma, and any lung illness mainly used this medicine type to take a breath.

Injection: It directly goes into our veins, Unlike other medicines.

SC subcutaneous injection is given under the skin and IM Intramuscular injection is given into a muscle.

Patches: These are applied to our skin, which gradually shows their effect – like bandages. Type II diabetes people use patches to increase insulin.

Do All Medicine Work the Same Way?

A woman holding an ayurvedic medicine container

In the case of generic medicine, and branded medicines they both are the same in – quality, safety, dosage, and strength.

But if we talk about – Homeopathic, and Allopathic medicines can we have taken them together?

Yes, Homepathic medicine and conventional drugs can both be taken at the same time because they are derived from different sources.

Allopathic are more chemical-based, while homoeopathic medicines are based on nature like plants, roots, minerals, etc.

So their action both is different and they don’t interfere or interact with each other. so both can be taken together.

Why are Medicines Color Different?

There are reasons include:

  • The color of the tablet is selected by the drug manufacturer.
  • Medicine colors are based on marketing demand, and color does not affect the effectiveness of medicines.
  • There is an ally that says that patients can be more influenced towards colors and can show their willingness to eat medicines.

Gerardo Sison, Pharm.D. from the university of Florida says that patients can relate the strength of the medicine based on the medicine colour.

Another Research suggests that darker colors can affect the perception of proper potency.

Side Effects of Medicines

All medicine can have some side effects but there is no need to panic, it’s normal.

But if you experience or feel uncomfortable, consulting the doctor, may cause other health conditions.

However, using the medicine illegally increases the risk of side effects.

So take important care, and take medicines only on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

Here are some common side effects of taking medicines are include:

NOTE: Side effects of the medicine can also be seen by drinking less water.

No drinking water obtained from medicines can prevent the medicine from working properly.

That is why doctors also recommend that you should drink enough water along with drugs.

Healthy Tips Before Taking Medicines

Here are some common precautions that you should check out include:

  • Always keep them away from sunlight and heat.
  • Keep your medicine away from children, and animals.
  • Keep the medicine in the original bottle.
  • Do not hol in your hands after removing them from their cover.
  • Always take the medicines with warm water.
  • Do not take any medicine by yourself, take only the advice of a doctor.
  • Before taking any old medicine, always check its expiration date.

Down Line

The pill doesn’t know where to go, it is acting even in that place where it shouldn’t, and that’s the reason why we see side effects of it.

A generic medicine is a copy version of a branded medicine. these are of the same and same quality as the branded medicines.

Allopathic are more chemical-based, while homeopathic medicines are based on nature like plants, roots, minerals, etc.


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