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Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive is also known as “low libido” which occurs in many people once in their life.

Both genders have different s*x drives, which can be low and high too. but many people want to know, how to increase low s*x drive?

Testosterone plays a vital role in men’s s*x drive, and in women’s present, but in little quantity, In addition, pregnancy also affects women’s libido.

Low libidos (decreased interest in s*xual activity) such as missing interest in a hand job and less feeling in intercourse which affects your relationship.

Men not only face low libido, but women also, but have different reasons for low libido in both, and it’s common to lose interest in intercourse from time to time.

It is also normal that your partner may not be interested at the time when you are interested.

However, having a low libido for a long time can create a lot of problems for you, which can hinder your relationship further.

Low libido can sometimes be an indication of an underlying health condition.

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Reason for low libido

Low libido can sometimes be due to one factor but is more often affected by multiple factors and can vary between men and women.

Here is some common reason for low s*x drive in men. include:

1. Low testosterone

Testosterone in men plays an important role in intercourse. which is responsible for building muscles and bone mass, and also stimulating sperm production.

Decreasing testosterone after 30 age is normal, but at a young age, low testosterone can lead to low libido.

2. Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol is the major and common reason for low libido which is seen mostly in men, drinking within the limit has many benefits, but if you cross the limit (daily 2 to 4 drinks), has been linked to a decrease in T production.

Research suggests that alcoholic beverages should only consume 2 to 4 drinks per week, any more than this can lead to a long-term health issues.

3. Medicines

Certain medicine consumption for a long time can also lead to low libido for example – in heart patients whose medicines are for a lifetime, leads to lower testosterone levels.

4. Stress

Scientific research and Essays a study published that stress has a direct connection to our sexual problems in both women and men.

Note: When we are stressed out, our body produces a hormone called cortisol (a stress hormone)

The higher the level of cortisol in the body the lower will be the testosterone, and as we know T level is connected to our libido.

5. Age

After 30, male testosterone levels begin to decrease slightly each year, which is a normal thing. and if testosterone levels decrease then our sex drive will also be reduced.

In an older year, it may take longer to have orgasms, ejaculate, and become aroused.

But some foods contribute a lot greater in increasing the level of testosterone even after 30.

6. Chronic illness

In this condition, many people are not happy with their chronic illnesses, but some people remain equally happy after chronic illnesses.

Because they care more about their health and take more precautions.

Certain illnesses such as cancer, heart, kidney, type II diabetes, and high blood pressure patients, etc can see that their sperm production count is low because of continually on-move medications.

Symptoms of low libido

If you know the symptoms of low libido first then it is fine. if you ignore its symptoms, then it can create multiple health conditions.

And many people want to know if our libido is low, or normal. so here are common symptoms of low sex drive in men. include:

  • low Testosterone level: having T high or low directly affects your libido.
  • More masturbation: this causes early ejaculation which decreases interest in your partner and means – your partner is not happy with you due to early ejaculation.
  • Stress: this is hard to avoid, relationship problems, financial problems, busy work, and lifestyle can greatly affect the desire for s*x.
  • Painful intercourse: this can lead to loss of libido in women.
  • Stick to one’s job: Being engaged in your own work does not show any interest in your partner, which can lead to a decline in s*x hormones which may be a symptom.
  • Drugs: alcohol, the use of tobacco, cocaine, and Tramadol drugs have also been connected to a decrease in T production.

Treatment of low Libido

Treatment of low libido often depends on treating the underlying issue.

However, if you lose interest in intercourse for no reason and it worries you, talking to your doctor can be helpful.

In this case, do not take any type of medicine by searching your own, trust your doctor and get your proper treatment only.

healthytalk8 does not recommend any type of medications and treatment, make sure consult your doctor for your condition.

How To Increase Low Libido?

Some people can try the following methods to help increase their libido which is also quite effective. they include:

1. Increase Testosterone level: The level of testosterone going up and down directly affects our s*x drive.

So whenever you feel that your interest is decreasing in intercourse, first of all, check your testosterone level.

If you see any kind of low testosterone level then boost your T level, certain food such as:

  • Salmon
  • egg yolks
  • garlic
  • ginger is a natural way to boost your T level, which will automatically promote your low libido.

2. Proper Sleep: After waking up in the morning your testosterone level is at a peak, and slowly drops by the evening.

So make sure you have a good quantity of sleep for about 7 to 8 hours.

A study found that longer (quality sleep) in the male leads to a higher level of next-day s*xual desire.

Learn More About – Food and Drink To Have Quality Sleep

3. Yoga: yoga is to reduce the storm inside you and keep your mind calm even in difficult situations.

Researchers also believe that yoga can be good for chronic illness, heart patients, kidney patients, and many more health benefits.

Whether we face a physical issue or mental issue, yoga is my first opinion and the best way to treat it, like Kapal bhati, and Surya Namaskar.

4. Daily Exercise: Daily regular exercise can increase blood flow which is related to our testosterone level.

A 2015 study of men showed that lowers T levels, found that regular exercise helped men cope with issues such as body image concerns, and low libido.

Down Line

Low libido means – decreased interest in s*xual activity such as missing interest in a hand job and less feeling in sex which affects your relationship.

Being engaged in your own work does not show any interest in your partner, which can lead to a decline in s*x hormones and which may be a symptom.

Special Note: In this case, do not take any type of medicine by searching own. Trust your doctor and get your proper treatment only.


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