Monkeypox And Pregnancy: Relation, Symptoms, Risk, And More

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What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a zoonotic virus, that was first discovered in monkeys in 1958, and can spread from animals to humans.

It is a rare virus caused by a virus called orthopoxvirus genus (over-shaped appearance).

MP has come from the same family of viruses known to spread smallpox and cowpox (1) (2), also found in other animals, especially rodents.

It was first discovered in 1958 when it was first found in lab monkeys.

Certain people who are more at risk of monkeypox should take precautions including:

  • Older people
  • children
  • pregnant women
  • weak immunity
  • other health issues

Smallpox was an acute spread disease caused by the variola virus, but smallpox no longer occurs naturally.

But it could appear through natural mechanisms, laboratory accidents, or deliberate release.

Infection with the smallpox virus, (orthopoxvirus genus) is allied with an increased risk of mortality in pregnancy and morbidity (3) (4).

Many researchers show the relation between monkeypox and pregnancy, so the topic will explain it.

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A girl itching her skin
Monkeypox During pregnancy Can Even Lead To Premature Birth, Pregnancy Loss, and Other Complications

Monkeypox and pregnancy relation

We heard that pregnant women are more at risk of the monkeypox virus among other various groups but why?

Pregnant women have more prone to exposure to monkeypox because their immune system is altered during pregnancy (5)

The monkeypox virus can be spread to the fetus through the mother or to the newborn baby by close contact during and after birth.

It may lead to adverse effects of pregnancy including:

Monkeypox virus is an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus that belongs to the Orthopoxvirus genus.

A case showed where 2 women were in their 1st trimester of pregnancy one had moderate and one had severe monkeypox infection, and regrettably, both miscarried.

Also, a pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester had a spontaneous miscarriage due to a monkeypox infection (6).

However, there are limited data on monkeypox infection in pregnancy.

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If talk about monkeypox signs and symptoms in pregnant women are similar to non-pregnant women or individuals.

However, Its symptoms in normal individuals may stay 14 to 21 days, and most are cured by themselves.

Signs and symptoms of monkeypox in pregnant women are:

  • Exhaust feeling or fatigue
  • fever
  • swelling of lymph nodes
  • headache
  • discomfort
  • sore throat including cough
  • rash
  • fluid blister

Monkeypox Vs Smallpox

Smallpox and monkeypox come from a similar family member (orthopoxvirus)

Monkeypox is a rare disease, which has not shown more cases since 1958 to today.It is an actual contagious disease.
Studies have shown that a smallpox vaccine can protect against MP up to 85%.smallpox no longer occurs naturally, however it can appear through laboratory accidents or deliberate release.
Currently, there is no specific vaccine available for monkeypox.however, the smallpox vaccine can protect people from getting monkeypox
Monkeypox’s common signs are fluid blisters and are commonly seen under the foot and palmIn smallpox, where blisters are small, can see on the entire body

Monkeypox vaccine and pregnancy

Studies have shown that the smallpox vaccine in pregnancy is also allied with a lower risk of premature birth, and fetal death (7).

Even, studies or organizations say that no smallpox or monkeypox vaccine has been approved for use during pregnancy (8)

NOTE: Apart from vaccines, there are certain anti-monkeypox virus medicines that prevent a variety of orthopoxviruses (9)

MVA-BN is approved by the food and Drug Administration for vaccination against both smallpox and monkeypox (10).

Studies have shown BN vaccine protects against monkeypox up to 85%.

However, recently there is no approved vaccine released against monkeypox during pregnancy. what about the MVA-BN vaccine?

Health organizations tell that the MVA-BA vaccine should be avoided during pregnancy unless a proper vaccine is released.


Breast milk is an excellent source of all nutrition for most newborns, which also provides protection against many illnesses.

It is unknown that the Monkeypox virus is present in breast milk.

MVA-BA is considered safe during breastfeeding, and breastfeeding women who are exposed to this virus should offer vaccination.

If you have a positive for MP or see monkeypox-like symptoms, then quickly talk to your healthcare about it.

A doctor can check your entire body including:

  • Baby’s heartbeat
  • screening
  • ultrasound to confirm that the baby is growing well

If you have a lesion, should talk to your healthcare provider to confirm whether they can start direct breastfeeding or not.

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How can pregnant women keep themselves safe?

There is no different protection for pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women or individuals.

Just make sure, it takes every step carefully including:

  • Wash your hands often, especially before consuming a meal
  • have safer sex, and make sure to use a condom
  • protecting yourself from wild animals, especially sick or dead, includes meat and blood
  • wear surgical mask
  • avoid the infected or sick person
  • make sure your pet has been vaccinated with general vaccine
  • avoid skin-to-skin contact
  • avoid traveling, especially in Africa and other red-alert countries
  • If you are going with non-veg, then the food must be thoroughly cooked before eating

Close contact with infected persons is the most significant risk factor for monkeypox virus infection.

Health workers and household members are at a greater risk of infection.

Down Line

Monkey Pox and pregnancy can be associated, where MP-infected pregnant women can spread it to their fetal.

However, there is limited evidence of monkeypox infection in pregnancy.

Make sure to take more precautions, especially during pregnancy – like protecting yourself from wild animals, washing your hand often, etc


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