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Women doing exercise ball during pregnancy


As we know exercise is very effective for our overall health, and even 60 to 70 old people still exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

I have seen how exercise is good for our mental, and physical health, and even increases our self-esteem, by giving us a perfect outfit.

So In this article, we will describe exercises that are ideal during Pregnancy, which the doctor also recommended.

Note: Before doing these exercises, first, make sure to consult your doctor to reduce the possible risk.

Importance of exercise during pregnancy

Maintaining a daily exercise routine all through your pregnancy can help you stay fit, and feel relaxed.

Daily exercise during pregnancy can promote your body posture, and decrease normal discomforts like – back pain, and fatigue.

There is proof that some physical work may forestall gestational, as well as relieve stress, and make you more endurance for delivery, and labour pain.

Gestational is a common term during pregnancy that describes how far along the pregnancy is.

Women doing exercise ball during pregnancy

What Does The Specialist Say About Exercises During Pregnancy?

Much research-based evidence suggests certain exercises are safe during pregnancy, even if they decrease your discomfort during pregnancy.

As long your pregnancy is healthy and relatively normal, exercise is very safe in pregnancy, exercise does not increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight, or pre-term labour.

All those exercises are safe, but all specialists consult that and take proper advice from your doctor before starting exercises during exercise.

In fact (ACOG) the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that exercise during pregnancy is safe.

But there are certain conditions when exercise has not been advised these include:

  • Cardiac condition
  • hypertension (High blood pressure in pregnancy)
  • low-lying placenta even after the 6 month
  • severe anaemia
  • short cervix and cervical cerclage have been done

If you were doing exercise before pregnancy you can continue the same amount of activity throughout pregnancy.

But you were not doing exercises, so it’s advised that start the exercise.

Exercises During Pregnancy

If you were not doing exercise, before you were pregnant, so this moment is the best opportunity to begin.

But talk to your doctor before exercising during pregnancy, and gradually increase.

Most activities are safe to perform during pregnancy but don’t go harder.

NOTE: Start your day with 10 to 15 minutes of exercise, and move gradually as long as 30 every day. they include:

1. Walking: According to the Physical Activity Guidelines it is advised that moderate-intensity of walking, should be at least 150 minutes a week (30 minutes each day).

If you have been exercising early, you can start with 5 minutes of walking and add up to 5 minutes. every week until you reach 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

2. Swimming: Water holds your heavy stomach which is quite relaxing, and additionally relaxes your joints, and muscles for some time.

3. Stationary cycling: This is safer than riding openly in the environment, you are less likely to fall off a stationary cycle than a regular cycle, and it keeps your healthy weight, and promotes heart rate.

NOTE: This exercise can be done for all women from 1 month to 9 months of pregnancy.

If you want to do something else, try yoga asana and gym exercises, but with limitations, and with a partner.

4. Yoga: Yoga is quite a beneficial exercise for a healthy baby, many doctors recommend that you do yoga from your 1 trimester to 3 trimesters.

As well as some breathing exercise, which keeps your high blood pressure under control, which commonly occurs in pregnancy.

Here is some yoga that is very effective in 1 to 9-month pregnancy include:

  • Anulom vilom is a breathing exercise
  • Tree pose
  • janu sirsasana
  • Bound angle pose (बद्ध कोणासना)

If you have prior experience with yoga, then you can do it, but if it’s your first time, make sure don’t do it alone. do it only with those who have some experience in it.

5. Weight training: You can also do gyming but don’t go hard, and if you are new to this make sure to talk to the lady gym training for pregnancy exercise, or supporter.

  • Pilates exercise: Pilates is a non-impact exercise that builds your strength, muscle tone, and flexibility, and is safe to do during pregnancy.
  • Squats exercise: squats are very safe “DeGrace,” says because they can assist with reinforcing your pelvic floor muscles.
    • Additionally, improves hip mobility, and blood circulation to the entire body.

NOTE: You can do the same exercise that you did before getting pregnant, but at this time don’t go with a heavyweight.

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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

There are many benefits such as:

  • It reduces the risk of developing medical conditions such as (Gestational diabetes & Hypertension).
  • Exercise reduces back pain.
  • Exercise can also increase your sensation of control and boost your energy level.
  • Relive stress and anxiety which is very effective during pregnancy.
  • It also ensures a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, which can even help you to normal vaginal delivery.

Warning signs to stop exercising

NOTE: If you see any kind of abnormality or discomfort things immediately stop the exercise, and if these still occur talk to your doctor.

Warning signs if are doing more exercise, so it is not good for you, and your baby’s health. they include:

  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations (In this you feel like your heart is beating too fast, or too hard)
  • Dizziness
  • Bleeding or any pain in the lower abdominal area.
  • Short of breath
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Feel muscle weakness

Make sure to keep checking the movement of the baby’s, or status, if the baby moves means – they are fine, if the baby doesn’t move, it can be a matter of concern.

Precautions During Exercising

  • Avoid being overheated, or dehydrated, so make sure you’re well-hydrated before the workout, during the workout, and after the workout.
  • Wear good supporting clothing during running, swimming, and lifting weights. As well as after the workout wears loose cloth.
  • Make sure not to go with hard steps – this means – don’t lift heavy weights, or overdo them.

FAQ (Frequent Question Answer)

1. Which exercises should be avoided during pregnancy?

Avoid exercises such as – running, skipping, or any jumping activities, horse riding, adventure riding, and tracking (which cause breathing difficulty).

As well as karate, and taekwondo crunches, and also avoid those activities that have the most jumps.

2. What pregnancy changes may affect exercise?

  • Body balance: You may notice that you lose balance because of a heavy stomach, which triggers your balance.
  • Breast size: One change that is seen in most pregnant women is an increase in breast size.
  • More oxygen: After being pregnant both baby and mother need more oxygen and energy, which affects exercise, due to more energy requirements, and sudden heavyweight.
  • Fast heartbeat: Your body and now your baby require more oxygen and during pregnancy, the amount of blood pumped by the heart is around increased by 30 to 50%.
  • Joint effect: As we know during pregnancy hormones change which causes anger and increases the risk of bone injury because extra weight unbalances the entire center body weight.

3. How soon can I do exercise after delivery?

Your health advisor will be able to tell you very well because they know your whole journey from 1 month to last month’s pregnancy,

They have complete information about your health condition before pregnancy and after delivery.

But it is generally safe that you can do exercise after a few days, after seeing your health.

If you are health condition is good, then you can if you are not able to do anything, don’t do it.

4. From which month should I start exercising for normal delivery?

There is no proper paper that tells you when you will start exercising.

But it is considered that if you already were doing exercise before pregnancy, you can do the same exercise but with some precautions, such as not lifting heavy.

For beginners start slowly with simple exercises like walking, swimming, and don’t push too much, listen to your body.

Down Line

Several studies reveal that exercise are safe during pregnancy, but don’t puch too much, listen to your body.

Avoid those exercises such as – running, skipping, or any jumping activities, horse riding, adventure riding, crunches, and tracking.

Start your day with 10 to 15 minutes of exercise, and move gradually as long as 30 every day.

Make sure to keep checking the movement of the baby’s, or status, if the baby moves means – they are fine, if the baby doesn’t move, it can be a matter of concern.


Hello, I'm Sahil bisht, I am a Mechanical engineer, As well as, aspiring blogger with an obsession for health. This blog delicate to people who want to learn in health.

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