Obesity, And Pregnancy, Is Any Relation B/W Them, Risk

Obesity women during pregnancy


Obesity and pregnancy are not things, we should be proud of, it’s not right by any means, especially during pregnancy create a risk to the baby.

According to WHO, In 2016 about 13% of the adult population worldwide, 11% of men, and 15% of women were obese.

So this topic will tell you is pregnancy during obesity.

Obesity women during pregnancy

What Is Obesity?

Being overweight is a condition where our body fat increased by a high amount, which not only enhances the risk during pregnancy but also promotes many diseases including:

Also, Cancer according to the centers for disease control about 40% of cancer diagnoses are linked to obesity.

According to the Global World of disease, more than 4 million people died due to being overweight in 2017.

WHO and other organization estimated that in 2014 there was 38.9 million overweight and obese pregnant women and 14.6 million obese pregnant women globally.

Obesity is defined as having a BMI of 30 or more 30, whose chart you can see below:

BMIBMI Range status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal weight
25.0 – 29.9Pre-obesity
30.0 -34.9Obesity class I
35.0-39.9Obesity class II
Above 40 Obesity class III
Body Mass Index Status Table

NOTE: If we are talking about weight, they also know that according to height we should have weight.

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2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very common social, emotional, physical, and mental condition, but if the mother is not physically fit, so it also affects the child.

Obesity is one of the common reasons, that affects children negatively.

According to the research, the number of pregnant women with overweight increased sharply in low-middle-income and upper-middle-income countries.

If we talk about – India, the number of overweight and obese pregnant women in India was 4.3 million which was 11.1 in the world.

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3. Relation B/W Obesity and Pregnancy

Obesity increases the problem during pregnancy even more like – obesity increases back pain during pregnancy.

You can estimate a relation B/W these two in such a way that during obesity, pregnant ladies face many obstacles including:

Can’t Get Pregnant Because of Obesity?

Yes, Due to obesity, females face many issues like infertility which is one of the common problems during obesity.

NOTE: There is a problem with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), due to which females have many problems getting pregnant.

So make sure to reduce your weight, before becoming pregnant.

4. Can Obesity Create a Hinder In Getting Pregnant?

Yes, but how? The female ovaries (produce egg cells) make female estrogen and progesterone.

And due to obesity, fatty cells produce more estrogen, and too much estrogen fights against your body, which hinders you from getting pregnant.

However, fluctuations in hormones do not always mean that you will not be able to get pregnant.

4. Overweight Risk During Pregnancy

Obesity during pregnancy can affect both mother and child, for a mother, being pregnant, while obese can pose many risks for the mother include:

For babies, the risk of maternal obesity includes:

  • Low body weight, also could be very large
  • Premature birth
  • Increased BP, leads to IUCR (the development of the baby in the uterus slows down)
  • Late in pregnancy (stillbirth)

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5. What is the Ideal Weight During Pregnancy?

pregnant women doing exercise and men holding their hand

Understand first, An Indian female height is around 5.5, and the average weight falls by 50-60 kg.

Actually, your ideal weight during pregnancy depends on your pre-pregnancy weight, which the doctor calculates through BMI (body mass index) chart above.

  • Normal weight – If your BMI weight is 18.5 – 24.9 so, you can increase your weight by 12 -16 kg during pregnancy.
  • Underweight – BMI is 18 then, so in this case, you can increase weight by 16-20 kg.
  • Pre-obesity – If your BMI is b/w 25 to 29.9, then you can increase your weight by 10-11 kg.
  • Obesity – BMI 30 or above means – obesity, then you can increase your weight by 8 to 9 kg.

During Pregnancy Lose Weight a Good Idea or Not?

Definitely, not a good idea, to lose weight during pregnancy, it is not safe for both mother and the unborn baby. why?

Here – During pregnancy, your body works hard to support the baby to grow, and if you lose weight, then it enhances the risk in the baby.

You can take good care of your baby by not losing weight which includes:

  • Morning, or evening wake
  • Eat healthy meals every time
  • Cut down your fat contain food, which increases your weight
  • Yoga (Do it only under vision)
  • Swimming (also support your baby’s weight)

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6. Precaution For Obesity Pregnant Women

If obese women get pregnant, then they should take some precautions for the full 9 months which includes:

  • Exercises like walking, swimming, and bodyweight exercises.
  • Take a dietician to help to maintain your weight.
  • Most important change your lifestyle.

NOTE: With the advice of a doctor, you can make a chart for yourself that lists all the diets and exercises.

7. Risk Factor During Delivery

It has been seen that obese women face a lot of problems during delivery. even the child can be in trouble, due to a lack of oxygen.

NOTE: So instead of standard delivery in such women, Caesarian delivery is required, due to this option, the lives of both mother and baby can be put at risk.

8. Treatment For Obesity

There are also some patients whose BMI is very high and those people are unable to lose weight through diet and exercise, then they can consult a doctor.

The doctor may recommend you obesity surgery, or bariatric surgery, by which weight can be reduced, and its success rate has been seen in patients of 80% to 90%.

9. Tips To Reduce Weight For Being Pregnant

For such a woman who is not getting pregnant due to obesity then the only solution for them is to lose weight.

To lose weight you have to change your lifestyle Include:

  • Avoid junk food
  • Eat more healthy and vegetable food
  • Take care of your diet and regular exercise
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake
  • Increase protein intake
  • Reduce intake of fatty food

You can reduce your weight by consulting a dietician from time to time.

Apart from this, here are some tips that reduce your excessive weight naturally within 1 month include:

1. Yoga: Practicing yoga definitely reduces your weight by burning calories and improving your metabolism, which I have seen personally.

NOTE: Swami Ramdev Baba said on the India Tv News channel that women could lose 10-12 kg in just 1 month.

All they have to do is incorporate yoga into their routine and take care of what they are eating.

2. Put More Emphasis on physical activity: There are lots of women who do not attend to their physical activity.

And they are increased their weight, due to which there is a problem in getting pregnant.

So do more physical activity, like running, and yoga, you can also join a gym and do many household works you can do in your daily routine.

3. Look What You Eat: means -to avoid junk, and street food, reduce processed food, and sugar-related food, and eat a healthy diet.


Actually, your ideal weight during pregnancy depends on your pre-pregnancy weight, which the doctor calculates through BMI.

Practising yoga definitely reduces your weight by burning calories and improving your metabolism, which I have seen personally.

There is a problem with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), due to which females have many problems getting pregnant.


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