Top 5 Things About Yoga Which You Should Know

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In 2018 the Yoga industry evaluated, and 138 studies that show that yoga can help the various types of cancer, most of the cancer participants’ patients improved physically, emotionally by yoga. 
Many yoga studios have focused on breast cancer patients it is a great achievement of the yoga industry (Yoga is a way to unite the soul with the divine) if you have been yoga for a long time then you are definitely getting the result.
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1. Start your Day with daily Yoga?

Most peoples start the day with yoga.
Yoga asanas will help you awaken the body slowly, stretch the spine and work through those places that feel tight or stiff each one will definitely help you get out of bed and start your day off right.
Here are a few tips before you get an office.
  • As you enter each pose, breathe in and out through the nose with purpose. breathing inhale and exhale should be long and patient.
  • Hold each pose, including the ones that alternate sides, for that 15 to 30 seconds each. completing the sequence below will only add about five min to your morning routine. 
  • perform yoga asanas in order.
  • The best asanas to start your day (Surya namaskar) is considered to be the principal of the 12 asanas. 

2. Reasons why you should do daily Yoga?

We all want to start our days with a big smile, be positive, not thinking about office work, stress, and other problems. 
But how can you achieve mindful, stress-free, thinking practicing first thing in the morning can have a positive effect on how your day is going by allowing your body to stretch, your mind to be present and your lungs to inhale to big amount of oxygen, you help yourself be the person you want to be.

2.1 Improve your breathing so That You can focus Well.

Breathing slowly, meditate, and let your emotions guide you for a while so as to get to know your body.
Yoga teaching to be present, to hear your breath, to listen to your body, to see how to feel in that moment that’s why after exercising yoga for a while you start to be more conscious, you improve your coordination and you can focus more on task because you know very well, how to manage emotions and to listen to all your needs. 

2.2 Helps you with Anxiety and Stress.

Wake up early in the morning you can realize that you can do so many things like, yoga that help you reduce your stress, anxiety, morning wake that boost your stamina, a meditation that definitely helps you calm down and focus at work properly. 

2.3 Yoga improves your Posture

Many people wish that their body should be like this, some people also join the gym for bringing good body posture but yoga can also help you to bring the right posture and also can bring mental, emotional, or social life to your right posture.
Poor posture results from musculoskeletal distortion in the lower and upper back of the neck. 

3. Yoga Ram ban (राम बाण) for Person who Suffering from Depression, Anxiety, and stress.

Many recent studies for scientific proof have shown that yoga can cure depression. that too without any medical treatments, anxiety and stress has become an important part of life today. stress, anxiety, or depression are common as we climb the ladder of success.
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But some people also resort to medical treatment or drugs to overcome stress or depression. this thing (stress, anxiety) is not a disease. 
If you are a person or working to feed your stomach, then it is common to see stress. (if it is not overcome quickly, then it can take the form of major diseases for you and your loved ones) some recent studies have shown that yoga:
  • Reduce the impact (on the body) caused by depression.
  • Has been very helpful in stress, anxiety. 
  • Improve your immune system especially in Covid -19 time, as well as increase your energy level.
  • Yoga is a self-soothing technique with which you can control your mental, physical, and emotionally feeling.
Yoga is a mental, physical exercise that involves different body poses, breathing techniques, focus, meditation, balancing techniques, etc. 
You can also find yoga classes or studios in yoga places, near your society, community, like in so many places. many peoples use yoga as ram arrow (राम बाण) to manage your lifestyle :
  • Condition and disorders, such as headaches, back pain
  • Chronic diseases, or long-term pain such as asthma, sugar, high, low blood pressure, etc.
  • Overall health and well-being

4. Can yoga be helpful in Heart Diseases?

In today’s time, we do not understand the huge pressure on our heart due to stress, anxiety, unhealthy food (bad cholesterol, lots of calories, heavy starch), or lifestyle, due to which heart diseases are common. for example heart stroke or due to the lack of proper blood on the heart, it becomes common to have problems like heart attack due to the formation of lumps (गांठ) in the veins.
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The regular practice of yoga can reduce chronic disorders and lower the risk of depression in people who have had cardiac surgery. 
Every Yoga asanas (pose), meditation, breathing exercise, or combination asanas have a particular effect on the respiratory system and therefore, affects the heart include:
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Increasing lung capacity improves the immune system.
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels, boost stamina
  • Boost your blood circulation
  • Yoga is effective in dealing with stress, the pressure that very helpful for heart patients. 

4.1 Which yoga is best for Heart diseases?

1. Triangle pose (trikonasana) 
Most people do not know of the triangle pose as a heart-opening pose, and it certainly is not an extreme one.
If you believe this tradition asanas to be true, then you turn your chest towards the ceiling, so that a little arch creating in the upper part of your body.
Yoga can also improve flexibility, muscle strength, and balance its not a form of aerobic exercise that raises the heart rate, however, you shouldn’t count the time you spend doing it as part of your recommended weekly total for moderate to vigorous physical activity.

4.2 Can Yoga cure disease’s

Some chronic diseases may come back due to past stress. yoga pranayam like kapal bhati, anulom velom, and other pranayams, which is very vital to understand. yoga therapy can cure every disease and disorder even some cancer, tv, asthma, etc.
The science and technology ministry is supporting research on the benefits of yoga through the (SATYAM) science and technology of yoga and meditation program had launched in 2015. 
The main focus has shifted from communicable to non-communicable diseases like asthma, high sugar, back pain, diabetes, stress, depression, some cancers.
At the same time, yoga has to be associate with people’s daily lifestyles. yoga and physical activity like running, playing cricket, or any outdoor games play a precious role to control diseases. whether you are old or young, yoga always helpful for you. 
Some popular asanas like, kapal bhati, Surya namaskar which is a combination of 12 asanas, meditation, or anulom velom can be cure diseases.

5. Risk of Yoga if Not done Properly

Everyone knows that yoga works as a great healer that improves your flexibility. at the same time, (physically, mentally) yoga keeps your feeling under your control. 
Studies have shown that yoga also acts as a cure for (heart patients, anxiety, depression, chronic patients, etc). but it is not necessary that yoga has the same effects on everyone. 
Yoga has been around in India for many years. if you do not it properly, then yoga can also become a curse for you. 
Doing it incorrectly can lead to chronic pain and acute injuries there are certain asanas that can be complicated and difficult to get right and Certain health problems you may face if you practice yoga asanas “incorrectly” including here:

5.1 Seated forward pose (Paschimottanasana) 

Seated forward pose is one of the asanas that if you do not do properly, you can suffer a lot of injuries for example back injuries, neck injuries. to avoid those injuries, you can do yoga with those who have some knowledge of yoga. 
If it is not possible, then first get to know about the same posture so that you do not make that mistake, which increases your chances of getting an injury. 

5.2 Bharadvajasana 

Avoid practicing this pose if you have recent neck, hips, and spine injuries also avoid these asanas if you are currently experiencing high or low blood pressure, headaches, or diarrhea.
Marjaryasana is such asanas, which help in easing back pain. if you end up practicing it incorrectly, you may just end up with the opposite effect.

5.3 Malasana, Ardha chandrasana (half moon pose) 

If you any neck problem, don’t turn your head to look upward, are asanas put pressure on your ankles. practicing these asanas incorrectly can lead to several ankle or neck injuries.

5.4 Headstand

Many benefits like thick hair, stress-free, circulate blood flow in the brain, but there are numbers of risks associated with this pose
People avoid these asanas who have sensitive neck if you have ever injured your neck, it’s vital to consult your doctor before doing this asana.
practice headstand safely and with good alignment:
  • Do not lift your feet quickly and will use a wall to avoid falling.
  • Remember that your elbows are stacked underneath your shoulders to protect your neck from being injured, use both hands as support behind the head.
  • Engage your core. to protect your back from injury, use your legs to balance, hug your ribs to avoid hurting your back.
Many yoga studios have focused on breast cancer patients it is a great achievement of the yoga industry. As you enter each pose, breathe in and out through the nose with purpose. 
Breathing inhales and exhale should be long and patient.
Yoga is a mental, physical exercise that involves different body poses, breathing techniques, focus, meditation, balancing techniques, etc anulom velom, and other pranayams, which is very vital to understand. 
Everyone knows that yoga works as a great healer that improves your flexibility. at the same time, (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially) yoga keeps your feeling under your control.

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