Anxious Feeling? Proven Strategies to Crush Anxiety

Feeling Anxious

What exactly is an anxious feeling? It occurs when you fear something like failing in life, travelling at night, and so on.

Everyone fears something which turns into anxiety when you cannot control it, and allow it to dominate you.

Anxiety impacts your daily life by not allowing you to focus on work, making it difficult to build and interact with your relationship.

It affects everyone in different ways. And if it does not go on its own then it may become worse.

So it is better to manage it before it gets worse, and if you experiencing it then talk to a professional mental doctor.

Feeling anxious for loved one or for carrying is normal, but if it increase more then it may lead to other mental issues.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a feeling where a person thinks about the same thing which impacts their daily life negatively, like travelling at night, finding a new job, etc.

In anxiety disorder, your fear is with you all the time, which is severe and does not allow you to enjoy and cut you from entering a pleasant zone.

But when anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder? It becomes a disorder when it transforms from normal to severe.

Here are the transform signs from normal to severe are:

  • A person unable to control anxious and more severe
  • a frequent and long time are shown
  • more impact on your daily life like disturbing in relationship

study found that people who consumed more junk food are more at risk of anxiety, than normal people.

Reason for Anxious Feeling

There are several reasons of anxious feelings which include:

Stress: It is a major reason for anxious feelings, when a person is unable to manage their stress then it becomes worse and turns into anxiety.

Lifestyle: Unhealthy lifestyles such as excessive tobacco, drinking, and illegal medicine use individuals are more risk of anxious feelings.

Family History: If your family history of anxiety disorder, it may also run in families.

Any Trauma: A New study has shown that any trauma and negative experiences in past may contribute to anxious feelings.

Gut microbiome: Gut micro also plays a vital role in anxiety as revealed by a new study that gut and brain connection may influence emotions.

However, some individuals feel anxious without any reason, it occurs to me also here are a few reasons why it’s happens.

Subconscious anxiety: It means where you are conscious about work deadlines, stress from work, and relationship issues.

Generalized anxiety disorder: This anxiety occurs for at least 6 months, and interferes with your daily life.

Panic disorder: In this sudden anxiety attacks come without alarm, it physical signs like shortness of breathing, dizziness, etc.

Physical and Emotional Signs of Anxiousness

There are several physical and emotional symptoms of anxiousness here are common symptoms of anxiousness:

However, there are some other physical and emotional signs seen by new researchers such as:

A 2023 study showed that chronic anxiety is linked with tinnitus (a ringing and humming sound in the ears).

Anxiety’s Impact on Health

There are several impacts of anxiety that I experienced so I am sharing all of that.

  • Weaken the immune system due to a person frequently getting illness.
  • weight lose
  • increase the risk of other mental issues like depression, and other mental disorders.
  • stomach issues like diarrhea, and indigestion
  • may worsen anxiety

If you experience or seen someone so make sure to consult a mental doctor, they will diagnose and suggest a treatment.

Proven Strategies to Crush Anxiousness

Feeling anxious is common sometimes, which pushes us to get thing done, but if it increase more than a limit, then it can worsen the situation.

Here are my experience-proven strategies to crush anxious feelings such as:

Deep Breathing

It is one of the best ways to decrease anxious feelings, and stress, where it increases the oxygen level in the blood. But how does it work?

When we are under anxious, we take fast and short breaths causing low oxygen reach in the blood, which promotes the cortisol hormone.

Cortisol (a stress hormone). Now by taking deep breathing, oxygen levels also increase in our blood, which reduces the stress hormone.

This reduces the cortisol level. I personally experienced that It one of the fastest way to decrease anxious feeling


It is a posture in which you keep your mind and soul calm or set the boundaries of the countless thoughts going on in your mind.

Meditation helps lower the heart rate by lighting the parasympathetic nervous system and promoting slow breathing.

Many researchers also believe that meditation reduces depression, anxiety, and so on, and it’s more than that.

Research has shown that people who meditate have a lower rate of stress-related conditions like depression, extreme anxiety, etc.

Avoid Trigger Thing

Everyone has their trigger things for example – I am anxious about travelling at night, so everyone has their anxious feeling.

So avoid triggering things that can help a person prevent feeling anxious frequently and severely.

If is not possible to avoid trigger things, so you can add other alternatives in your daily routine to minimize your anxious feelings.

Just like meditation, do exercises like running, strength training, and deep breathing (the fastest way to reduce anxiousness.

Move Your Body

This technique is used when I feel anxious, I don’t know what exactly is happening inside the body. but it works.

Move your body like walking, running, or any exercise that increases your blood circulation and reduces your anxiety by triggering.

A new research showed that short or intense exercise high-intensity exercise can reduce anxiety signs.

Moving the body releases endorphins (a natural pain killer) which reduce mental pain and reduce your worries.

Lifestyle Changes

A healthy lifestyle can significantly change your overall lifestyle which includes:

  • Manage your stress and anxiety
  • regular exercise and yoga
  • avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption
  • take enough sleep every day
  • eat well-balanced diet
  • avoid excessive caffeine

NOTE: Everyone has their anxiousness, so find the triggering factors which help you to manage anxiety, stress, and mental woes.

Down Line

Anxious feelings occur when you are fear of someone which becomes an anxiety disorder if you manage it.

But there are several ways to manage like deep breathing, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), meditation, and so on.

If you don’t see any progress then you have to talk to a professional mental doctor, where proper diagnosis and proper treatment will help.


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