Why Do We Feel Sleepy After Lunch? and How To Avoid It.

A man sleeping with his head down

Feel sleepy after Lunch

After eating a delicious lunch most of them feel sleepy which is uncontrolled, especially at office time.

But why does this occur? and why is it not the same after eating breakfast, and dinner?

However, the type of food, and amount of food you consume are the main factor in feel sleepy after eating this is called postprandial somnolence.

A man sleeping with his head down

Why do we fall asleep after eating lunch?

Fall asleep after lunch is also known as a lunchtime slump where an individual feels fatigued at afternoon lunch.

Some individuals also feel exhausted after having a meal, it occurs when our digestive system works hard which is known as digestive fatigue.

However individuals feel tired or sleepy after eating a large meal due to the stomach working hard to digest the meal it is known as a food coma.

After having a meal “lunchtime slump” it is difficult to focus on work, it depends on the type of food, and quantity of food you eat.

But what happens inside our body that makes us sleepy?

Food Type

Food that contains sugar, and carbs is the main reason for a “lunchtime slump”, where sugar and carbs increase sugar levels to a high level.

That makes you feel satisfied in the initial time, but after some time body releases insulin that down your sugar level, resulting in tiredness.

Sometimes chemicals like serotonin play a vital role in sleep, mood, reproductive system, clotting, regulating mood, etc.

Serotonin begins with the essential amino acid called tryptophan found in some food include:

Carbs contain food are:

  • Rich
  • fruits like bananas, apples, mango
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • bread, pasta
  • candy and cookies

Amount of food

Consuming excessive food makes your digestive system work hard to digest it increases blood flow and, as a resultin you feel dull.

Food type like rice, and fish can make you feel satisfied and relaxed.

After feeling satisfied, several hormonal secretions like serotonin and insulin contribute to feeling tired inside our body.

Together, these factors contribute in feel satisfied, relax, and tired which is ideal for uncontrollable sleep.

How to avoid getting sleep after lunch?

After eating a tasty lunch we mostly feel sleepy, which mostly occur due to type of food, and amount of food you consumed.

But you can avoid it with “water drinking consumption”, make sure avoid drinking water instantly after meals.

After 30 mint you can drink the water, if it possible to walk, make sure take a walk about 10 to 15 mint which also maintain your weight.

Other ways to avoid taking sleep after having lunch are:

  • Eat balanced diet
  • choose fibre-related food (fruits, and vegetables) that prevents the sugar hit
  • avoid surgery drinks, and food that contains sugar.
  • don’t overdo it consume on the limit, overdoing food consumption lead to sleepy.
  • avoid drinking water immediately after meal, and take a 10 to 15 mint walk.

What foods to avoid for afternoon slump?

There are several food that you can avoid for afternoon slump are:

carbs contain food are:

  • Rice
  • surgery drinks and food
  • corn
  • bread
  • candies and cookies

But food that make you happy and satisfied are called tasty food, then it doesn’t matter it make you sleepy.

Down Line

Feel sleepy after lunch is common, especially at office time it is known as postprandial somnolence.

To prevent feel sleepy make sure to avoid drinking water immediately after meal, and if possible to take a walk.

Consuming heavy meal makes our digestive system to work hard which increase the blood flow and release insulin, as resultin feel sleepy.


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