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Sick boy sleep in bed with a thermometer in mouth and feel so bad with fever

What is Typhoid?

Typhoid is an infection caused by salmonella typhi bacteria, it can easily spread from one person to another person.

It is a contagious infection (spread through contaminated water, and food), and it is a water-borne disease.

Especially in poor hygiene areas, preventing it through the use of clean water and maintaining a proper hygiene environment.

It is the most common disease in developing countries, due to poor hygiene, and sanitation, it affects around 11-20 million people each year.

Who is at more risk of typhoid?

Here are some people who are more at risk of typhoid include:

  • People who live in poor hygiene areas
  • if a person has a weak immune system
  • who live in overcrowded and unsanitary areas
  • people who drink contaminated food and water
  • if a person is in close contact with typhoid patients
  • children under the age of 5 are more at risk of it

In addition, It also affects the liver, gallbladder, and bone marrow, and typhoid can cause holes in your intestine (1)

Moreover, it can be transmitted through infected animals, poop and also through consuming raw meat, and raw eggs.

Sick boy sleep in bed with a thermometer in mouth and feel so bad with fever

Reasons of typhoid

As we know typhoid is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria, which easily spread from one infected person to another (2)

The main reason for typhoid is salmonella, however, other things make it more vulnerable which include:

  • Not maintain hygiene
  • poor sanitation
  • use contaminated water and food
  • overcrowded area or highly dense population
  • travels are high risk of typhoid

Do you know that floods and droughts can increase the chance of thyroid by breaking down the contaminated water supply?

Signs and symptoms of Typhoid

Signs and symptoms are likely to develop continuously often appearing one to three weeks after showing the disease.

Here are the signs and symptoms include:

Fever increases slowly and gets worse and worse over time because the organism makes you sick slowly.

However, In some people, it presents with atypical symptoms such as bone pain, seizures, and respiratory infections.

But in some people, its symptoms are not shown, which contributes to the spreading of the bacteria (3)

If you notice any discomfort then consult your doctor, it may be some other warning signs of health.

How do doctors diagnose Typhoid?

Some tests are done to detect typhoid in a person, to determine whether the person is positive or negative for typhoid.

However, before this doctor may ask you about your medical history, past typhoid, symptoms, and many more things.

Several tests are performed by doctors to diagnose typhoid including:

  • Blood sample
  • stool and urine sample
  • excretion sample
  • bone marrow sample
  • widal test: Doctors may also perform a widal test

A doctor may perform a typhoid IgM test to find a specific type of bacteria, which makes it easier to treat typhoid, and it is more accurate than the widal test.

Treatment of typhoid

There is a treatment for Typhoid which is quite effective that is antibiotics, that you will have to consult a doctor.

However, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, which makes it harder to treat infection and leads to more severe concern.

If you face serious issues like blood in stool, then In this case surgery is needed, where medicine is given at a high dose.

Research has shown that combination therapy, which involves 1 or 2 antibiotics to treat it, which seen as more effective than single.

How to Prevent typhoid?

Here are how can you prevent typhoid from spreading:

  • Wash your hands properly before eating, before excretion, and after eating.
  • avoid raw fruit and vegetables
  • wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly before eating. due to which the risk of bacteria is greatly reduced. 
  • choose hot foods
  • avoid drinking untreated water
  • avoid consuming excessive food from street vendors
  • practice good hygiene
  • do not touch your face until you wash your hands properly
  • avoid face-to-face contact with people who are ill

Prevent Infecting others

If you have this infection, what to do to protect others?

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after going to the bathroom or toilet
  • Take your antibiotics from time to time
  • Avoid handling food so that it does not have other effects

Healthalk8 does not recommend any type of supplement or medication, So consult your doctor about your health issues.

What about – Diet?

Diet plays a vital role in typhoid, In this doctor recommends light and more soupy foods like avoiding street food, raw foods, etc.

It is a food-borne disease eating healthy, safe and hygienic food can actually prevent you from getting Typhoid.

Here are common recommendations by doctors during typhoid are:

Avoid eating junk, processed food

Try homemade food (Ghar ka khana) which is not too oily, and not very spicy, which is vital for the patient.

Consume a good amount of protein

Muscle acne are common symptom of this, so make sure to consume a good amount of protein.

Like lean or easy-to-digest protein simple things like having washed Pulses, Nuts (almonds, walnuts), Yogurt, eggs, and fish.

Hydrate yourself

Consume enough water throughout the day, because night sweats lead to weight loss, also loss of some electrolytes.

To increase electrolytes coconut water is the best, you can drink other drinks like lemon water, and buttermilk.

Down Line

Typhoid is the most common water-borne disease that affects millions of people worldwide, especially in developing countries.

Poor hygiene and sanitation is the main reason, which is also one of the main reasons for spreading it.

Preventing the disease or illness before it becomes severe is the most useful way to contain further health concerns.

If you notice any discomfort and signs of frequent fever, then you should consult your doctor, it may be an indication of a health issue.

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