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It is also known as a silent serial killer, where the person is infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria (MTB).

It is a major health concern worldwide, especially in developing countries, where it spreads through cough and sneezing.

In 2019 around 10 million people were infected with Tb bacteria worldwide, and also a major concern of death (1)

TB primarily affects the lungs, and also affects the overall body, by reducing weight, kidney and spine issues, etc.

The major signs are dry coughing for a long period of time, blood in cough, fever, weakness, and sudden loss in body weight.

It can easily spread through the air with an infected person coughing and sneezing, which it makes more dangerous than other illnesses.

India’s gov says that they will achieve a rapid decline in the burden of TB mortality and morbidity by 2025.

So patients wear masks for around 1 to 2 months because TB bacteria remain highly infected even after a month or 2 of taking medicines.

However, if a person is infected with TB, it is not ensured that the person will develop TB, and only 10% person will develop active TB.

The person infected with TB but with no signs is called a latent Tb infection, where the is body able to fight bacteria and stop growing.

But, if the bacteria become active (which may even be active after many years) then it can turn into active TB.

Causes of Tuberculosis

The main cause of Tb is mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria (MTB), which spreads infected person to another through the air.

A person who is infected with TB can easily spread their TB bacteria to a healthy person, it depends on the person’s health what it will become a Latina or active TB.

See, everyone’s health is different, if you fall into these categories then you are more at risk of active T:

Weak immune system: it is a major reason that gets the active tab, where low immunity is unable to fight TB bacteria to grow.

Travellers: It increases the chance of getting TB due to travelling in developing countries which are more at risk of TB due to poor sanitization.

So make sure to take more precautions like wearing a mask, washing hands properly, etc, and maintaining overall hygiene.

Lack of medicines: There are many countries that are not able to provide adequate medicines to their country’s people.

Tobacco use: people who smoke, and drink excessive alcohol are more at risk of TB and other diseases due to low immunity.

New research found that the microbiome (is trillions of bacteria that live in our body) may responsible for developing TB

Another study reveals that people who are treated with antibiotics have a higher chance of getting infected with TB again.

Signs and Symptoms of TB

Tb signs depend on where it grows, usually, it grows in the lungs and it may see these signs and symptoms such as:

  • Dry cough for the last 1 to 2 weeks
  • a small amount of blood during cough which is a sign of an underlying medical condition
  • sudden weight loss
  • fever, chills
  • pain in the chest
  • night sweat
  • blood on mucus
  • difficulty in breathing
  • loss of appetite

But there are some other new signs of TB found by researchers which you should know such as:

Recently a group of studies people with TB are more likely to experience headache, fatigue, sore throat, malaise, and swollen lymph nodes.

My Story

A short story, if I share my experience with you and as far as I know when I first got lots of blood in the cough.

I was perfectly fit before blending, no fever, cough, sweat, or weight loss were all good.

But on that day, due to a sudden cough of blood, I was scared at first look because there was an internal matter when we talked to my family doctor, and then he clarified that I have TB.

Before this happened, I did not even know its causes, symptoms or anything about it. then after that, my treatment went from a well-known hospital for about 6 months.

During treatment, I came to know that for 1 to 3 months (maximum) I will have to take a lot of precautions such as:

  • Always wearing a mask
  • not spitting here and there
  • put my handkerchiefs over your mouth while sneezing
  • avoid children, pregnant, and older adults contact

Within these six months, I had a lot of trouble, in the first few months, because the medicine didn’t suit me due to which my liver got swollen.

The medicines were given to me by injection for 2 to 3 months until the liver became normal and because of this, I had to go to the doctor every week.

The medicine lasted for about 6 months, then finally the doctor said you don’t need to eat the medicine anymore. Now you are perfectly healthy and fit.

How Will a doctor diagnose TB?

A doctor will diagnose TB in several ways asking about your medical history, previous TB report, family history, signs, etc.

Physical exam

A doctor will recommend a CT scan and Xray to found Tb bacteria in lungs, which will ensure TB and other diseases.

Check your signs and symptoms like fever, chest pain, blood during coughing, weakness, etc

Medical history

The doctor will ask you about your previous medical history whether ever had TB before, any TB person in the family, etc


Now doctor will follow up with further processes like take your blood test, mucus sample, CT scan, and x-ray to ensure TB.

Mantoux Test

A common test, where an injection is injected in your left arm, then left for a couple of days, if there is a bump and redness, that means the person is infected with TB.

A research team developed a new way to diagnose TB called the breath test which detects TB in seconds, It is believed that it will revolutionize.

Treatment of Tuberculosis

TB takes 6 months to properly cure, doctor may suggest antibiotics for at least 6 months.

The medicine dose and period of the drug depend on your age and weight.

In 2021, the FDA gave an approved license for a new medicine called pretomanid for treating Tuberculosis.

Healthytalk8 do not recommend any medications, so consult your doctor and good to take prescription medicines.

New Treatments

A new study research found that ferrostatin-1 can influence ferroptosis which may be used to develop new treatments for TB.

Researchers team developed new ways to stop TB from spreading such as spreading awareness and providing new drugs to more prone areas.

Side effects of TB medicines

The side effects of TB medicines are not common, some person notice its side effect like swelling in liver, which can be dangerous.

Here are common noticeable side effects include:

  • Stomach pain
  • in digestion food
  • dark urine
  • gas
  • vomiting and nausea occur due to swelling in the liver

If you notice these signs then you should immediately talk to your it may be drug’s adverse effects, or may not suitable for you.

Down Line

Tb is a dangerous disease, which is also known as silent killer killer, and make sure to avoid spreading it to other persons.

Blood in cough, mucus, fever, chest pain, sudden weight loss, nigh sweat its common signs.

If you notice any discomfort then you should talk to your doctor, it may be some underlying medical condition.

Treatment takes 6 to 9 months and antibiotics, and a combination of drugs are very helpful treatment Tb.

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