10 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt – Proven Based

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Yogurt is consumed for thousands of years, by to its surprising health benefits.

NOTE: In fact, In ancient Indian, the combination of yogurt and honey is called “the food of the gods

Here are 12 proven-based health benefits of yogurt with side effects.

Contain Rich Essential Nutrients

The nutritional value per 500 gram (0.5 kg) in plain yogurt contains:

Protein26.25 grams
Carbs35.2 grams
Fats7.75 grams
Calcium914 mg
Iron0.4 mg
Vitamin A70 mcg
Vitamin C4 mg
Cholesterol30 mg
Sodium350 mg
Source from fatsecret. com

Help in Weight Management

Curd is excellent in weight loss but is also associated with less weight gain.

Yogurt not only increased diet quality or is not only used for nutritional deficiencies but also maintains weight in the elderly (1).

Research evidence on overweight and obese people indicates that dairy products dietary, like calcium can promote weight and fat loss (2).

According to the NCBI, yogurt promotes fat loss, a decrease in food intake, an increase in satiety, and a decrease in glycemic and insulin response.

Another study showed that yogurt consumption is allied with lower body mass, and fat lower body weight or weight gain, smaller waist size.

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Excellent food for digestive health

4 weeks study showed that curd consumed by healthy adults increased the gut of probiotic Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

These two bacteria are found in yogurt and are traditionally used for numerous health benefits.

A study found that Bifidobacteria improved digestive symptoms and health-related quality of life in women, who did not have a digestive issue (4).

During a study, a healthy student was fed yogurt daily, the result showed an increased intestinal bacteria which was allied with reduced stress indicators.

Taking probiotics, enhance the number of good bacteria which can detoxify the system and assist you to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Probiotic foods may help in chronic constipation. it is like good bacteria that are naturally occurring in our gut. food include:

  • Dosas, dhoklas, and idlis, paneer (Indian dish) are rich in probiotics.
  • Cheese
  • Kefir
  • Bananas
  • Leeks

Good For Skin Health

Research says that probiotics may act as treating chronic inflammation issues, which include acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, and photoaging (5) (6).

Probiotics and antibacterial properties in curd can reduce acne development and can potentially improve compliance as well (7).

Research has shown that IGF-1 a hormone can improve acne, but probiotics may decrease acne reduction through modulation in IGF-1 (8) (9).

Another study showed that yogurt bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium effective treatments for eczema (10).

Take 2 spoons of curd and add half a spoon of turmeric to it, then apply it on your face. after 15 to 20 wash it away.

One study showed that consumption of yogurt in infants, at 5 years of age prevents the growth of dermatitis, but not other allergic diseases.

During Pregnancy

Consumption of probiotics during pregnancy may increase vaginal Lactobacillus and prevent or treat bacterial vaginosis that contributes to early labor (11)

According to the NCBI 2018 review, yogurt consumption during pregnancy can decrease the risk of premature delivery.

Clinical trials indicate that the probiotics in foods or supplements form can significantly improve blood glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance.

NOTE: If you are eating spicy food, so make sure to consume yogurt as well.

In pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, the skin becomes very uneven, and vitamin E in yogurt keeps the skin healthy, and also prevents wrinkles.

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Reduce the risk of heart disease

High cholesterol, and high blood pressure a major causes of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

A 2018 study, showed that men and women with High BP who consumed 2 servings per week of yogurt, as the context of a healthy diet, were at lower risk of heart disease.

In another study, the result found that fermented dairy products like (yogurt and sour cream) were inversely associated with CVD in adults aged 44–74 years.

An 8 studies review provided evidence, that yogurt intake can reduce all-cause and heart and blood vessels mortality (13).

One another report shows, that the intake of yogurt reduces the risk of heart disease, by increasing good cholesterol, which promotes heart health (14) (15).

Also, a significant interaction was seen b/w sex and cheese, where cheese intake was allied with reducing CVD risk in women, but not in men.

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May Promote Hair Health

Curd has been used through the years for scalp and hair to keep them healthy, which is mostly used in India, for healthy hair.

It contains high protein, antibacterial, and lactic acid, which helps strengthen the hair follicles.

During one study, two rats were researched separately, on the first yogurt was used, and on the second nothing is used.

In the result, it was seen that the hair of the first mice showed more shine and thick hair than that of the second mice.

Curd reduces dandruff and prevents problems like balding, thinning, or itchiness.

You can apply it directly on the scalp or you can make a paste – take 2 tbsp of curd and mix gram flour and make a paste, then apply it to one scalp.

You can also combine curd with honey, banana, egg, and olive oil.

Curd can treat multiple hair issues, like hair fall, loss, dandruff, cleaning your hair, scalp acne, lice, dry hair, hair damage (17)

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Boost Immune System

Studies saw in mice that lactobacillus increases the ability to produce IL-10 and T cell function (18), and may stimulate an immune response (19).

Also, regulate the growth of the immune system, and shift the immune response toward regulatory and anti-inflammatory conditions (20)

The immune system is spread throughout the body, involves – cells, tissues, antibodies, etc, which all together kill bad bacteria.

Yogurts get their immune-boosting properties from their magnesium, selenium, and zinc minerals (21) (22) (23).

However, there are many other ways to boost immunity which include:

  • Physical activity, like yoga, meditation, exercise.
  • Turmeric milk
  • Essential vitamins like vitamin D, B6, and E and supplement
  • Avoid excessive junk, processed food
  • Manage stress
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and smoking

Vitamin D has also been shown to prevent common illnesses like cold and flu. Vitamin D related Links – (24) (25) (26) (27).

Promote Bone Health

Dairy products are a rich source of calcium, which is essential for bone health. And vitamin D is also required, which helps the body to absorb calcium.

Lack of vitamin D and calcium deficiency leads to decrease bone density, which increases the risk of muscle weakening, fracture, and osteoporosis.

People with osteoporosis have low bone density and are more prone to bone fractures (28).

Yogurt can be a vital source of protein and calcium for people of all ages, potentially leading to increased bone and muscles health (29)

Studies have shown that dairy items like cheese, yogurt, etc, are beneficial for bone health, by giving calcium, vitamin D (20), protein (21) (22), and potassium (30).

In another study, consuming at least 3 servings of dairy foods, such as yogurt, on a regular basis, can help preserve bone mass and strength (31) (32).

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Benefits For Toddlers

In toddlers diarrhea, and constipation is one of the common health issues.

According to a study, it is the 3rd most common cause of death among children under the age of 5 in India.

Some studies showed a positive effect of yogurt consumption in infants and children during infectious diarrhea (33).

Curd has much more health benefits in children which include:

  • Build bone health
  • lower pulse pressure in children aged 4–10 years
  • Good for hemoglobin
  • Improved metabolic health
  • Better diet

During a study, where infants consumed curd 3-6 times a week, their gastroenteritis level was significantly seen lower, compared to those who consumed curd 1 time a week.

May promote sperm count

A report suggests that consuming low-fat dairy-like yogurt was positively related to sperm concentration and progressive motility.

However, cheese intake is related to lower sperm concentration among smokers (34).

Reasons for low sperm count are:

  • Smoking
  • Taking certain medications for a long time
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Injury, or birth defect on balls
  • Sitting for long time can also affect sperm count, like a driver, certain jobs

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) consumption was allied with poor sperm quality. And lower sperm concentration during ejaculation (35) (36).

There are some other products that are good in increasing sperm count including:

  • low-fat milk
  • Curd
  • Seafood like fish, oysters,
  • Consumed vitamin D foods
  • Take enough calcium
  • Avoid cheese

Side Effects

Not everyone gets the health benefits of yogurt because some people are – lactose Intolerance, and are allergic to milk products.

Its side effect is also seen when compared to yogurt (Yogurt is an industrial product) and curd (it contains no live stream bacteria).

These strains have been grown in industrialized cultures for a very time, they don’t consist of A-listed of the gut, which is easier to package.

Which are very low concentrations, which means they don’t colonize themselves and pass through the stool (37).

Some yogurt also contains sugar, instead of giving benefits, it gives side effects including diabetes, obesity, etc.


Studies saw that lactobacillus increases the ability to produce IL-10 and T cell function, which may stimulate an immune response.

Research evidence on overweight people observed that dairy products, like calcium, can promote weight and fat loss.

Talk to your doctor, if you have seen any discomfort with yogurt.


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