Poop: What Say About Your Health plus, Smell, Types, And More

poop chart diagram


Poop is a very interesting topic, but did you know what poop color, types say about your health.

Start the day with the washroom, if it comes the right way, that is great, but if it comes not the right way, that ruins your day.

When food enters the stomach, its broken down into smaller pieces, thanks to the digestive system.

NOTE: Your poop can change with what you eat, and drink, it also gives you a sign, that your stomach is comfortable, or not.

What Is Healthy Poop?

Now the liquid food passes through the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed and digested.

And in the large intestine, water and salts are absorbed causing the waste products to become firmer and turn into poop.

Healthy poop all depends on your diet, which tells about your digestive health, sometimes diarrhea is good for cleaning the stomach.

But if it occurs most of the time, then this could be a risk for you.

NOTE: A ideal poop look like this:

  • Slightly oily, soft, and brown in colour
  • Does not stick to the toilet
  • Shape & consistency – like Ripe banana
  • Floats or hovers in the upper portion of water
  • Has a mild non offensive odour
  • Natural and easy to pass
  • Relieved with just one elimination in the morning

That’s when you know that your system isn’t pushing you towards any disease.

Types of Poop

poop chart diagram

1. Constipation

These separate little marble lumps.

Means – If you see these types of poop in your toilet water, this means – Your stomach is lacking fiber, and it’s difficult to pass.

Fix it – Try to consume fibre-related food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, avocado, apple, dried fruits, seeds like flax seeds, etc.

2. Mild Constipation

This large-shaped, or lumpy poop .

Means – These types of poop also indicate the sign of constipation caused by lack of fibre, and long-term medicine is also included

Fix it – Eat more fruits, and vegetables, and do work out, which your body will require less time to move food all through the large intestine.

Learn – Constipation In Children

3. Normal

These few cracked-shaped poop.

Means – There is nothing to worry about, this is normal poop, which most people usually have because they drink enough water, and eat well-balanced food.

4. Soft

Soft – Yo face pool

Means – These soft sausage shapes, and smooth poop are the best sign of a healthy digestive system, no worry about it.

5. Light Diarrhea

Small, clear edges

Means – These are signs of light diarrhea, which also mean that you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). people can IBS normally control it.

Fix it – Add a healthy diet, and lifestyle can reduce your IBS, and promote a healthy gut.

6. Mild Diarrhea

Broken into pieces

Means – There may be too much fiber in your diet, More often time, it disappears all it is own in two or three days.

Fix it – Drink water to avoid dehydration, and eat boiled potatoes, and bananas.

Moreover, you can also try some medicine like Imodium, or Pepto-Bismol which help to make solid stools.

7. Diarrhea

Fully Liquid

Means – It may occur due to the containment of food, and water, this comes out quickly and sometimes arrives without warning.

Fix it – Some antibiotics, and home -remedies are very effective include:

  • Equal water and equal tea, mix it – my mom home-remedy which is very effective all the time.
  • Solid food, such as rice, etc.

What Does Poop Color Say About Our Health?

poop colors

Normal stool colour is brown this is due to the presence of bile in it, however, poop can range from light yellow to brown to almost black.

Many times the colour of poop depends on what you might have eaten although if some odd colors persist for more than 3 days it could signify a problem.

Brown poop

A brownish colour is normal for stool, it indicates has brown poop, which indicates that you eating healthy food,.

Black poop

Blackish colour may indicate excessive heat in the body, sometimes certain medications can also cause black poop, if you’re not a victim of it.

Then this could be an indication of bleeding in the upper gastrointestinal parcel. If none of these are seen, then you should go to the doctor.

Green Poop

Green poop is ok, no worry about it, and it occurs for two reasons

1. Adding too many green vegetables like spinach, pale, etc, in your diet.

2. Your food is moving through your system too quickly, and if you avoid green vegetables, still see green poop, then consult the doctor.

White, or clay-coloured poop

This light shade poop can be a sign of too much fat and it can also mean that your body is having trouble absorbing nutrients.

And symptoms of specific medicines like loose-bowel medication.

If you see these symptoms, again and again, talk to the doctor.

Yellow poop

Yellow or sometimes orange color shows that the food is moving too fast in the digestive tract indicating issues with the liver.

Red poop

A Redish color could indicate blood in your stool, which might signify piles. if it keeps coming talk to your doctor.

Sometimes, they eat an excessive amount of red food such as beetroot.

It can likewise come from red-colored medication, and after some time your stool returns its ordinary tone.

What About – Smell?

First – our poop is supposed to be smelling good, like rose, perfume, but never. the stool is not supposed to be smelling good, it’s a waste you’re getting rid of.

But there are certain smells through which we can detect what is going on inside us.

Like sometimes stool smells very tarry or very foul-smelling which could be a sign of infection.

NOTE: If your stool smell very bad that means – you are not regular, which keeps rotting inside and causes a bad smell or fart.

The smell of stool does not give us good clinical advice or indication, that your health is good, and not.

It depends on your eating, a situation like diarrhea, or constipation.

Why Poop Floats Upper Portion of Water?

This is a huge problem for me because it takes lots of water to go down, that is why It’s my, or maybe some people’s huge problem.

NOTE: But Why Poop Float?

There are lots of reasons, and one of the common reasons is steatorrhea or oil in the stool (because of abnormal growth of bad bacteria that cause the oil in poop.)

And may occur due to Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease, and intestinal bacteria overgrowth which makes our stool hard to flush.

Also, too much fiber can be a contributor to this, it can be good and bad for some people.

For some people, too much fiber in their diet makes their stool buoyant, and less likely to float.

Go Frequent Time in One Day? Good, or Bad

Medical definition – the normal range from as 3 times per day to as few as 3 times per week, and it’s considered the Goldilocks zone for popping.

According to mine, and most people – the most vital is how you feel after poop, satisfied or dissatisfied.

On the other hand, if a person goes once a day, they feel happy because they cleaned everything at once.

NOTE: If somebody goes 3 to 4 times per day but they don’t feel happy, they don’t feel clean, then they’re still having bowel issues.

Down Line

Your poop can change with what you eat, and drink, it also gives you a sign, that your stomach is comfortable, or not.

Green poop is ok, no worry about it, and it occurs for two reasons 1. adding too many green vegetables like spinach, pale, etc, in your diet.

One of the common reasons why stool is floating? is steatorrhea or oil in the stool (because of abnormal growth of bad bacteria that cause the oil in poop.)


Hello, I'm Sahil bisht, I am a Mechanical engineer, As well as, aspiring blogger with an obsession for health. This blog delicate to people who want to learn in health.

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