8 Successful Ways to Prevent UTI Pre and Post Intercourse

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UTI and Intercourse

UTI post intercourse, is an infection of the Urinary tract which includes other body parts like the kidney, uterus, etc.

This bacteria is known as E.coli, which mainly triggers women due to the shorter urethra, which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder.

The urinary tract is responsible for removing waste, unwanted bacteria, and extra liquid from our body through urine.

The most common reason for UTI is poor hygiene, so make sure to maintain overall hygiene before and after intercourse.

Moreover, preventing the disease or illness before it becomes serious is the best way to prevent further complications.

If you notice any discomfort in UT, then you should consult your doctor, it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

8 Successful Ways to Prevent UTI Pre and Post Intercourse

Here are the Top 8 successful ways to prevent UTI post intercourse such as:

Pre-intercourse Preparations

Before intercourse is the best way to prevent serious issues like UTI, STI (sexually transmitted infection), and other issues.

Empty Bladder

Urinating before intercourse is important to flash all toxic waste, and remove it before it can propagate (1).

Moreover, don’t hold urinate for a long time, otherwise, it leads to serious issues on kidneys like:

  • Increase the chance of infection
  • weaken your bladder holding strength
  • increase the chance of kidney stone

Talk to your doctor if you notice any issue in your private area or any discomfort because it could be a warning sign of health (2)

Use high-quality protection

Protection is also vital against STI, UTI, AIDS, and other private-related issues, make sure to use high-quality protection (3)

So it becomes vital to go with safe side intercourse through these tips:

  • Use high-quality protection (it reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy and infection)
  • Avoid intercourse with several partners
  • Start slowly so your partner also feels pleasure, then gradually increase
  • Use lubrication to prevent friction, after menopause lubrication becomes more vital
  • don’t share your personal items with others (4)

If don’t want to conceive, you can also take birth control pills, but before ask your doctor for more options.

Clean Private Area

Maintain hygiene whether it is private or public, which promotes overall health including UTI (urinary tract infection)

Here are why cleansing private clean is valuable:

  • Clearing away bacteria, which also prevents bacteria from spread
  • removing discomfort like irritation, fungal infection chance, unpleasant odour, etc
  • prevent fungal infection
  • Avoid harsh soap, shampoo, and clothing, and use scent in a private area
  • help in restoring natural Ph-level
  • prevent bacteria atmosphere by cleaning moisture

Overall, maintain overall good hygiene like wiping from front to back (especially for girls), removing bacteria risk, like UTI, etc.

Healthtalk8 does not recommend any medication, because everyone has different health, and the ability to tolerance.

Stay hydrated

Hydrating throughout the day is another best way to prevent UTI and other complications like dehydration.

Moreover, try to avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, and smoking, which contribute to kidney issues, and other serious issues.

In addition, water on an empty stomach in the morning creates pressure on the intestines, due to which all the waste material comes out.

During-Intercourse Preparations

Avoid Products

Scent can lead to several issues disturbing hormone Ph levels, redness, and irritation, and give bacteria a perfect atmosphere to grow (5)

Douching is an item that is used to clean or wash the vagina from the inside through water but can disturb the hormone level.

Avoid using both these products in a private area or sensitive areas of the body, to prevent urinary tract infection, etc.

Overall, avoid harsh soap, scents or perfume, shampoo, share clothing, etc.

Use Lubrication

Using the right lubrication during intercourse can prevent friction and UTI in many ways including:

  • Reduce friction (6)
  • prevent wounds and tears chance which also prevents bacteria entry through wounds
  • prevent unpleasant odour
  • allow smooth and gentle entry which also does not disturb the natural balance of hormones
  • great after menopause, because after menopause estrogen (acts as lubrication) level is decreased

Do not use saliva and other items, because it may lead to irritation, redness, and increase the chance of spreading bacteria.

UTI post-intercourse Preparations

Empty Bladder After Intercourse

Holding urination after intercourse for a long time due to any reason leads to bladder extension, leads to discomfort and other health concerns.

Make sure not to hold urination and go toilet before and after intercourse, it can prevent the spreading of the UTI (7)

Wipe from front to back

After using the restroom, make sure girls wipe from front to back – which means wipe from the vagina area to your anus.

Wipe your entire private area with the help of tissue or toilet paper and clean water (8)

Practising good hygiene every day lowers the chance of several infections risks, and other disorders.

Did you know that E.coli bacteria is allied with diarrhea (it is a contagious disease that occurs due to poor hygiene)

Lifestyle Factors and Prevention Actions

Here are some lifestyle factors and habits that you should adopt or practising on a regular basis that reduce the risk of UTI:

Wear comfortable and breathable underwear: Choose breathable underwear that prevents bacteria from growing in the atmosphere (9)

Avoid tight clothes: Tight underwear makes it difficult for the genitals to breathe, which indirectly affects sperm production and quality.

Without proper air circulation sweat traps inside the underwear, which increases the infection risk (6)

Consume probiotics and cranberry: Consume more probiotics food like yogurt, cheese, milk, etc, moreover cranberry juice or supplement (help prevent UTI)

Get physically active: Go for regular exercise or get physically active, which also prevents further complications of health.

Consider estrogen supplements: After menopause estrogen levels naturally decrease, so women can consider estrogen supplements.

Menopause is a natural phenomenon in women, where periods are completely stopped, occurring b/w 45 to 55 years of age.

Consume more probiotic food: Some evidence supports that it can help in preventing UTI and some not.

A study revealed that women who consumed probiotics for 6 months had less chance of getting UTI than women who did not consume it.

Seek medical support: If you experience any discomfort, change in urine colour, or unpleasant odour, then you should talk to your doctor.

Early diagnosis and proper treatment help in it, and if you have any questions consult your healthcare provider.

Down Line

UTIs can be easily prevented by maintaining overall hygiene, drinking enough water, not holding urination, etc

Seek medical help if you experience pain or any type of discomfort, proper diagnosis and treatment help in it.

UTI affect all individuals and age, but commonly occur in women, due to the shorter urethra (a pipe through connect the kidney to the bladder.


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