Chicken Soup Diet: Does it help in losing weight?

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Chicken Soup Diet

Chicken soup is one of the most consumed foods around the world, due to its low in fat instead of meat, and contains other ingredients.

Soup refers to a fast form of cooking and consumption, in modern times soup become an alternative food for breakfast.

Also high in protein, fiber, and other important nutrients and low in fat.

But how does the chicken soup diet work on several things like how does help in weight loss, energy intake, etc?

See it contains several nutrients and is full of protein which helps in several ways for example if you wanna lose weight:

  • It reduces the appetite by giving you satisfaction
  • low in calories which makes it best for weight loss
  • boost metabolism means the body burns more calories that prevent weight gain
  • promote muscle growth because it boosts metabolism and helps burn more calories
  • reduce the risk of heart attack

It is important to not depend on soup only, In the long term it leads to nutrition deficiency, so add other foods to your diet.

Does chicken soup help in losing Weight?

Yes, the chicken soup diet helps in weight loss, but in the short term, how does it work?

See there are several things what chicken soup diet does to lose weight here are:

Low in calories: Instead of other meat, chicken soups are low in calories and saturated fat which promote weight loss and maintain BMI.

High in fiber and protein: Both are essential nutrients for weight loss and the body, fiber promotes a healthy gut, which prevents constipation.

On the other hand, protein satisfies the feeling of fullness, which overall reduces food consumption.

Boost metabolism: weak metabolism promotes weight gain or obesity where hard to lose weight, and it can boost metabolism.

Increase muscle mass: To increase muscle mass, you have to consume all types of food, which fuel metabolism, as a result, calories turn into muscle.

Contain water: As we know it’s just full of protein and water, which somewhere full your stomach with minimum calories.

A chicken diet helps in balanced macronutrient distribution which helps decrease the risk of disease and help in weight loss.

Chicken soup before a meal reduces the overall food consumption, which prevents hunger and gives a satisfactory feeling of fullness.

A study from 2019 revealed that chicken soup helps in weight loss but in the short term.

Make sure to add other food to your diet like:

  • Eat a balanced diet like fruits, and vegetables
  • choose lean protein like fish and chicken
  • avoid excessive processed food and surgery food
  • do exercise daily for at least 1 hour

If you are in medicine or have an underlying medical condition, then you should talk to your doctor, it may interact with your medicine.

Pros of chicken soup

Here are some pros of losing weight, the soup diet delivers extra pros are:

  • Pros promote short-term weight loss
  • may help to boost hydration
  • easy to follow

Make sure add fruits, vegtables, and whole grains to prevent nutrition deficiency such as:

  • Increase Vegetables: Vegetables are good sources of several vitamins like C, A, and E and minerals, which also help in weight loss (1) (2)
  • Add fruits to your diet: fruit is a good source of water, fibre, and several nutritions, which are good for healthy skin and hair.
  • Increased fiber intake: fiber is essential for a healthy stomach which promotes good bacteria in the stomach, and prevents constipation.
  • increased water intake: fruits and green leafy vegetables are high in water, which prevent dehydration and soup high in water.
  • easy to digest: soup is easy to digest, and helps in quick energy instead of consumed hard food.

Keep in mind that do not totally depend on soup diet, because on other side it may raise weakness, and other heaalth conerns.

Cons Side of chicken soup

Not provide complete nutrition: chicken soup does not provide complete nutrition, so make sure to consume a well-balanced diet:

If you are in weight loss, then do exercise daily, and consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grain, dairy products, etc

Hard to follow for a long time: Because it is just a soup which is not enough for the body to run continuously (4)

So make sure you have to add more carbs, calories, and sugar to run the body for a long time.

May not be suitable for everyone: People who are on heavy doses of medicine or in underlying medical conditions may not able to digest it.

How to make chicken soup?

Here are how can you make chicken soup at home with easy ways are:

Credit to: Cooking with chef Ashok

Keep in mind things

  • Chicken soup is consumed because it is low in calories and fat, so avoid adding high-fat things like cheese, ghee, etc
  • choose a low-calorie diet plan, if you wanna lose weight
  • drink enough water throughout the day
  • do not totally depend on a chicken soup diet

Down Line

If you are in medicine or underlying medical condition make sure to consult your doctor, because it may worsen the situation.

Chicken soup is for everyone, make sure it is not for the long-term, so add other ingredients in your diet like veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc.

It is low in calories, high in protein and fiber, which is responsible for healthy stomach, boosting metabolism, and helping to lose weight.


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