8 Apps to Crush Mental Chatter and Unlock Inner Peace

Mental Chatter

Apps for mental chatter are proven by professionals doctors, and therapists, which help find inner peace.

Mental chatter is a normal mental woes, which around 50% of people experience, which are allied with positive and negative thoughts.

In this, our mind continuously imagines thoughts that we cannot control, which occur when talking, sleeping, and working.

If you experienced or seen someone who facing MC, then you have to consult a professional therapist.

However, there are several ways to manage running thoughts, and one of them is apps which is easy to use, and effective.

8 Apps to Help with Mental Chatter

Here are the top 8 apps that help in mental chatter therapists’, and mental health professionals’ opinions.


It is a popular app for smartphones, that uses psychology and CBT technology to reduce stress, worries, and negative thoughts.

Review by Public

Here is a random review by the public, which considers it also best for reducing mental woes, and contributing to running thoughts.

Pros: It is easy to use and has lots of activities to do, and in premium membership, you can explore more content like traditional therapies.

It is scientifically based which allows a person to reduce stress through several games, without any habits.

Dr. Sarah Davis says that Happify is a good way to cope with mental woes, and who are new to CBT in an engaging and fun way.

Cons: It has limited access to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), however, the lack of therapists’ opinions is still pending (2)


It is one of the best apps for mental health because it also provides you with 24/7 support which I also used personally.

The 24/7 support allows you to personally contact with therapist or doctor, which is way better than other non-24/7 apps

Its main focus is on lifting mood by reducing anxiety, and stress symptoms using the CBT techniques.


The best pros of this app are 24/7 support which is easily accessible and will give you the right suggestions.

In these formats, you can interact with CBT which is available in play mode, which is less threatening and more engaging.


It is not always accurate in mental state, so you have to contact to doctor one-on-one, which is best for deep mental diagnosis.

The major concern of apps is safety and privacy which may be leaked so use applications carefully with use connection secure sites.

Therapist Opinion

Several therapists say that it’s a helpful app for learning CBT, However, it is vital to note that it is not a therapist. Dr. Alison says.

Dr. David Spiegel says that it is a great source of learning, and promotes mental health, however, it read caution carefully.

Mood Tools

It is also based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which works on identifying and changing a person’s thinking and behaviour.

A study reveals that CBT can reduce anxiety and sleep quality in GAD patients and is a helpful tool for managing mental chatter.


Your dairy: In this, you can make your thought dairy, which allows you to monitor, and find your reason, and pattern.

Mood tracker: Check your mood status over time, which allows a person to track their mood trigger things, and help in finding the specific reason.

Safety: It allows the person to create a plan for handling difficult situations and prevent negative thoughts and self-harm.

Therapist opinion

Dr David Susman reveals that it is another good tool for mental exercise, which helps manage mental concerns.

Dr Sarah Kagan has given his statement that their thought dairy allows people to track, and identify patterns and specific reasons.


It is one of the popular sites and apps for promoting mental well-being.


  • It is easy to use
  • well-popular so very low risk of fraud
  • provide you with evidence-based tests, information, and exercises
  • it has a lot of content like mental exercise, music for focus, relaxation, and several other things

Therapist Opinion

Dr Sarah Brown says that it is well-popular for its mindfulness and meditation content which allow a person to manage their mental issues.

Dr John Smith reveals that it is an evidence-based app and a site that allows people to trust.


In this individuals have to pay attention to the present moment with judgement.


It permits a person to explore meditation, breathing exercises, and progressive muscle techniques which help in sleeping and reducing stress.

  • Looking good which allows a person to join it
  • based on old techniques but more effective than modern treatments
  • easy to use
  • quality content

If you wanna explore more then you can check its premium version, but it is not your therapist, so consult your therapist.

Therapist Opinion

Dr. Ronald Siegal a great mindfulness educator says that it is useful for all people and an amazing start to mindfulness meditation.

Dr Elizabeth Davis says that when they use it, it can connect with people and help in managing their stress, and mental health.

Day One

It is a journaling app that allows people to record their thoughts, trigger things, experiences, emotions, and other feelings.


  • Elevate self-healing and awareness
  • focus on positive aspects of life like happiness, etc


  • Trigger your deep emotions like negative thoughts by writing on a journaling-based app
  • privacy concerns
  • technology, so it does not understand your emotions, or what you from inside

Overall, the Day One tool is the best tool for mental health, however, do not depend on this, because it only provides you with information.

We do not recommend you any application for any type of treatment, you have to talk to your doctor.


It is also based on journaling means – is a diary, that allows a person to record their feelings, in writing, and audio recording.


  • Simple interface which makes it easy to use for everyone
  • effective reminding system
  • reduce stress and well-being by its interface


  • No other content means – limited content
  • can’t replace professional therapy

Relax Melodies

One of the toughest things in mental chatter is sleeping with running thoughts, which makes it hard to fall asleep, and leads to lack of sleep.

It is different from other apps because it is based on sleep, which is why it has already been downloaded by millions of people with good reviews.


  • It is loaded with 500 + melodies like rain, sand, tree, wind, ocean waves, fireplace, flute sound, and so on.
  • available in mixed sound which enhances the overall experience
  • promote relaxation feelings
  • offer people to download their favourite relaxation melodies
  • may help in lowering high blood pressure

Therapist View

Dr. Shelby Harris said that it allows you to find inner peace with absolutely fine and relaxing melodies.

Dr Michael Breus says that it is helpful for sleep-related disorders patients like insomnia.

Take Support

You can also use offline mental games, like puzzle solving and Rubik’s cube, do exercises like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, etc

If you also use and use it then you share your experience in the comments and any app recommendations.

All these apps can not cure the treatment, they just encourage your mental well-being, so consult your doctor for proper treatment.

MC apps gives you real-time date, which allows you to find the reason and provide you with the solution too (1)

Down Line

Mental chatter is a common mental issue, so no worries about it, just make sure to avoid thinking in excessive amounts.

There are several ways to manage your mental chatter like relaxation techniques, deep breathing, apps, books, therapies, etc.

If you are still unable to manage your running thoughts, then you have to consult a professional therapist.


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