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Nutrients are found in vegetables and fruit on which our body relies, the fresher and un-processed they are, the better they will affect our body, so let’s rock and roll and talk about ayurvedic herbs. 
Food, helps our body to run energy and body.
But it is not necessary that the nutrients coming from the food keep our body running very well always. but sometimes such diseases also come inside our body that our Immune system is not able to fight. 

Ayurvedic herbs

Then we take the support of medicine/drugs, but there are still many people who do not take medicine and take ayurvedic support. which has been going on for thousands of years.
Even today, there are some states in India that, by resorting to Ayurvedic (आयुर्वेदिक) and in their native way, enable their immune system to fight diseases. 
Ayurvedic herbs
Some other countries like India which have resorted to Ayurvedic are making Covid-19 vaccine and some plants like Tulsi tea, Neem, Giloy, Papaya leaves, Gooseberry (आंवला ), Aloe vera, etc are some of the things that help our immune system to fight Covid-19 & makes us stronger.
Ayurvedic tresses, plants, what are the benefits and disadvantages of consuming them, and will know how to use them to get maximum benefits from them. so there are some healthier herbs including:

1. Giloy (गिलोय)

Giloy is an ancient herb that is loaded with an array of benefits, popular for its immunity-boosting properties. (Giloy means “Amrita” which means the root of “immortality“).
It is considered highly effective because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids found in it but the root and leaves also can be used. and it is part of Indian medicine for a very long time. 
Giloy properties with better taste proved their benefits, again and again, proving that Giloy is one of the most effective natural medicines. 
You Can be consumed in the form of juice or powder now you also get giloy in the form of readymade capsules, giloy is scientifically known as Tinospora cordifolia.
  • Boost immunity:  Giloy is a global herb that naturally boosts immunity. the antioxidants present in it help a lot in keeping healthy and getting rid of diseases. this year, the whole earth is facing the threat of Coronavirus, then people are resorting to Ayurvedic and giloy to protect themselves from covid-19 so that they can enable their immune system to fight coronavirus.
  • Giloy for dengue: we also use giloy itself in fever, dengue, and typhoid because it has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, which reduce our fever. consuming giloy every morning and evening during dengue, Typhoid strengthens our immune system. it also proves to be very effective in increasing platelets.
  • Improves Digestion: giloy is very beneficial in improving digestion and treating stomach-related issues. consuming giloy juice on an empty stomach in the morning is considered very beneficial for the stomach.
How to make Giloy juice 
  • Take giloy vine first, and cut as many as 10 centimeters into pieces.
  • Then crush those pieces (on any hard surface) to extract the juice from those pieces. 
  • Then put the crushed pieces in a bowl filled with water, then leave them to boil on low flame for some 20 to 25 minutes so that all the juice inside them can be removed.
  • After cooling down for some time fill it in the bottle and drink a glass on an empty stomach in the morning. it is definitely helpful for your overall health.

2. Aloe vera (एलोवेरा)

In today’s times, everyone is well aware of aloe vera and aloe vera will comfortably find you on every other third terrace. aloe vera is being used as a medicine for quite a century. 
In today’s time, if you need any product from aloe vera such as (aloe juice, suncream, face wash, gel, face mask, etc) you will easily find all the comforts in the market. 
Many people take the juice out of it and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning so that almost all health-related diseases disappear. 
aloe vera cut piece
It was also known as an immortal plant in Egypt, about 5000 years ago.
It was believed that when a mummy died, aloe vera leaves were taken to her funeral so that she could be alive again they believed this because aloe vera was considered an immortal plant at that time. 
  • keep you hydrated: aloe vera is very water-dense, so it’s an ideal way to prevent or treat dehydration. staying hydrated you purge and flush out impurities. the juice also packs a hefty punch of nutrients that optimize your body’s organ output. 
  • Your body requires more fluids after a heavy workout or during exercise, so try aloe vera juice instead of coconut water after your next fire workout.
  • Clear beauty skin: hydrating aloe vera juice may also reduce acne and pimples, aloe vera juice is a rich source of antioxidants and loaded with vitamins that may help protect your skin. 

Aloe liquid may have a number of beauty healthy hacks:

  1. You can apply aloe liquid before the foundation
  2. Makeup remover
  3. Sunburn cream
  4. Apply as a face mask, wash
  5. Treat for acne dark spots, pimples, and wrinkles
  6. Aloe vera, honey with milk used as facial 
  • Good for the stomach: The enzymes found in aloe vera help to break down fat or sugar. at the same time, it helps to make your digest run smoothly. 
  • If your digestion is not working properly then you might take aloe vera juice may decrease irritation in the stomach and also help people with “irritable bowel syndrome” IBS and other inflammatory disorders of the intestines.
Side effect
  • Irritating your skin: Some people, who feel itchy after applying aloe vera, do not use aloe vera because by doing this your skin will become reddish, which may cause a small rash on the skin.
  • Interact your medicine: If you any drugs regularly, and you start aloe vera gel, juice, or anything first consult your doctor because they could interact with your medicine and supplements like diabetes drugs, heart drugs, steroids, and licorice root.

The oral use of gel may also block the absorption of medicine taken at the same time

3. Basil (तुलसी)

Tulsi is an aromatic, tasty, green herb that has a lot of recognition in India and is considered very auspicious in India, so here you get to see it in everyone’s home. 
Here is part of a mint family which has quite different varieties.
Its uses in food are very popular and this aromatic herb is used for making tea. 
Its tea is considered to be very beneficial for the body because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which keep you from diseases like viral fever, cold, cough, asthma, and warmth in the body.
Tulsi plant
Tulsi tea is considered in India and is also a plant that is worshipped in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. 
Tulsi leaves have unprecedented healing properties and are consumed in many other ways forex drinking, steaming, and tulsi leaves you may add to your diet plan. 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety: basil tea helps in maintaining the level of cortisol hormones in the body which is also known as the stress hormones, also helpful in a high level of cortisol. all parts of the holy basil plant function in a metamorphic manner. 
  • Which is an adaptogen natural substance that helps reduce stress in your body and promotes mental balance. some scientists believe that holy basil has phenomenal properties that relax your mind from the stress caused by many types of anxiety.
  • Protect against infection heals wounds: some people use tulsi to heal wounds and to get rid of the infection and some people also use holy basil to heal the wound after surgery. 
  • Tulsi reduces the risk of infection in your wounds. as well as basil tea, which is very beneficial for colds and coughs. tulsi tea increases your healing speed and strength. researchers show that holy Tulsi may work against infection and wounds, such as:
  1. Mouth ulcers
  2. Acne
  3. Scars
  4. Rashes
  • Reduce high BP: Tulsi is a delicious herb that is loaded with a variety of benefits. by taking it daily, blood pressure also comes under control. 
  • The chemical eugenol found in holy basil may inhibit certain substances that make it to the blood vessel. due to this, high blood pressure is reduced and blood reaches the heart well. 
  • Consuming 5 to 10 leaves of basil with your diet will not harm you. but remember tulsi is hot for our body, excess of this can bring very different changes, which is not good for your health.

4. Neem chewing sticks and leaves (Azadirachta indica)

Neem and another name Azadirachta indica or Indian lilac is a natural herb that comes from the neem tree. 
It is typically grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions. neem tree also grows in islands located in the southern part of Iran.
Its seeds and fruits are the natural sources of neem oil.
Neem has anti-fungal, anti-biotic, antiseptic, and anti-infection, properties. which, if consumed during the wound, there is no risk of infection in the wound. it also helps in healing the wound quickly and also relieves the intestine warm.
neem leaves
People mostly use neem for everything like people clean their teeth with a neem stick, its leaves are used in bathing, and taking the juice from its leaves and consuming it.
Most people use neem to take care of their hair and skin. many even take neem capsules.
  • Skin problem: Neem is an excellent source of skin problems. some teenagers who are aged 19 to 20 definitely get to see acne, pimples, and dark spots on their faces. 
  • If they consume neem, then they can definitely get rid of the issue related to skin problems and daily intake of it is a cure for all skin-related problems like eczema, rashes, etc.
  • Cure leprosy: neem proves to be very effective in diseases like leprosy (leprosy is also known as “Hansen’s disease” and is a chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae) if a person is suffering from leprosy and if they consume neem daily then they can definitely get rid of leprosy.
  • A cure for all the problems: Neem leaf is used for eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal issues, leprosy, intestine worms, skin ulcers, heart diseases, fever, diabetes, gum diseases, and liver problems. 
  • The leaf is also used for birth control and to cause abortions. neem twigs are used for cough, asthma, low sperm levels, and urinary disorders, people in the tropics sometimes chew neem sticks instead of using toothbrushes.
  • Neem for hair: Neem is quite popular for hair, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, and it acts like an anti-dandruff shampoo that reduces hair loss, dandruff, and rough hair to a lesser extent.

Although neem is generally considered safe to use, anyone can have allergies and sensitivity to it.

Before using neem for the first time, consider doing a patch test. To do a patch test, rub a few drops of neem onto a patch of skin on the inner forearm.

Wait 24 hours, then look a the site to see whether a reaction has occurred and if any signs of swelling, itching, or restlessness may occur.

Neem oil can also be sensitive to anyone. so those people should avoid using it.

However, Neem oil and stick are not recommended during pregnancy, which can cause a miscarriage.

If you don’t know as much about neem during breastfeeding, so please avoid using, and first consult your doctors.

Neem might cause the Immune system to become more active which could increase the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. if you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using neem.

5. GooseBerry (आंवला)

Gooseberries (awla) are indigenous to many places that grow naturally in alpine thickets and rocky forests. 
There are many benefits from France to the east and from the Himalayas to India and awla one of them is considered to be quite good for hair and bitter in taste but sweetened with water. 
Nowadays, it is seen that the hair of many children is turning white in childhood (due to processed food, unnatural fruits and vegetables, and due to bad environment).
If they consume Amla and extract its juice and apply it to their hair. they will definitely benefit from it, in his health as well as in his hair.
The fruit of gooseberry bush is small weighing around 0.1-0.2 ounces (3.6 grams) each. they vary in color and can be green, yellow-white, pink, red, or dark purple. 
  • High in fiber and low in calories: gooseberries are high in fiber but low in energy, which means you are eating a healthy thing by not consuming too many calories. 
  • Researchers show that eating berries may aid weight loss and help you eat fewer calories overall another study found that those who ate berries as a snack consumed 130 fewer calories at their next meal, compared with those who ate the same number of calories from sweets.
  • High in antioxidants: antioxidants are compounds that help fight the effects of free radicals. it is reactive molecules that are associated with cellular diseases and oxidative stress is associated with many diseases and premature aging. 
  • Gooseberries are excellent sources of antioxidants, including, vitamin C and small amounts of vitamins E, and phytonutrients. 
  • May help controls blood sugar: high blood sugar level is associated with many diseases like diabetes, heart stroke, heart diseases, intravenous blockage, and infections. 
  • Gooseberries have many beneficial properties that help control high blood sugar and high fiber which slows down the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • It May have anticancer effects: diets rich in berries, phytonutrients, and antioxidants are linked to a reduced risk of some types of cancer. 
  • Gooseberries contain some anti-cancer substances such as folate, phenolic compounds, and vitamin C or E. These nutrients are thought to reduce, counteract, and repair damage from oxidative stress, which can lead to the development of cancer.
  • Heart health: consuming gooseberries (आंवला) on an empty stomach in the morning is considered to be very good for heart health because it contains nutrients (such as antioxidants and potassium) that promote heart health. 
  • Anti-oxidants improve heart health by preventing LDL bad cholesterol (LDL bad cholesterol that increases your risk of heart diseases) in your blood. 

6. Papaya leaves (पपीते के पत्ते)

Papaya leaves are also known as paw-paw. it is a type of tropical fruit-bearing tree whose fruit is also very beneficial for health and has its origin in Mexico and the northern region. 
Its leaves are one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world papaya leaves contain unique antibacterial properties and promote good digestion and almost every part of the plant can be used.
The juice of papaya leaf is becoming increasingly popular around the world for skin and health benefits.
like the leaf is rich in enzymes “papain and chymopapain” which aid digestion and prevents bloating and other digestion disorders.
papaya leaf
Papaya leaves contain a high amount of vitamins A, C E, and K and minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, magnesium, and iron.
  • Best in Dengue & fever: papaya leaves are very useful in dengue and fever as the platelets are going down during dengue (which is caused by mosquito bites), then the juice of papaya leaves is a very effective way to increase the platelets.
  • Good for the liver: The juice of papaya leaf acts as a beneficial cleaning agent for the liver, which cures many liver diseases such as jaundice, typhoid, and more liver-related diseases.
  • Help treat skin problems: papaya leaves are applied mainly to make young skin young and are also eaten.
  • Papaya can be used to restore the dead skin cells to the skin again, apart from this, the enzymes in its leaves are also used for wound healing. 
  • Anti-cancer properties: papaya leaves have been used in traditional medicine practices to prevent and treat certain types of cancer, papaya leaf extract has demonstrated a powerful ability to inhibit the growth of Breast cancer cells, but needs more studies.

How to make Papaya “leaves juice”

First of all, extract the juice from papaya leaves.
  • Wash the leaves thoroughly, so that the bacteria and beats present in them are cleaned.
  • Then make small pieces of the leaves and put them in the mixer so that all their juice comes out. or do not add water to it.
  • After a while, approx (10-15 sec) take out the leaves and filter them so that their coating separates and the juice gets separated.
  • And remember, papaya leaves juice is very bitter, so drink it slowly and in small quantities. and it definitely helps you to keep healthy. 

7. Turmeric (हल्दी)

Tumeric is the spices that come from the Tumeric plants it is mainly used in Asian food. turmeric is considered very sacred in India and is used before doing any work. 
And even if it is used on the face of the bride and groom before the wedding, it is believed that this keeps her holy and evil spirit away from them.
Tumeric, I take myself daily with milk in the morning. this strengthens our immune system, which is very important in this phase of Covid-19. 

You must be aware that turmeric is added as the main spice in curry. it has a hot, and bitter taste, it is often used to bring flavour and colour to food.

Turmeric root has been used for thousands of years to make medicine and is still used in medicine. it contains a yellow-coloured chemical called curcumin, which is often used in the field of cosmetics, food colouring, and medicine.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory: Tumeric contains chemicals called curcumin, and this chemical proves that it has strong anti-inflammatory properties that block the action of inflammatory molecules in the body. 
  • Studies show the positive effect of curcumin on people who suffer from conditions such as bowel diseases, inner inflammation, and others. and consuming turmeric daily with milk before going to bed gives you relief from stress and anxiety
  • Help in Cancer: some studies say that curcumin in turmeric has a variety of health benefits, including fighting cancer cells, and Tumeric has the properties of strengthening the immune system and as long as our immune system is strong, we cannot have a disease like cancer, Tv, asthma, etc.
  • Some other studies have shown that it also works against lung, breast, asthma, and colon cancer diseases and others say that the curcumin present in it helps chemotherapy work better.
  • Improved brain function power: many common brain disorders have been linked to decreased levels of these hormones, including depression and Alzheimer’s disease curcumin present in turmeric can boost the level of the brain hormones BDNFM, which increases the growth of new neurons and fights various degeneration in your brain. 
  • May help with acne scarring: The anti-inflammatory quality in it makes your skin better or clearer by targeting pores. turmeric is also known to reduce dark spots, you should also try a turmeric face mask as it has proved very helpful in reducing acne and pimples.


The nutrients coming from the food don’t need to keep our body running very well always.
Giloy is considered highly effective because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids found in it and it is part of Indian medicine for a very long time.
Tulsi tea is considered to be very beneficial for the body because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Papaya leaves have a bitter taste, which has been used traditionally as medicine, and also help in recovery from dengue.

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