8 Essential Oil For Healthy Hair: Benefits, And Risk

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Essential Oil

Essential oil for healthy hair is commonly used for healthy, shiny, dense hair, and is even used in several hair serums, and products.

Hair helps us in creating a different look or identity and EO can do everything from helping hair grow to adding strength and shine.

Essential oil has been used for centuries for several purposes like as reducing stress, relieving pain, glowing skin, hair, etc.

However, EO is very concentrated so make sure to mix it with carrier oil, if you are new to using EO, then first take a little skin test.

Talk to your doctor, if you are on medication or underlying medical condition, that may interact with your medicines.

Essential Oil for Healthy Hair

For healthy hair, there are several ways and one of them is using EO for nourishing roots, giving sufficient protein, as a result of thick, long hair.

Here are the top 8 essential oils for healthy hair which include:

women is making her hair

Lavender Essential oil

Lavender is also called as mother of all essential oils.

It has anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agents that prevent any type of swelling, and bacteria growth on the scalp and promote hair growth.

Lavender oil also controls hair fall, a study found that it can lower inflammation and oxidative stress in the scalp, which is responsible for hair loss.

If you are using lavender oil for hair loss, then you should first talk to your doctor, that which one is good for you.

How To Use It

  • Take 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil like coconut and jojoba oil
  • apply to your scalp and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes so that the minerals present in the oil sit well in your head.
  • After 15 minutes wash your with lukewarm water

If you notice any irritation and discomfort, then immediately wash your hair with lukewarm water, which may lead to hair fall.

Rosemary Essential oil

Rosemary oil is another alternative for promoting overall hair health whether it is growth, preventing hair fall, bringing shine, etc.

A 2023 study revealed that rosemary oil was adequate in decreasing hair loss and stimulating hair growth in individuals.

One more study has shown that rosemary oil during shower time for 6 months used with shampoo and conditioner helps in hair growth.

Overall, several studies reveal that rosemary EO is safe on hair, however, keep it away from children and pets.

Tea Tree oil

It has powerful cleansing and antimicrobial elements that have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

A study published by JDT reveals that tea tree oil is effective in reducing dandruff and helps in treat seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin condition that mostly occurs in the nose and eyebrows, causing redness, itching, etc.

Apply it on help in fight fungal infection and prevent inflammation on the scale, which is responsible for hair loss.

Thyme Essential oil

Thyme oil is an essential oil that you can add to your hair growth because it is antimicrobial, and promotes circulation (4)

Antimicrobial: oil that has microbial properties is helpful in fighting bacteria and kill which causes fungal infections on hair.

Anti-inflammatory: It helps in reducing inflammation (responsible for redness, dandruff, hair loss and itchiness) on the scalp.

Promote circulation: Massage with EO on the scalp boosts blood circulation to the heads, which good for hair growth, relieve tension, etc.

To enhance its power use lukewarm oil on the scalp which absolves more quickly and gives sufficient vitamins and minerals to the hair.

Study reveal that thyme EOs has lowered the chance of foodborne bacteria which promote heart health and other inflammation.

Clary Sage oil

Clary sage EO is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries for hair growth because it contains a linalyl acetate compound.

This same compound also found in lavender oil which makes them both good for promote hair growth.

A study revealed that clary sage oil was practical in lowering hair loss in women who suffer from baldness due to any health issue.

Mix it with carrier oil like jojoba and coconut oil, take 2 to 3 drops of clary sage oil and mix it with 1 tbsp of carrier oil.

Apply it with massage on hair and leave it for half an hour for the best result, you can do this 2 to 3 times a week.

Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint oil and leaves

Luk warm oil is an effective way to improve circulation to the scalp, which may improve the strength of the follicles.

A 2021 study revealed that peppermint oil was more effective than minoxidil in promoting hair growth in mice.

Overall, peppermint oil can help in promoting hair growth, and scalp health, reduce dandruff, and condition hair.

However, it is vital to note that peppermint EO should be used with caution, like should avoid on direct, and taking a patch test before using.

Note that peppermint and rosemary EOs are not safe for children so keep them away from children and pets.

Amla oil

Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry oil, which helpful in preventing cancer risk, lowering cholesterol level, fighting bacteria, etc.

It rich in antioxidants which keep parasite away like lice and mites, and contain other several minerals and vitamins.

Indian research used 4 types of hair products including amla oil and found that amla oil was an effective in keep away parasites from hair.

In addition, consume 2 amlas every day for 6 months by youngster turn their white hair into black hair and promote thick hair.

Risk: A study reveals that Amla may increase the risk of bleeding in some people, and may decrease blood sugar levels.

Ylang-Ylang oil

Ylang oil is effective in promoting hair growth and is well known for its sweet and floral aroma.

It contain anti-depressant, antioxidants, and antifungal agents, and also aphrodisiac (increases intercourse performance and desire)

Ylang oil is an have some unique properties like versatility, sweet aroma, less irriate on scalp, and effective in hair growth.

Things To Remember

Do not apply directly on the scalp, it may irritate your scalp, so make sure to mix it with carrier oil to prevent further concerns.

Keep away from children, especially under the age of 3 and pets, because their skin is more sensitive than adults.

Risk of Essential Oil on Hair

Here are some risk factors, which avoidance may increase the risk of health concern which include:

  • Do not use EO direct on scalp and skin, always dilute it with Carrier oil.
  • take a patch test to prevent further complications, especially if you are using EO for first time
  • if you have an allergy, then you should talk to your doctor, before using it, it may worsen the situation.

Symptoms and signs of Skin Irritation Include:

Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction Include:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Red skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Severe dermatitis

If you think all essential oil is good for your children, ask your paediatrician first to make sure it’s safe for your toddler. 

Take a patch test on a little part of the skin to confirm whether that particular EOs is good for you or not, any irritation then avoid it.

To evaluate the irritation, do a small test on your skin (small area) so that you will get to know about that essential oil. 

Down Line

Essential oil for hair is also well popular because it also has been used for centuries and for skin, and other health concerns.

There are several EO for hair like lavender, peppermint, clary sage, amla, thyme, tea tree oil, which has an unique aroma, and benefits.

Make sure mix the EO with carrier oil like coconut and jojoba oil to prevent further health concerns, because EO is highly concentreated.

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