8 Proven Ways To Overcome Your Inner Critics

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Inner Critics

Inner Critics is a negative thinking or voice in your head that tells you are not good, won’t succeed, or you are making missteps.

It negatively impacts your daily life, especially decreasing self-confidence and esteem, and leads to stress, anxiety and depression.

Inner criticism is a common mental issue, that can easily treated through therapies, and other treatments and it is not a sign of weakness, failure, etc.

Research suggests that inner critics also known as judges, saboteurs and superego occur naturally and can be overcome easily.

It occurs due to several reasons:

  • Bad environment
  • unrealistic expectations
  • being bully
  • rejection in love, work, etc
  • attitude of success can also create an internal talk

Inner critics help you to identify your weaknesses, and allow the person to work hard and improve your overall connection.

Overall, it is a mental voice that frequently told you that you are a failure, weak, worthless, and so on, but its not true.

two men sitting in meditation

How to Overcome Your Inner Critics?

Here are 8 Proven Tips to Overcome Inner Critics which include:

Identify Your Critic Voice

It simply means that – recognizing and understanding your negative thoughts and then challenging yourself.

Negative thoughts a internal self-talk and beliefs where doubt, possessiveness, and criticism give rise to negative thoughts.

Critic’s voice like – you are a failure, you can’t do this, you’ll never succeed these all things are just your mental voice and it is not real.

Tips to overcome: Take a notebook and write down your inner critics like:

  • Found what is common b/w each voice
  • which time it mostly occur
  • what condition or situation triggered it
  • impact on daily life or loves one

Practice Self-Care

Stressful situations are allied with inner critics, so when you are stressed or exhausted you are more likely to get self-talk.

So make sure to make your priority your self-care which includes:

  • Get enough sleep
  • eat well-balanced food
  • exercise regular
  • manage stress through relaxation techniques, etc
  • enjoy your moment

Research has shown that regular exercise can significantly decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. so do exercise for at least 1 hour.

Seek Support

If you are unable to control it and see that it evolves worse day by day, then you have to seek medical help.

Talk to a professional therapist, who will diagnose you and ask you about your medical history, family history, etc.

Therapists give you valuable guidance and help in your whole journey to calm down your inner talk, and other mental concerns.

A study in JAMA Psychiatry reveals that the CBT technique is an effective way to treat negative self-talk and improve overall health.

Be Positive

Inner criticism leads to a negative inner voice and other mental issues like depression, and other severe mental issues.

There are several ways which you can apply to adopt positivity:

  • Be happy
  • do whatever makes you happy just avoid illegal things

So be positive whatever the situation is. we don’t know what come next (tomorrow) so be happy and live your current moment.

Forgive Yourself

Sometimes, I also forgive myself for unnecessary things, like when I blame my thoughts for overthinking, so forgiving myself, and letting them free helps in relax.

Everyone makes mistakes, but don’t make mistakes Intentionally.

Instead of taking action and getting angry would be better to forgive, which is better for your long-term mental health.

So forgive yourself, but make sure it does not apply always if you make a mistake.

Research has demonstrated that self-forgiveness can boost self-esteem, which helps decrease stress.

Ask Questioning Yourself

Simply ask yourself that it is important to think, does it make any sense, Is it real? and can this give you something?

Don’t just abide by your inner critics, you have to manage it or control its excessive thinking.

If you think it is not real, then you have to overcome it though:

Research on CBT techniques has shown that reframing negative thoughts can reduce anxiety and improve mood.

Overall, It is a natural and common mental issue, so you are not alone here, and excessive rising leads to inner critic.

Celebrate Your Success

It is important to celebrate your success no matter how small or big is it, it boosts your self-confidence and esteem.

Keep a record of your every success, make a beautiful moment and store it on your phone, and whenever you feel lonely, check that memory.

Praise victory has several benefits which include:

  • Boost self-confidence and esteem
  • counters negativity
  • boost motivation
  • build momentum

Remember, celebrating your success is not just about keeping your mental health, it’s about enjoying every moment.

Down Line

Inner criticism is common and may occur naturally, even though I also face it, where negative thoughts and overthinking come from.

Instead of controlling it, let them free, and take the support of your loved ones and therapist.

Remember, it takes time to overcome it, it is a journey, not a destination, so do restart when it gets raised again.

If you have experienced or seen someone who faces a mental issue, then talk to a professional doctor, who will help you to overcome it.


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