Deep Tissue Massage: The Natural Way to Heal Your Body

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

It is a popular form of massage, which primarily focuses on deeper muscles to relieve chronic muscle tension and more benefits.

This massage is slower, deeper, and more intense, and more pressure is used, compared to regular and Swedish massage (2)

However, it may be uncomfortable, and painful for the first time, so consult with a professional therapist for maximum benefits.

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How Does It Work?

During a deep massage, the professional used several techniques to release stress or knots in the muscles including:

Appling Friction – Here, the therapist will use their fingers, thumb, and knuckles to apply pressure on certain parts through circular motion.

Applying pressure – This releases tension in the muscles, here therapist applies pressure along the muscle fibers which also increases blood flow, and muscle temp by rubbing (3).

Vibration – Here, the therapist creates vibrations in the deep muscle tissue through a shaper or gun to relieve muscle soreness.

Stretching – The therapist will also uses stretching and range of motion exercises to cope with muscle soreness, and tension, and increase flexibility.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

There are several benefits of deep tissue massage which include:

Treat Muscle Soreness

A study showed that deep-tissue massage showed the effectiveness of this form of massage in the treatment of muscle soreness and pain.

Applying deep pressure on muscles is necessary to bring expedite recovery and provide pain relief.

Studies reveal that massage was more effective than a placebo, acupuncture, muscle relaxation, and exercise-increasing ability.

However, doing it the first time, you may feel pain and soreness for a few days, which is normal

Help in Lower Back Pain

Studies show that deep-tissue massage has shown an effective and positive on reducing pain with chronic lower back pain.

Evidence has shown that massage may be an effective way to treat lower back pain when compared to a placebo, and other relaxation techniques (5).

Only no massage will help in healing the disease. it can be an adjuvant along with regular exercises, etc.

lot of research has shown this really helps with the delayed onset of muscle soreness.

Reduce stress, And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect everyone, whether it is old, young, rich or poor, gender, and cultural background (1)

Massage therapy for stress is thought to be able to help with stress and anxiety relief by easing muscle tension and encouraging relaxation.

Studies have shown that massage can increase the production of endorphins (a hormone that release when you feel pain, and stress)

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Treat Injuries

DTM is beneficial for tightness or pain from an old injury, and also brought a good posture caused by a bad workplace.

However, several pieces of evidence do not show that massage therapy is an effective treatment for AS patients (5) (6)

Help with Headaches

Studies reveal that massage therapy is dominant in reducing headaches per week in chronic tension headache sufferers.

Another study showed that the DMT treatment was successful in reducing pain associated with chronic tension headaches.

There are other several techniques that will help to prevent headache are:

  1. Take a proper quality sleep about 8 hour
  2. don’t skip meals, and eat a well-balanced diet
  3. do Yoga
  4. do regular exercise
  5. minimize Caffeine and tea consumption
  6. avoid smoking, and drinking
  7. do Meditation, which is mine and also my favorite to control (whatever bad habit)

Chronic pain

Studies indicate that DTM can help to treat old pain, where therapists use slow strokes, and deep finger techniques to treat pain.

It believes that it improves blood circulation to the injured area by bringing nutrients and oxygen to the particular muscle (5)

According to a study massage therapy may be effective in reducing chronic pain, whether it is back, neck, or shoulder, and improve function (5) (6).

Other Several Benefits

Deep massage therapy not only stops here, it also brings other several benefits including:

  • improved circulation by improving oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • release toxic
  • boost the immune system by increasing the WBC
  • improved athletic performance
  • improve joint mobility, and loosen tight muscles
  • reduce inflammation
  • elevate mood, by releasing endorphins (a natural pain killer) and dopamine
  • soften and glow the skin
  • improve sleep
  • reduce the risk of injury by reducing muscles tension and spasms

Make sure, before going into any session therapy, to search for a professional therapist. If you have any health issues, talk to a doctor first.

Swedish massage Vs Deep Tissue Massage Vs Regular Massage

These 3 massage techniques are different from each other through their unique techniques, and one of the most popular massage therapy.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular kinds of massage therapy, where full-body massage is done with long, flowing strokes.

It promotes blood circulation, and brings relaxation, by releasing feel-good hormones.

Swedish is recommended for people who want to relieve stress, anxiety, and relaxation, basically to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is more focused on deep muscle tissue to treat pain and injury and it is most recommended for athletes.

This help in releasing muscle knots, tension, stress, and soreness to promote flexibility, and circulation, reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Regular Massage

Is deep tissue massage different from regular massage? yes, regular massage work is on the skin’s upper tissue, whereas deep work is on deep tissue.

Deep tissue massage is not similar to a regular massage, where therapists focus on a deep layer of muscles and tissues, rather than just the muscles on the surface.

It is usually used for chronic pain, muscle tension, and injury recovery through using cross-fiber friction and trigger point techniques.

What Do We Expect During a Massage?

Before the message being, the therapist will ask you about certain areas of pain, or discomfort, medical history, and more.

Make sure, during the massage talk to your therapist if the pressure is too much, or if you facing any discomfort.

The therapist may use a massage gun or shaper to provide more intense massage, than hands alone, that help to reach deeper tissue.

Massage therapy is used for rapid, enhanced pressure, and also attachment with a gun can help the therapist to reach every corner.

You can find a therapist near you, by searching online, just make sure it should be certified, by a licensed proven therapist.

What About – DTM Cost?

The cost of DTM depends on location, therapist experience, the popularity of the therapist, and duration.

Generally, it saw massage cost in India is around 2000 to 60000 per hour, and the price may be higher in tier 1 cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

You can also find deep tissue massage at a spa, or parlor, but it depends on you where you feel relaxed or comfortable.

If you do some research on price, good therapist or certified then it be good for your overall experience.

Will it Hurt?

Some people also said that it hurts. but it really hurts? or hurt is good?

If it is your first time, then may you feel uncomfortable or even in pain, however, it believes that, if it hurts, it must be effective.

However, if you feel pain frequently, or already undergoing a medical issue, then you should talk to your doctor, first.

But discomfort is common, and make sure you consult with a professional therapist to bring a positive health effect.

Can We Do a Deep Tissue Massage – At Home?

Yes, it can be performed at home, but caution and the level of pressure should always be in mind.

Remember that it is different from regular massage, it needs an instrument like a shaper, roller, gun, or technique of your hand.

It is vital to talk to your doctor if you have any health issues, before it at home.

Side Effects of Deep Tissue Massage

Although massage therapy is generally regarded as safe, some people may experience side effects like:

Discomfort feeling: Another physical touch may make some people feel uneasy, especially when deep tissue techniques are used.

Allergic reaction: If you have an allergy to oil or lotion, then it may lead to serious health issues.

Nerve damage: Nerve damage can occur if the therapist applies too much pressure or the incorrect technique, so only work with a professional.

Dizziness: Some people feel dizziness or nausea during or after the massage, due to several conditions, like low BP, and dehydration.

May worsen your symptoms: If you have a medical condition then, it may worsen your condition, so consult your doctor, before doing any therapy.

Who Should Avoid It?

Not everyone can benefit from deep massage therapy as a reduction to reducing stress, anxiety, and workplace tension.

Here are some people who should avoid it are:

  • If you are under medicine, especially in the blood thinner
  • history of blood clots or disorder
  • have cancer or undergoing cancer treatments
  • if you have bones issues, like arthritis, because deep massage therapy can lead to fracture
  • heart disease
  • If you have an allergic reaction to the oil, then avoid it.
  • pregnant ladies should avoid it.
  • people with certain skin conditions such as eczema, and sunburn should avoid it
  • if they are injured or infected, then should be avoided for 48 hours after the injury or until fully treated.

Down Line

Oil is commonly used in massage to reduce friction between the therapist and the person’s skin, and also enhance the power of massage.

Massage therapy is recommended for treating stress and anxiety which releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

It is vital to take care that massage is not for all, if you have chronic pain, injury, or condition, then first consult your doctor.


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