Healthy Food With Meditation That Relieves Stress, And Depression

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Healthy Food and Meditation

Both are allied with each other where healthy food and meditation make the person calmer, and disciplined, improving mental health.

Meditation is one of the best ways to overall improve mental health, even if a person suffers from a mental disorder.

It has been practiced since thousands of years ago, and even in Hindu books, our Lord Shiva is shown in meditation form.

It is believed that meditation has a higher level of alpha waves which cut down the feeling of negativity, and make you happier.

Healthy food – means food that contains all vital nutrients that keep you strong and charged full day, prevent bacteria, and help in growth.

Consuming unhealthy food like processed food makes your focus on meditation more difficult.

Healthy food is allied with meditation, but how? For example, eating spicy food interacts with meditation by disturbing your stomach health.

Several studies have shown that their 8-week meditation program changes brain waves by enhancing learning, processing power, etc.


It’s a part of our life, that comes from workload, demands, and challenges in our lives, but also gives us motivation to get things done.

However, excessive stress can raise other mental issues like anxiety, depression, and other disorders that affect overall health.

So learn how to control, and reduce stress which you can do through meditation, yoga, and exercises.

According to WHO, stress is a common mental issue, and it is believed that mental issues will be shown more in the future.

Certain periods of time stress is good, but excessive stress increases the risk of other health concerns including:

  • Heart disease
  • increase the risk of thyroid issue
  • raise health issues like diabetes, high BP, anxiety, and depression
  • headache is common in stress
  • weaken your immune system day by day
  • raise the chronic disease risk
  • make sleep more difficult

The good news is that you can easily reduce and control your stress through these several techniques include:

  • Exercise: It increases dopamine and endorphins (a feel-good hormone) levels and suppresses cortisol levels.
  • Relaxation Techniques: it include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation an effective mode to reduce stress.
  • Get enough sleep: Poor sleep contributes to stress, which makes every situation more complicated.
  • Eat a healthy diet: a healthy and tasty diet makes the mood relaxed, and happy, which suppresses the stress hormone.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol: caffeine interacts with sleep that why most people drink coffee to prevent sleep.
    • alcohol makes sleep, but in the long term, it is the main reason for stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Spend time in nature: It is one of the best ways to distract your mind from particular stress and anxiety thing.

So spend some time in nature, go on a journey, meet other people, and share your thoughts with others it’s really helpful.


It refers to feeling that a person hopeless, sad, empty, etc which impact their daily activity like eating behaviour and sleeping.

So it is vital to talk to a professional mental doctor, if someone experiencing this type of sign then take the support of the doctor.

Depression may come from any type of trauma, excessive stress, and anxiety, so make sure to avoid excessive.

Did you know? oversleeping is allied with depression. More than 10 hours of sleep consider is hypersomnia or too much sleep.

Does Healthy Food Really Ease Mental Disorders?

Yes, there are several foods that promote mental health and prevent mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression.

But how does healthy food reduce the chance or ease mental disorders here are:

Lift Happy Mood

A healthy diet plan improves mood by providing the body a moderate and rich amount of nutrients, and energy.

Healthy food is rich in several nutrients and vitamins that boost feel-good hormones like serotonin, and dopamine, and suppress stress hormones.

Promote healthy gut microorganisms that lower inflammation, which contributes to enhancing mindset, and reducing the chance of depression.

Reduce Stress

Healthy food reduces stress but how? In several ways such as lifting mood which releases feel-good hormones like serotonin.

It plays a vital role in the human body regulating behaviour, mood, memory, emotions, intercourse function, sleep, etc (2).

In other healthy food contributes to a happier mind including:

  • stable blood sugar level
  • reducing inflammation
  • hydrate body
  • bring calming effect
  • provide overall nutritional balance

Here are healthy food consider list like:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • green leafy vegetables
  • fruits
  • dairy items which contain probiotics, vitamin C, calcium, etc
  • whole grains

Does Meditation Relieve Stress and Depression?

Meditation is an ancient technique that our ancestors used to bring calmness, suppress inner heat, and overall promote wellness.

A 2023 study revealed that mindfulness meditation is effective in several types of stress by decreasing cortisol levels.

One more study showed that meditation is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety symptoms in adult patients compared to non-mediators.

Other benefits of doing meditation in overall health are:

  • Promote calming effect
  • increase focus, memory, and attention
  • reduce the chance of mortality
  • improve sleep quality
  • help in controlling emotions like anger, etc
  • reduce negative thoughts by encouraging you to live life
  • strengthen the gut feelings
  • decrease the risk of disease
  • promote overall mental growth, especially good for children

A new study revealed that meditation was as effective as CBT in reducing major depression disorder (MDD) compared to other groups.

Vipassana is the next level of meditation, where you have to focus on your breathing, which is more difficult than common meditation.

How To Do Meditation?

Here are how you can do meditation, there are no side effects of meditation, so you can try it several times without any fear.

First – Choose place: Choose a relatively quiet place with the lowest interpretation which will keep your focus on the track.

Second – Sitting position: Sit on Dhyaan mudra also known as “samadhi” which is the finest pose for meditation, if you can’t focus, start by saying “Om

Third – Close your mind: When you are ready gently shut your eyes. take a moment and catch any sounds in the atmosphere.

Fourth – Focus on breathing: The most vital part of it, focus on breathing (also most hardest part), don’t think anything, just focus on breathing.

If you experience difficulty in focus, just start by saying “Om“.

For beginners, 15 to 20 minutes of meditation is best for reducing anger, stress, and mental disorder.

It seems hard to start, but just keep doing it, practice and experience will make you perfect.

Down Line

Meditation really helps in preventing mental disorders and even healing you from illness, and disease.

Healthy food and meditation are next-level achievements that even change your personality socially, mentally, and physically.

If you beginner in meditation and have difficulty in focus, just start by saying “OM” which really helps you.

Overall, healthy food and meditation are best and natural with no side effect way to prevent the person from mental and physical issues.

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