Top 11 Brain Exercises To Boost Memory, Focus, and Creativity

A woman while sitting on sofa reading a book

Why is Mental Exercise Important?

Mental exercise is very vital, as physical activity reduces the risk of health issues, as same ME reduces the risk of anxiety and depression.

There are various types of exercises, which work on different parts of the brain that develop problem-solving skills, creativity, etc.

The brain is more powerful than we think, it can make us and can destroy us, so keep your mind healthy through exercises.

Brain exercise can stimulate the brain, by improving the focus, memory, creativity level, neuron connections, and more on.

Mental exercise is vital not only for these reasons but there are several other reasons, such as:

  • Reduce the risk of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • improve memory, focus, attention, sharpness, and skills
  • now the brain is strong enough that can handle life-challenging situations

Exercise boosts overall parts of the brain like the frontal lobe, cerebrum, etc that are responsible for different-different brain functions.

However, in today’s time, several things can negatively impact your mental health such as:

  • Excessive alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (these trigger dopamine to push to do more work)
  • not taking enough sleep
  • junk, processed, and unhealthy food
  • not doing exercise whether it is physical and mental
  • stress
  • chronic medical conditions
  • genetic and family history of mental issues
  • any trauma
  • work demands
  • discrimination and stigma

If you are already experiencing any mental issues, then you should talk to a professional doctor.

A woman while sitting on sofa reading a book

Here are the top 11 brain exercises to boost memory, creativity, and focus include:

Solve Puzzle

This is one of the best-recommended brain exercises to boost memory.

Puzzle games can improve the function of the prefrontal cortex (responsible for planning, attention, problem-solving, etc) (1)

A study included 42 test subjects who played brain training games on apps for 8 hours for 4 weeks, resulting in better memory performance.

Another study found that puzzle games can improve brain function power, especially in the frontal lobe ( personality, social behaviour).

In addition, the 2007 research found that people who speak multiple languages reduce the chances of dementia.

Learning New Things

Studies reveal that learning new things like art, painting, instrument, writing, and learning new languages can improve mental processes.

Learning new things tell our brain to make new neurons connection which can improve our ability to store and recall info.

In a 2021 Tokyo study students who recently graduated found that writing on physical paper can result in increasing brain activity.

A study, the result found that game-based learning can support creativity levels (3)

Reading Books

2013 researchers found that reading a book for 9 days can story can enhance brain activity in several areas of the brain.

Reading books brings several benefits such as:

  • Strengthen the brain connectivity
  • build vocabulary
  • prevent age-related brain issues like dementia
  • reduce stress level
  • make the brain more creative
  • help in reducing depression signs

Make sure to put this habit in your kids also kids’ brains are new and at an early age provide information that can bring several benefits.


But what exactly is meditation? – this is one of the best ways to calm your mind also called (Dhyaan) is a mental exercise.

Studies have shown that daily meditation can improve cognitive functions like learning, memory, attention, and focus.

Daily practicing meditation can increase circulation which makes your cerebral cortex more responsible.

Other studies suggest that it improves our thinking abilities, emotions, and the connection of mood.

It is the best-recommended brain exercises to boost memory by bringing calmness, patience, having the ability to handle situation.


A gril doing yoga asana

research study of 11 studies found several positive effects of yoga on both physical and mental health.

Deep breathing in yoga can increase the oxygen level in the brain which stimulates calmness and increase self-esteem.

A 2012 study on volunteers revealed that 20 minutes of yoga can significantly improve speed and accuracy.

In today s world, many people are victims of depression. in 2017 a precise survey found that yoga could decrease depression (6)

Yoga is not only for specific parts of our brain it impacts the overall body because it is a type of exercise.


Yes, writing can make us more creative and give information about several things.

Here are several reasons why writing is good for brain health include:

  • Writing can raise your creativity level (3)
  • sharpen the brain
  • give us the opportunity to think and read before writing

When you write you increase your thinking by exploring new ideas and expressing your thoughts in a unique way, which boosts creativity.

In regular writing, you need to focus on what you write, thinking, and ideas, which overall improves your focus and memory.

Get Enough Sleep

Taking enough sleep is a vital part of our daily life which overall maintains physical and mental health.

Do you know that oversleeping can lead to poor mental health like increasing the risk of anxious feelings, and depression?

More than the recommended amount of sleep a day – more than 9 hours leads to many health issues like diabetes, increase heart risk, etc

A recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours so that individuals can prepare for next-day situations.

Not taking enough sleep increases the stress level, which turns your stress into chronic which makes it harder to fall asleep.

So if you experiencing sleep-related disorders like insomnia, rest legs syndrome, or sleep apnea, then consult your doctor.

Spend Time in Nature

Yes, spending time in nature really help in mental health by bringing calmness and reducing stress and anxiety level.

Several nature-based studies reveal that spending time in nature can improve mental and physical wellness (3)

Other studies have shown that building a physical environment and engaging in physical activity in nature can decrease mortality (5)

Studies on MRI after scanning performed on individuals who spend 90 minutes on a nature walk showed reduced mental issues (6)

Overall, studies found that spending time on nature can promote the mental health.

Do Physical Exercises

Running for bone health

If a person gives plenty of value to physical activity then they decrease the chance of mental and physical issues like dementia.

Research suggests that PA can provide both mental and physical benefits including:

  • Reducing depression
  • anxiety
  • increment in leader work
  • body fulfilment
  • self-idea (1)(2), (3).

Researchers say individuals who do exercise daily, release dopamine and noradrenaline hormone that help the brain solidify memories.

In addition, other studies have shown that physical activity can improve self-esteem, and exercise at least for 30 minutes (6), (7)

Met with others

Listening, asking questions and sharing your opinion can create a collaborative learning atmosphere that improves memory retention.

Meeting with others creates new ideas in your mind, which build an excellent outcome for your work (7)

This may help spark new innovation in your brain, which outcome may be world-changing, which may inspire you to do more creative things.

In a learning atmosphere (if you want to learn) you automatically pay attention and focused, to gain more and more information.

Take a Break from Social Media

I think this is one of the best brain exercises to boost memory and tolerate stressful situations, which allows you to handle difficult.

Spending most of the time on social media and mobile and laptops makes it harder to free a person from it (6)

Constant stuck with social media overload your brain with information and other mess, which stops your creativity, and focus power.

So take a break from social media and allow your mind to be free from information, which allow brain to regain its power.

Research reveals that taking short breaks from the office like, weekly breaks, and vacations has a very positive effect on our health.

Down Line

Brain exercises to boost memory such as reading, writing, exercises whether it is yoga or meditation, playing puzzles, etc.

Sleep helps to reduce the risk of developing some chronic illnesses, keep your brain healthy, and also boost Immunity.

However excessive information overload your brain capacity, which messes up all info, so take a break from work.

If you facing other mental issues like sleep-related issues, chronic anxiety, depression, etc, then should talk to your doctor.


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