Why Am I losing balance? Reasons, And Treatment

Losing Balance

Losing balance can lead to dizziness, and individuals fall down, you think that you are spinning or moving, but in reality you standing.

Falling on the floor can cause fracture or cause other injuries.

Apart from these, Vertigo is among the most common disorders in medical, affecting about 20-30% of around the world (1) (2).

Vertigo also known as dizziness, can occur due to several reasons such as dehydration, inner ear issue, medical issue, medicine use, etc.

People who are more at risk of losing stability or balance include:

  • Medical history or in medical treatment
  • older people
  • In medication
  • travelling on the ship can also give you temporary loss problem

Other factors can contribute in losing balance such as:

  • Dehydration
  • lower blood pressure
  • environmental hazards like poor lighting, bright or gleaming light direct to the eyes.

If you see someone who loses their balance, call the ambulance, it may be some other health condition, which may lead to severe.

Reason of Losing Balance

There are several reasons of losing balance such as:

Medical Condition: Vertigo (a sensation of motion) often known as dizziness are common medical issue which can cause losing balance.

Aging: During old age, several things can contribute in failing such as:

  • Decrease hearing or inner ear changes
  • several health issue
  • decrease muscle strength

Health issues: Several medical issue which also become responsible for losing balance such as:

  • Inner ear issue where hearing sensation effect
  • weak eyesight and not wearing glass can lead to dizziness
  • musculoskeletal disorder: where bone joint not working properly
  • disorders: like Parkinson’s disease
  • Nervous system issue: Brain disorder can trigger other physical issue like failing, paralysis, pain in other body parts, etc

Ear Issues: Hearing problems from childhood or from any accident can trigger our hearing nerves (which act as a stabilizer for the brain)

Any hearing issues can trigger your brain, so the brain cannot understand whether you are standing or lying and causes loss of balance.

Malnutrition: Lack of nutrients in the body causes to lower blood pressure as a result of loss of balance and dizziness.

Medicine Consumption: Several drugs and environmental chemicals like lead, mercury, etc can often cause damage to the inner ear, as resulting vertigo.

Research found that drugs with anti-convulsant agents, such as oxcarbazepine, and lacosamide may cause vertigo (2).

Other Reasons for losing balance such as:

Signs of Losing Balance

The main signs of losing balance are unsteady while standing and walking, you may realize that you are unable to stand properly.

When you seen someone who fall on surface, then immediately call ambulance, it may be an heart attack or any other health issue.

Treatment of Losing Balance

Suddenly collapsing on the floor can be scary because it occurs due to any reason like a heart attack, excessive anything, or debilitating incident.

Its treatment depends on the reason for losing balance – for exam – If it occur due to dehydration, then consuming water can treat dehydration.

So here are several ways to treat losing balance:

  • Exercises physically and mentally
  • medicines
  • dietary change


Several exercises can benefit overall health, such as tai chi, VR (virtual reality) and personalized exercise.

Studies have shown that Tai Chi improves balance, and reduces falls in older adults.

Unlike meditation, tai chi also involves slow, balanced, clear movements which makes it an exercise, and that helps in reducing stress.

Dietary Changes

With exercise, individuals should consume a well-balanced diet, and stay hydrated.

Sometimes dehydration and lack of nutrition intake like vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids contribute in balance issues.

So consume proper water intake and a well-balanced diet, which prevent dizziness and balance issues.

Use Technology

Researchers are working on a type of AI model that will check your current condition, and predict your fall risk.

There are a wearable fall detection device that sends alert to emergency when you fall.


For this consult to your doctor, without a prescribed doctor taking medication may lead to raise other issues.

healthytalk8 does not recommend any medication, because everyone has their own ability to fight with illness, and everyone body is different.

Prevention Tips

Before happens make sure to change your lifestyle because it majority of cases it occurs due to individuals’ poor lifestyles.

Here are several prevention tips not only for preventing losing balance but for preventing all other health issues.

  • Exercise regular: Do at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise daily, whether it is yoga (which also an exercise) or tai chi also.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding excessive alcohol, smoking, and illegal drugs, and consuming a well-balanced diet.
  • Stay hydrated: dehydration leads to dizziness and dizziness is a serious symptom of dehydration.
  • Manage health conditions: Health issues can affect balance such as diabetes, etc so talk to a doctor, if you notice any discomfort.
  • Practice good posture
  • take enough sleep
  • do brain exercise like reading, puzzle solving, writing, etc
  • get regular checkup

It is not a lite condition, it occurs due to many reasons like heart attack, dehydration, panic attack, etc.

Down Line

Losing balance can occur due to several reasons like dehydration, heat stroke, heart attack, panic attack, malnutrition, etc

If you see someone who going to fall on the surface, then quickly call for help it may be heart attack, where quick medical emergency is vital.

Its treatment depends on the reason for losing balance, however physical and mental exercise, medication, and lifestyle changes help with it.


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