Male Discharge: What’s Normal, What’s Not, And What to Do?

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What is Male Discharge?

Male discharge is also known as penis discharge, which also consider both normal and abnormal, depending on what type is it.

If it changes in colour to red, yellow, not clear, or an unpleasant or bad smell, then it refers to abnormal male discharge.

Similar to men, it also occurs in women when an unnatural colour appears frequently and suggests a health risk. The cause can vary in women.

It is a normal body response when you do intercourse, which prevents friction and promotes overall pleasure feeling (1)

There are several types of abnormal male discharge which include:

  • Sexually transmitted infection
    • trichomoniasis
    • bacterial vaginosis
    • chlamydia
    • non-gonococcal urethritis
    • candidiasis
    • genital herpes
    • syphilis

Any injury on the genitals and penis area may be your reason, and in the case of medical, after treatment, there is a lot of relief in it.

a men is cleaning the mirror

What Normal? and What’s Not?

Male discharge is considered normal when cum or liquid ejaculate is clear, transparent, and odourless.

Its function is to provide lubrication during intercourse, and overall promote a comfortable and smooth experience during intercourse.

What’s consider not normal is if discharge comes with pain, burning sensation, change in colour, like red, grey, etc and an unpleasant smell.

It may be a warning sign of an underlying medical condition like an infection, inflammation, and maybe a tumour.

So make sure to pay attention to colour, consistency, and smell, if you see any abnormality then consult your doctor (2)

Overall, Clear, watery, and sticky are normal, and white, yellow, greenish, brown, bloody, itchy, bad smelly, and painful are not normal.

Thick discharge can be normal in certain situations like in women during periods it’s common, but in men is not considered normal.

Reasons for abnormal male discharge

There are several reasons for abnormal male discharge and all are medical conditions such as:

Sexually transmitted infection: it is a common abnormal discharge, In this pain, a burning sensation during peeing, and abnormal colour occur.

Urinary tract infection: In this cloudy and yellowish colour occurs with abdominal pain, and frequent urge to pee (3)

Fungal infection: If it is your reason, then thick, white discharge, itching and redness may it is a fungal infection.

Inflammation: Bacterial infection, UTI, pelvic, and any injury on the private area leads to inflammation, talk to your doctor.

It also occurs in other areas like urethritis, and prostatitis, and as a result watery, thin, and pus with feel burning occur (4)

There are several other types of infections like yeast, bacteria, etc.

Hormone imbalance: It mostly occurs in women, during periods, and during pregnancy, as a result, changes in vaginal discharge like thick.

Other medical conditions

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Signs of abnormal male discharge

We already discussed it on our previous topic of warning signs of male discharge, in deep so in this we will discuss it faster (5)

There are various signs of abnormal male discharge are:

  • Pain or pain during pee
  • burning sensation
  • itching
  • swelling or inflammation
  • change in ejaculation colour like red, brown, yellowish, etc
  • discharge with blood
  • redness
  • unpleasant or bad smell
  • change in consistency like watery, and not thick
  • pus discharge may also occur

These are abnormal male discharge signs that are noticeable, but if they reach the next level, then they showed Warning Signs including:

  • foul smell, abnormal colour, and change in thickness are commonly seen
  • discharge without s**ual activity
  • increased and more frequent discharge
  • present for several days

Talk to your doctor, and don’t shy about what you see to tell the doctor, because it may become a big issue in further without treatment.

What To Do?

The treatment totally depends on your reasons, because the reason for everyone’s discharge is different.

In this condition, it would be great to talk to your doctor, which will first take your proper diagnosis, and then give medicine according to the result.

Make sure to take prescribed medications, the doctor may suggest antibiotics, antifungal, and infection medications.

Do early diagnosis, before it is too late, doing treatment late can bring other diseases, or make the condition worse.

Healthytalk8 does not recommend any medications, because everyone has different conditions, so make sure to consult your doctor.

Can we Prevent abnormal male discharge?

Yes, we can prevent abnormal male discharge, but how? Here are a number of things that you can do to prevent this are:

  • Practice safe intercourse: Use c**doms which will ensure no infection is transmitted.
  • maintain hygiene: maintain private hygiene like cleaning wet material over the penis, and washing it regularly. it prevents infection risk.
  • get vaccinated: Vaccinations are the best way to prevent several illnesses like:
    • Hepatitis B
    • human papillomavirus
    • STI
    • measles
  • avoid harsh substances: means – harsh soap, avoid using fragrance in private areas, as it can lead to irritation, redness, and infection.
  • get regular checkups: do checkups at least 2 times a year, early detection and proper treatment will prevent further issues.

It is vital to know that not all reasons for abnormal discharge can be treated, so prevention is the best way to away from this condition.

Also, adopt a healthy lifestyle, like avoiding excessive junk food, eating a well-balanced diet, do exercise like yoga, running, etc.

When to seek medical help?

If you notice any changes in discharge, then you should talk to your doctor which includes:

  • Severe, sudden or frequent pain
  • if you notice that your signs getting worsen
  • change in health like weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, etc
  • other signs and symptoms
  • you can ask questions

It is important to talk to your if you face any other abnormality like

If you notice any changes in your male discharge, it is important to see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Down Line

Discharge after intercourse is normal, but bad odour, blood, etc are clear warning signs of male discharge or health issues.

There are several reasons for it like UTI, STI, infection, inflammation, and other reasons.

It is vital to consult your doctor, if you notice any discomfort, feel pain, or a burning sensation during peeing.

For treatment, it will is better to consult your doctor, because each person has a different reason.


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