8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Citrus Fruits

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are worldwide popular and have been remembered for their high intake in terms of nutrients, energy, and taste.

It has been used as a traditional medicine to cure several diseases in Eastern countries, and even its medicine is used in today’s times.

Citrus fruits are considered those which you feel juicy, slight, sour, and tingly refreshing flavour (2)

It is the best source of vitamins and minerals, especially high in vitamin C and common fruits are lemons, limes, and oranges.

Here are some other popular and very commonly available citrus fruits all over the world:

  • Lemon
  • oranges
  • limes
  • pomelos
  • grape fruits
  • citron
  • Yuzu
  • mandarins

Citrus food is widely used in several things (3) (4) which include:

  • Food
  • beverage
  • cosmetic
  • medical industries
  • used in cosmetic
  • spices

If you have any medical conditions, then you should consult your doctor, because it may interact with your medicines.

A man with a fruits

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Citrus Fruits

Here are why you should choose or add citrus fruits to your diet, The top 8 reasons or health benefits of choosing citrus fruits include:

Boost Immunity

Several studies have shown that citrus fruits help in memory, boost the immune system, and reduce swelling.

But how do citrus fruits boost immunity?

First – it is a good source of vitamin C (responsible for the body’s vital functions) including the immune system.

Vitamin C helps our body to produce WBC (known as our first line of defence against unwanted bacteria) and even protects against free radicals.

Second – loaded with antioxidants (best known for preventing free radicals (increasing the chance of cancer by contributing to cell damage)).

Third – loaded with hesperidin (a compound that guards against viruses like herpes, and influenza)

However, if you have an immune system disorder disease, you should first consult to doctor before consuming it.

Prevent the Risk of Cancer

A study from CEBP in 2020 found that people who ate most citrus fruits had a 17% lower risk of stomach cancer, compared to others.

Studies confirm that lemon fruit has anti-cancer agents including vitamin C and limonoids which overall prevent cancer risk.

Another study points out that these fruits contain flavonoids which may help protect against cancer (3)

A study found that grapefruits protect against high BP, by lowering its level and helping to maintain body weight (6)

Citrus fruits may fight against cancer cells and also prevent the growth of tumours (6).

Remember, citrus fruits are not magic fruits, that fight against or prevent cancer risk, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Lower risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular includes our heart, and blood vessels, and diseases refer to heart attack, stroke, chest pain, and other disease.

A study revealed by the journal Circulation found that people who ate citrus fruits had a 19% lower chance of death, than other non-consumed.

It contains several vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, fibre, potassium, and flavonoids which contribute to a healthy heart.

A large study where 10,000 people were included found that people who are citrus fruits had a 19% lower chance of brain stroke.

Another study found that regular eaters of Indian gooseberry have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels are responsible for heart attacks by blocking the blood vessels.

A study, the result found that people who are citrus fruits have a lower chance about 32% of cardiovascular disease.

Good for Digestive Health

Yes, citrus fruits are the main compound in lemons and limes and a good source of fiber which overall digestive health.

In addition, lack of fibre and liquid in the body is the common cause of chronic constipation.

High dietary fibre, which promotes regular stool, especially works well when a person is in proper hydration.

To prevent digestive issues you have to follow a healthy lifestyle, like pooping every day, drinking enough water, etc

Eat high-fibre fruits, like strawberries, pears, avocado, oats, apples, bananas, raspberries, etc. promote a healthy gut.

Citrus fruits is a good source of soluble fibre, which also prevent constipation.

Best source of vitamin C and Antioxidants

As we already know Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, which are known to prevent several illnesses.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps to promote healthy teeth, gums, and immune system (5)

Antioxidants are a compound that controls oxidation and prevent free radicals production in our body.

More free radicals lead to certain diseases such as diabetes, chronic illness, inflammation and even promote cancer, and ageing.

And citrus fruits are one of the best ways to bring vitamin C and antioxidants into your body.

A study in 2011 found that consuming green tea (loaded with vitamins and antioxidants) is allied with decreased total LDL and bad cholesterol.

Make sure to talk to your doctor before consuming large amounts of citrus fruits, it may interact with your medications.

Help in Weight Loss

Yes, helps in weight loss, and lowers the BMI (body mass index), compared to non-eaters. And low in calories.

Research in 2015 found that people who are overweight or have an eating habit, if they consume citrus fruits were linked to weight loss.

A study in 2022, where mice were a participant found that citrus fruit consumption mice lost weight, and had lower blood sugar levels.

But citrus fruits do not alone help in weight loss, you have to follow a healthy diet plan and do regular exercise.

Try to lose weight naturally, because losing weight by medicine or surgery may increase the chance of several illnesses.

Protect against type II diabetes

Most people suffer from diabetes, which become a very common disease all over the world, especially after 40 years old.

A study from Diabetologia announced that people who ate citrus fruits had a reduced chance of developing type II diabetes.

The most common reason for type II diabetes is high sugar level, which occurs in about 90% of people of diabetes patients.

A 2016 study found that people who consumed more citrus fruits have a decreased risk of developing type II diabetes due to flavonoids.

Another study from diabetes care reveals that consuming citrus fruits like lemon, and lime, decreases the risk of type II diabetes.

Good for healthy skin

Yes, lemon and grapefruit are excellent sources of vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent skin damage that happens by free radicals.

Collagen is essential for skin volume, elasticity, and moisture and vitamin C is good in the production of collagen.

A 2022 new research study, found in their document that grapefruit and lemon both significantly reduce acne by killing bacteria.

You can use citrus fruits in several ways for healthy skin including:

  • Drink lemon and grapefruit
  • use as a face mask or moisture
  • apply it directly on your skin to moisturize or reduce the acne

If you have any questions on citrus fruits or sour fruits like can I eat sour fruits during medicine, pregnancy? so talk to doctor.

Down Side

Yes, these fruits also have a downside, especially when we consume them over the limit here are some cons side are:


It can react with your teeth and make them sensitive, especially if you consume it more or more frequently.

To protect your teeth from sensitivity, rinse your mouth after consuming citrus fruits or sweet things.

Interact with medication

If you have a medical issue like a kidney stone or already consumed medicine, then it may interact with your medications.

Because some fruits block the absorption of medications.

Trigger other Health Issues

Citrus fruits are acidic so they may lead to heartburn, so eat them in small amounts, or if you have gas issues, then avoiding them is good.

If you are allergic to sour fruits then you should avoid it, it may enhance the allergic reaction.

Healthytalk8 does not recommend any type of medication, particular diet or exercise, if you have any discomfort, talk to doctor.

Down Line

Citrus fruits are tasty, sour, and full of nutrition, which affects overall health by suppressing several disease risks.

Lemon, grapefruit, and lime are the most common or consumed fruits used in several things like medicine, cosmetics, etc

If you have any medical concerns, when first talk to your doctor, because it may interact with your condition, or worsen the situation.


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