What Is Covid? How Can We Stay Healthy During Covid?

covid 19 virus


It is an infectious disease that occurs due to the SARS-CoV 2 virus, which causes an infection in your respiratory system (1)

But in 2019 it came in another way means more contagious and dangerous which has shown us several death from 2019 to 2021.

It easily spreads from one person to another, which makes it more deadly than other covid variants.

As we know it came from China in Dec 2019, then in Jan first 2020 the world health organization confirmed new covid-19 news (2)

COVID-19 also known as coronavirus is becoming more aggressive in the winter time, and mostly affects older, children, and medical case individuals.

As we know its common signs and symptoms are:

Then new variant of COVID-19 started to spread known as Omicron which is considered less deadly than delta variant (3)

Weak immunity individuals person more risk of COVID-19, because their fighting ability against the COVID-19 virus is weak.

Moreover, after severity, spreading, and high death rate it is decreasing, and less contagious, but hygiene and precautions are still vital.

Covid 2020 To 2023


In late 2019 Dec in last, then it spread, which affects all over the world, and just left behind millions of deaths (3)

Then vaccine vaccine-making race began and there are several vaccine companies came to protect people. One of them is Bharat Biotech.

Self-hygiene, wearing masks, social distancing and precautions against COVID-19 become individuals’ priority.


In 2021, several companies got the vaccine approved, and then vaccination began.

Moreover, new variants stood behind the world door like Delta and Omicron, but after research, it’s considered less dangerous than COVID-19.

On vaccination centres, COVID awareness, hygiene, social distancing promoting.

But also affects individuals’ mental and physical health, like a fear of losing loved ones, safety, lockdown at home, and so on.


Then, many countries uncovered the lockdown status and gradually lifted the restrictions.

After omicron and delta variant booster shots of the vaccine were also introduced which became common which boosted our immunity.

At that time medical industry was increasing at a high level, but other industries like motor, aerospace, power, etc were highly affected.


All restrictions were lifted in 2023 and people started living their lives again.

But after a long time, dec new variant of covid found which also become a rising concern.

Several research are happening, again safety precautions, hygiene, and mask-like tools will come.

Overall, We have to understand that COVID is also coming with us every year, so we have to be immune ourselves.

According to WHO, COVID-19 will be with us for a long time and the only treatment is to prevent it.

If it comes again then safety precautions will also come like hygiene, masks, and social distancing, so it is better to get vaccinated and avoid spread and get things worse.

How Can We Stay Healthy During COVID-19?

Washing hands several times a day for minutes, sanitizing oneself, and wearing masks were among the activities performed during COVID-19.

COVID-19 might stay with us for a long time, so managing COVID-19 through vaccination, hand hygiene, and masking, plays a vital role.

There are several ways to stay healthy during covid include:


Vaccination: Getting covid vaccine is one of the leading ways to prevent COVID-19, it boosts our immunity.

Hygiene: Before COVID, millions of people did not maintain hygiene but after the pandemic, hygiene became individuals’ priority to stay safe.

Wearing Mask: Wear a mask, especially in crowded areas, because COVID-19 spreads through water droplets to another person.

Social distancing: It is one of the best ways to prevent COVID from spreading, especially if you are sick than avoid outside (4)

Stay home when sick: If you are sick, then make sure to avoid going outside, and isolate yourself from other people, especially adults and children.

General Health Tips

Eat Healthy: Make sure to eat healthy food like protein, and vitamins, which boost the immune system, and avoid fast food and processed food.

Regular Exercise: Exercise is one of the best ways to boost immunity which also will help you fight the virus.

Take Enough Sleep: Getting enough sleep will also help in reducing stress, it is considered that an adult person should sleep 8 hours.

Manage stress: During covid mental health is highly affected due to no contact from outside so in that situation person should do some mental exercises:

Stress is the most common mental issue, and WHO says that it is a leading cause of mental health which also increase in future.

Stay connected with others: During the lockdown, meeting with others, including loved ones, was very difficult, hence, people also connected through social media.

Which became very helpful in preventing mental issues like anxiety, stress, and depression.

Additional Tips

Take air purifier: It is also able to filter unwanted bacteria and remove airborne particles including viruses.

Stay informed with the news: As we know there are several types of covid variants like delta, omicron, Alpha, and beta.

Get a checkup: If you think that had a cough or fever, then isolate yourself from others and take safety precautions and a vaccine dose.

Overall, Stay calm do mental and physical exercise and eat healthy to stay positive and healthy, Help others in difficult situations.

Down Line

Covid-19 spread from one sick person to another, making it more vulnerable than other viruses, which caused millions of deaths.

Other variants of COVID-19 will come again in 2023 Dec and several research tell that it also come again in future.

Stay calm, do mental and physical exercise, help others, and avoid alcohol, smoking, and excessive processed food which weakens immunity.

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