Can Meditation Treat Fatigue? If Yes, So How? And More

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Meditation is an ancient technique, which has been used for increasing calmness, physical relaxation, improving balance, enhance overall health.

Many studies show that meditation is very effective for both mental and physical health, which even treats certain cancers and depression.

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But can it treat fatigue, or chronic fatigue, whether it is mental or physical health fatigue?

How Can Meditation Work?

Meditation is a practice in which a person uses a technique that includes focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity.

To train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state.

Meditation primarily affects our mental health, and as we know that both mental and physical are associated with each other.

For example -If someone is under mental stress then its effect can be shown on its physical appearance include – weight loss or gain, etc.

Here is meditation work, as a helping hand, which teaches us to how to control, achieve, balance, and heal wounds, by triggering our overall mental system.

On meditation, there are lots of studies that happen – meaning lots of – where meditation is tested to cure or prevent every possible thing.

One of the possible things or topics is whether can meditation treats fatigue.

Can Meditation Treat Fatigue?

Fatigue is one of the most common issues experienced among the general population (1)

Fatigue is nothing just a tired feeling when the body is out of fuel, which is common among humans, but women are more than men.

Researchers also indicate that meditation increased alpha brain waves for all depth levels when compared with resting people (2).

However, most of the time is not caused by any illness, but fatigue occurs most of time and can be a sign of an underlying medical issue.

Before going on topic – fatigue can happen due to reasons that include:

  • Medical conditions, whether it is physical and mental
  • lack of exercise
  • medicines use
  • pregnancy
  • anxiety, depression
  • lack of nutrition or poor diet (3)
  • not getting enough sleep, which is a more common reason for fatigue in most people (4)

A study showed that regular practice of meditation improves emotional health and improves quality of life, reducing bad thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Yes, meditation can treat fatigue, by lowering BP, reducing heartbeat, calming the mind, etc, but it depends on what is causing the fatigue.

Fatigue Due To Depression, And can meditation work?

And as we know that depression is associated with fatigue and many other health issues.

In depression, people isolate themselves from people, due to which the body feels tired despite having energy.

Fatigue can promote depression, people with depression often feel very tired and avoid participating in any games, or competitions (5).’

Harvard University, says that regular meditation practice can help in stress and anxiety (which leads to depression) by changing brain responses.

Research has suggested that regular meditation practice can help by changing how the brain responds to stress and anxiety.

Fatigue Due To Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep of the common reason for fatigue, and Is meditation can treat fatigue due to lack of sleep?

First – Mindfulness meditation can’t replace sleep, but you might increase the quality of sleep, and adults should need 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

Mindfulness meditation is hypothesized to target multiple cognitive and emotional processes, that contribute to poor sleep quality.

Research showed that it reduces deep thoughts, emotional reactivity promotes fair reappraisal of salient experiences, which together may promote sleep (6) (7) (8).

In another study, results showed that meditation significantly improved sleep quality in participants, compared with non-participants (9).

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If Fatigue Happens Due To a Medical Issue

Numerous studies have shown that the combination of yoga and meditation can reduce pain in people with arthritis, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome (10) (11).

In another study, result shows, that meditation with asanas, can reduce pain, and treat both chronic, and acute pain, which overall increases QOL (12) (13).

Research has claimed that meditation can enable people with cancer to seek treatment for their disease in a way that is insufficient with medical treatment alone.

Although, it is believed that yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise combination can reduce stress, increase energy, and decrease the side effect of treatment.

As well as increasing the quality of life of cancer patients (14) (15) But proper medicines and a healthy diet are also important.

Mediation can also keep your heart healthy, by lowering your high blood pressure.

Overall, mediation can treat both acute and chronic illness, which automatically boost energy.

Tips To Do Meditation

There is no special technique to do meditation, You just keep focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity.

Which triggers your mind, and emotions by calming.

Though it can be quite difficult for beginners which I have experienced myself, regular practice can make you a pro in meditation.

Here are tips for beginners on how to focus on their minds include:

  • Choose place – Make sure to choose a silent place, which will help you focus on the particular thing.
  • Position – Dhyana mudra is the best posture for meditation, not in bed, but on the floor, with a mat.
  • Close your eyes – After sitting posture, start by saying “OM” to focus.
    • Concentrate on one thing, like focusing on breathing, starting counting in mind.
    • Avoid thinking, like today’s match, past funny things, etc
  • Focus on breathing: I do this, which is the most vital part of meditation, don’t think anything else, just breathe in and out.

NOTE: While focusing bad thoughts also come more, so avoid them with “no or no not today” and keep focusing on one particular thing.

Initially, you will be able to spend only some time, but as you do it daily, you will see time starting form and the focus is on one particular thing.

NOTE: Meditation has many mental and physical benefits which include:

  • Helps to take the right decision even in critical times
  • prevent nervousness, in a tough situation
  • helps you to think quickly
  • Increase sharp mind
  • control stress
  • maintain your blood pressure
  • help to understand something and give the correct answer to it
  • decrease the risk of illness

Other Ways To Treat Fatigue?

There are many other ways to treat fatigue, and we told you in starting that fatigue is normal, but sometimes happens due to a medical condition.

Talk to your doctor, if your fatigue occurs most of the time, without any physical activity, this could be underlying medical issues.

The doctor can treat you based on some other symptoms, or conditions, and based on some questions.

If your fatigue is from your laziness, then do work on your both mental and physical health, including:

  • Do exercises, at least 1 hour a day like running, and yoga, which is one of the best ways to treat fatigue.
  • Eat healthy food, instead of junk foods
  • Also do some mental exercises like – reading books, doing puzzles, dancing, learning new skills, etc.

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Talk to your doctor, if you’re fatigued or tiredness is occur most of the time or without any physical activity.

Much research showed that the combination of yoga and meditation can treat fatigue, and also promote the quality of life of cancer patients.


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