Early Menopause: Causes, Symptoms, Age, Prevention, And More

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Early menopause happens when a woman’s period is stopped before age 45, but most women face menopause between the age of 45 to 55.

When the menstrual cycle is stopped in women for 12 months or permanently, this situation is called menopause. It is not a disorder or disease.

The general age of it is 51, but many women face premature and early menopause, which has many reasons. First, check out the basic difference.

Premature menopause – If it occurs before the age of 40 in women, then this condition is called PM. And 1% of women under the age of 40 are affected by it.

Early menopause – If it happens before the age of 45 after the age of 40 then is called EM. it affects about 5% of women under the age of 45

If anything that affects or injury or damage in ovaries, And if stops estrogen production can cause EM.

Age and EM

In some cases, it might be seen in 20 and 30s young age women, it could be genetics and primary ovarian failure, during this women’s body, does not produce eggs.

As the result, women can go through all of the same symptoms, as menopause women – including hot flashes, changes in periods, night sweats.

But women can also get other system problems, which actually occur in menopause, like bone loss, heart disease, etc.

There are many women, who age just around 25, 32, and even 15 years old, who tell their story, In Tv channels, that what they felt at that time, and what specialist says.

The doctor says the number is rising, causes – whatever brings about a change in the ovaries’ functioning can cause at young age menopause, these include:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Chemotherapy in cancer
  • Lifestyle


The main cause of this is a premature ovarian failure, which is unknown, but autoimmune disorders, infections, metabolic syndromes (1).

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer, but the effect is reversible and the ovary may resume ovulation and menstruation after one year of amenorrhea.
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Smoking – affect estrogen hormones, which causes EM, and lung disease, etc (2)
  • Hypothalamic
  • Autoimmune disorder such as – inflammatory bowel, thyroid diseases, hyperparathyroidism and Addison’s diseas (3)
  • Pituitary disorder or dysfunction
  • Genetic conditions – In some cases, women also face it, due to genes or family history (4)
  • Chronic diseases
  • Certain Infection such as mumps, tuberculosis, malaria

Some research suggests that – lack of eating green vegetables, fruits, and healthy food, obesity, lack of exercise, and lack of sun exposure can cause EM.

Smoking, certain medicines, and treatments can cause this and lead to come earlier than usual.

Symptoms and signs

The symptoms of premature menopause are the same as for menopause symptoms. Common symptoms. which include:

  • Irregular periods
  • longer period or short period
  • heavy bleeding
  • Period stopping altogether without any other reason

Other menopause symptoms that are seen also in early or premature menopause symptoms are:

Early menopause risk

Stopped periods or loss of estrogen, and progesterone hormones at an early age can increase the risk of various medical problems.

  • Premature death
  • mood disorders
  • low bone density, like osteoporosis and bone fractures (5)
  • heart disease
  • Infertility – It is true that some women have reported pregnancies with premature menopause, (6) but it is a rare condition.
  • Less sexual activity
  • dementia

NOTE: But why are these estrogen and progesterone hormones important? here:

Estrogen increases good HDL cholesterol and decreases bad LDL cholesterol. Also relaxes blood vessels and prevents bones from thinning.

NOTE: Women who enter menopause after 55 are more prone to the risk of breast cancer compared to early menopause.

Because their breast tissue is more exposed to estrogen for a long period of time.

Are there any benefits of it?

With all these painful symptoms, or discomfort. Early menopause and normal menopause also have some benefits. which include:

After normal menopause, women are free from periods, no more painful cramps, mood swings. nor more tension to carry pad, tampon.

In EM, women do not take this many benefits but are actually, protected from other diseases including breast cancer.

But are more prone to bone fracture, heart disease, mental issues, etc, so make sure to apply a healthy lifestyle.

How to diagnose

To diagnose these conditions, special conditions are not required because the womb is already experiencing all the symptoms of menopause.

But also, specialists ask about your – symptoms, family history, medical conditions that may be contributing to your symptoms, and some tests include:

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH): If the estradiol level in the blood will be less than 30 picograms. so this will confirm whether the woman is suffering from premature menopause.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH): If you are underactive thyroid, And if your TSH is too high, it confirms the doctor to early menopause.

Hormones tests: The doctor can also check your estrogen, called estradiol, In menopause, estrogen and progestogen levels drop.

Other Investigations

  1. Blood sugar level should be checked.
  2. Study on bone density mineral
  3. X-ray of the pituitary gland to rule out a tumor.
  4. Blood calcium level

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Treatment and Management

NOTE: There is no treatment to improve or reverse these conditions. however, treatment options are available to manage the symptoms of menopause or conditions.

Hormone replace therapy (HRT)

HRT is one important method in all patients irrespective of their premature menopause in order to avoid the symptoms like hot flashes, etc

However, HRT also has some risks such as – heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, etc, so discuss the pros and cons of this with your doctor

Calcium, and vitamin D

Calcium-rich and vitamin D food prevent the risk of osteoporosis, so it is very vital to take calcium-related food after and during menopause or early menopause.

The doctor may advise you on Vitamin E oil, to apply on the vagina, which helps improve lubrication, during sex and reduces hot flashes.

Exercise and maintain body weight

Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation can really help in managing menopause or early menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweat, irritability, etc.

Also, control your BMI or body weight, which is the main cause of these, and many other diseases.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

During this she cannot have their own babies, so can take a donor egg and go for IVF procedures a person.

Your healthcare provider can give the hormone in the form of patches and also vaginal rings, which released eh estrogen on a daily basis and the patient has to be monitored.

How to prevent early menopause chance?

There is no guarantee, that you can prevent early menopause, but you can manage symptoms by consulting a doctor.

Also, if your doctor says your premature menopause is due to genetics, then, treatment, and management is the only option.

You can reduce your chance to get into this situation by these:

  • Exercise, at least 1 hour
  • Avoid or control junk, processes, and fast food
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle include – Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol, maintain healthy weight, eat vegetables, fruits, and pulses.
  • Consult your doctor – about your period’s symptoms, if it is irregular, long, or short, and heavy bleeding.


There is no treatment to improve or reverse these conditions.

NOTE: The level of estrogen is gradually decreased, then the women experience perimenopause”. but during this women still face irregular periods. She can still get pregnant.

Smoking, certain medicines, and treatments can cause menopause to come earlier than usual.


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