Manage Mania Episodes: With Tips, Support, and Prevention


There are several ways to manage mania episodes like taking professional doctor help, taking loved ones’ support, and managing stress.

Mania is a serious mental disorder where a person experiences severe mood swings including instant high energy and sudden drop.

Living with mania is very difficult, especially for your partner or loved ones, so it needs quick treatment before it gets more severe.

Manic, hypomania and low depression are known as mania, it can negatively interact with your relationship, work and so on.

What are Bipolar and Mania Episodes?

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive illness where an individual experiences varied depression and mania signs at the same time.

Bipolar I Disorder

This is an extreme bipolar disorder, In this individuals notice mania (rapid thoughts) and depression (sadness) symptoms.

Bipolar II Disorder

In this individual’s experience of depression and hypomania episodes, which are not as severe as mania, mean signs are not reached at a high level.

Mania Episodes

Mania episodes are a time when high energy, is elevated in mood and other activities, which can occur at least a week.

In addition, hypomania is the same but less severe, it can occur for 4 days, and doesn’t yield big matters in connections.

Also, any type of trauma, whether it occurs in childhood, or at a younger age contributes to mania or other mental disorders.

How to Manage Mania Episodes?

There are several ways to manage mania episodes, but make sure if you or someone you know is experiencing mania, then seek medical help.

It is a severe mental disorder, where a person experiences several signs and symptoms of mania and someone can notice both BD signs.

  • Rapid thoughts
  • easily distract from work
  • sudden high energy and then a sudden drop
  • irritable, angry, and so on
  • difficult to choose or make the decision
  • increased self-esteem to a high level, for example – they think they are top of the world
  • difficult in sleep and concentrate
  • increase energy
  • headache
  • overthinking

Research reveals that patients with mania also encounter loss of appetite and social disengagement due to their behaviour.

However, not every individual who experiences mania also experiences bipolar disorder signs.

There are several ways to manage mania including:

Take Professional Support

As we know mania is a serious mental disorder that needs quick treatment, family support, therapies, and so on (3)

First, if you or someone you know experience mania and other mental disorders then you or they have to reach their doctor.

With a proper diagnosis, where previous medical history, family history, and some tests happen, then treatment will begin.

The doctor’s main focus is to reduce patients’ frequent or sudden mental woes that continuously rumble in patients’ minds.

In addition, a 2023 study displayed that a combination of genetic and family history of bipolar disorder may contribute to bipolar disorder.

Healthytalk8 does not recommend any medicines, so if you want more on this then you have to talk to your doctor.

Self-Management Strategies

During medications and therapies treatment, self-care strategies are also vital which also improve the chance of mania by reducing symptoms.

Here are simple self-care strategies include:

  • Increase self-aware: It is vital that patients monitor their mood, and work on improving self-aware.
  • Promote sleep hygiene: It includes sleeping on time daily and avoiding caffeine, and other things that become hard on sleep.
  • Do mental exercises: like reading books, writing articles, learning how to manage stress, getting enough sleep, avoiding more screen time, etc.
  • Adopt healthy habits: eat a well-balanced diet, exercise daily for at least 1 hour, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and manage stress.
    • These healthy habits help individuals manage mania episodes
  • Engage in other activities: meditation, deep-breathing exercise, yoga, spend time in nature, and make sure to avoid trigger things.
  • Avoid trigger things: Avoid situations that trigger your mental woes, it may be the aroma, situations, conditions, etc.
  • Take safety precautions: clear your situation, and what you do if you feel mania, this will tell your loved ones to make safety criteria.

Research reveals that mindfulness-based meditation can lower stress hormones, depression symptoms, and extreme anxiety.

Connect with Your Loved One

In this and other mental disorders patients need family and loved ones’ support, even doctors suggest this.

2023 study demonstrated that a combination of genetic and family past of bipolar disorder may contribute to this disorder.

Doctors consider this family therapy, where family support and emotions motivate patients to fight this disorder and cure themselves.

With all these things patients maintain their regular diet plans like omega-3 fatty acids, folate, vitamin B, and probiotics.

Preventing Tips for Manage Mania Episodes

There are several tips for mania:

  • Take medication on time and daily without skipping any medications
  • take regular sessions of therapy
  • make a priority of your sleep hygiene
  • eat a well-balanced diet regularly like green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, nuts and seeds.
  • manage your other common mental illness like stress, depression, etc
  • do regular exercise at least 1 hour daily, it suppresses your symptoms to the extent level.
  • avoid situations that trigger your mania like drinking alcohol

Studies reveal that drinking alcohol increases the risk of dying by encouraging heart disease, cancer, liver and trauma diseases.

Avoid trigger points here are the most common trigger points

  • Alcohol and illegal drugs or medications
  • not getting enough sleep
  • skip diet or medications and left treatment in b/w worsen the situation
  • not active lifestyle
  • consume unhealthy or processed food
  • skipping therapy sessions

Everyone has different trigger points make sure to find your trigger point and learn how to control it.

It is important to talk to your professional doctor because it is not a physical hurt, it’s about mental wellness.

Down Line

Mania is the most common symptom of bipolar disorder, and not every patient’s mania needs to turn into bipolar disorder.

It needs medical attention, because its symptoms like sudden energy, and drop may hurt your loved ones.

Mania is a treatable condition where medication, therapies, self-care, and avoiding trigger points help the patient to get out from mania symptoms.

If you know someone who faces this type of mental disorder then you should help them by taking medical help.


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