Relieving Migraine Pain Naturally with These 16 Solutions

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Relieving migraine pain naturally from lifestyle changes to herbal remedies, which will reduce the impact on your daily life.

Migraine pain is one of the most common headaches which affects about 1 in 10 people.

So relief or getting rid of it fast, naturally are become essential due to its severe pain, which affects every person’s daily lifestyle.

Migraine pain leads to irritation, anger, pain, and frustration, which may also occur in normal headaches.

Normal headache sometimes goes away, and sometimes goes down after taking medicine, or applying the natural way.

So here are 16 solutions to relieve migraine pain naturally include:

Find the Cause

It is more vital than just applying or consuming natural remedies or medicines to prevent pain, which is temporary.

You have to find your exact causes, like if your AMH is triggered by secondhand smoking and caffeine, then try to avoid it.

MH may require treatment if they occur frequently or come with severe pain, and then the doctor may suggest you prescribe medicines.

Overall, first, find your reason for which thing triggers your headache, and then work on them.

a man holding his head

Avoid Excessive Screen Timing

In some people, excessive blue screen timing may also lead to headaches, so make sure to reduce your time on screen.

Some reveal that blue light increases brain alertness, which interacts with sleep hormones and leads to late sleep and low sleep quality (3)

Laptop or mobile light can decrease the production of melatonin, (a hormone that controls the sleep/wake cycle)

Poor sleep quality is one of the most common reasons for migraine pain, so avoid excessive screen time, especially before sleep.

Don’t Skip a Meal

Yes, skipping meals leads to migraine headaches, but how? does skipping meals drops the blood sugar level, which triggers MH (1)

See dropping in blood sugar levels can affect the function of the brain, which contract the blood vessels in the brain, causing a headache.

Remember not to skip your meal, especially at night because it may lead to negative weight loss and weakness (4)

Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet, throughout the day, including carbs, healthy fat, and proteins, which will keep your sugar level stable.

However, In some people, excessive eating also leads to migraine headaches.

Stay Hydrated

Lack of water in the body not only brings migraine pain but several other health issues like dehydration, dry skin, etc

A study was conducted on 256 women, where women who drank more water are less severity and frequency of MH.

Not enough water in the body narrows blood vessels in the brain, which hinders the proper blood flow, which contributes to migraine pain (5)

So stay hydrated throughout the day, especially in the summertime, which prevents dehydration, and keeps your skin healthy (6)

Avoid Excessive Caffeine

Excessive caffeine or tea in some people leads to migraine pain, so people who drink coffee should be aware of the caffeine they consume.

However, in some people, caffeine is linked to relieving migraine pain, but just be sure it drink a limited amount (6) (7)

Study believe that caffeine improves mood, and increase alertness, which overall shows a positive effect on headache signs (8).

Whether it is tea, avoid its excessive amount, which temporarily relieves headaches, but an overdose can turn relief into pain (9)

Use Essential oil

Essential oils

Essential oil is highly concentrated so make sure first dilute it with a carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil).

EO is mostly used in aromatherapy (aromatherapy is a healing treatment with the help of which people treat their mind, body, and spirit)

Recent studies have shown observed reduced headache pain after applying peppermint and lavender oil to the skin.

Essential oil is also effective in reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in both adults below or over years of age (8)

Take plenty of sleep

Not taking enough sleep is another reason for MH, where lack of sleep also triggers stress, which makes the situation worse (9)

Sleep affects migraine headaches in several ways:

  • Affect sleep pattern (circadian rhythm)
  • increased stress level
  • hormonal imbalance
  • sleep deprivation headache

So to manage sleep, sleep at the right time, create a sleep environment, and get enough sleep about 7 to 8 hours (8)

If you experience frequent pain and sleep-related issues, then take advice from your doctor, which will help in finding your reason.

Try Relaxation Technique

Relaxation techniques can be helpful in managing migraine headaches, mainly triggered by stress, and RT best for reducing stress.


A study reveals that yoga improves the quality of life, by reducing the episode of headaches, and medication.

Here are the best yoga asanas which include:

  • balasana (child pose)
  • viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose)
  • anulom vilom
  • deep breathing

Practising yoga brings several benefits including improving body posture, reducing back pain, and heart health, and improving sleep by reducing stress.


Meditation is a process in which you focus on one thing with a calm mind, and can redirect your thoughts.

Several studies showed that meditation reduces cortisol levels (a stress hormone) which overall calms down headache pain.

In both techniques, you have to focus on breathing, 5 inhales and 5-count exhales, which will increase circulation to the brain, leading to reduce MH.

Deep breathing is one of the most recommended techniques for all, it involves taking slow, and deep breaths from the lungs

Massage on Head

Massage therapy can deliver muscle tension, and reduce stress, which overall relaxes the migraine headache.

According to studies, massage can decrease headache frequency, severity, and duration.

You can enhance massage therapy through warm oil which releases feel-good hormones like dopamineserotonin, and endorphins.

If you have a medical issue, then massage or deep massage therapy may not be recommended for you, so first consult your doctor.

Ginger Tea

A small study has shown that ginger extract may be helpful for migraine patients, but cannot recommended as first-line treatment.

Ginger tea has certain properties which help alleviate migraine symptoms its properties include:

  • Anti-inflammation properties
  • nausea relief

One study found that ginger is more effective than Dramamine (a drug that is used to treat motion sickness) and reduces nausea (5)

Avoid excessive consumption, because just like caffeine, it may turn your relief into pain.

Do Some Exercise

deadlift exercise done by a women

Doing exercise can help with migraine pain, by secreting the endorphins hormones (a natural painkiller and mood lifter) (7)

So do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, and yoga (is also an exercise) which promotes overall your physical and mental health.

However, excessive exercise may also bring migraine, so if you exercise lover so reduce it for some days, if your reason is exercise.

Exercise relieves MH by bringing several benefits like improved sleep quality, reduce stress, improve circulation, etc (8)

Important to listen to your body, if you are experiencing more pain, or any other discomfort then consult your healthcare.

Avoid Bright and Tingling Lights

It is one of the most common reasons in MH patients, triggering your eyes, leading to blind spots, and a tingling sensation.

This type of migraine refers as migraine aura, is a belief that a sudden change in brain nerve, triggers the pain episode (6)

It is vital that migraine can vary from person to person, and not everyone is sensitive to bright or tingling lights (7)

So consult your doctor for your exact reason, with a proper diagnosis, you will find your reason, and then work on that.

Apply cold or warm compresses

A cold ice pack or warm compress is a quick way to relieve headaches, but it is not a permanent solution.

Research, in 2019 showed that warm baths improve mood, and release stress, which is able to reduce migraine pain.

however, a 2001 research seen that drinking cold water can trigger MH in people who are already experiencing migraine.

Experiment with both, to find which one is best for you.

Try to Manage Your Stress

Stress is one of the most common reasons in MH, by releasing cortisol (a stress hormone) which interacts with pain suppress hormones.

It is one of the leading causes of mental issues like anxiety, depression, and other health issues including:

Stress is a normal response to challenges and demands in our life, but it also helps us to motivate to get things done (8)

If you experiencing frequent stress, then consult your doctor, it may be some mental health issues before it reaches to next level.

Try Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are the best alternative to prevent or relieve migraine pain like herbs, supplements, etc.

Some herbal remedies that have been traditionally used for migraine pain include:

  • Peppermint oil or tea
  • ginger tea
  • feverfew (a herb)
  • butterbur (a herb that has been used for migraine pain)

It is vital to read the description and follow safety guidelines because more than recommended doses may bring negative effects.

Before buying any supplement consult your doctor, which will tell you which one is best for you, according to your condition.


It is a method that used sensors, computers, and other instruments to monitor brain waves and give feedback to individuals.

This therapy can relieve headaches through learning or controlling muscle tension and blood circulation.

study conducted on nursing students in Thailand found biofeedback can be effective in reducing stress and managing anxiety.

It is most commonly used in patients with motor dysfunction and is also used to manage symptoms of chronic illness (8)


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