8 Things That Can Destroy Your Memory and How to Fix It?

a man holding a glass of alcohol and a cigar

Things that can destroy your memory are not one thing there are several things like unhealthy lifestyle, stress, not being physically active, etc

You can easily prevent it by just giving importance to mental and physical health, even if you are on medication period.

Here are several things that can destroy your memory are:

Chronic illness

Yes, chronic illness mental and physical destroy the person, whether it is chronic stress or chronic physical disease.

Some chronic illnesses that can affect memory include:

  • Dementia (decline in memory generally occurs in old age)
  • Alzheimer’s disease (it is a type of dementia)
  • stroke (when the blood supply to the brain is blocked due to a block in arteries, known as a brain attack)
  • head injury
  • anaemia (a condition where RBC count is reduced)
  • parkinson’s disease (a brain disorder that generally occurs after 60 age)
  • hypothyroidism (known as an underactive thyroid disorder)

Some of these occur at an older age, and some memory problems are temporary, but in severe cases, they may be permanent (6)

How to Fix it?

Here are a few tips that prevent you from this chronic illness such as:

  • Get enough sleep and sleep at the same time
  • stay active mentally and physically by doing brain and physical exercises.
  • avoid unhealthy food, habits like alcohol, and smoking, avoid too much sitting, etc
  • take a break from work and go to nature
  • get months of full body checkups
  • consult your doctor, if you experience any discomfort

Talk to a professional doctor for proper treatment, which reduces the chance of side effects, and helps in recovering memory fast.

a man holding a glass of alcohol and a cigar

Drugs Abuse

Excessive alcohol, and smoking trigger dopamine, (a feel-good hormone) but triggering it again and again, is responsible for poor mental health.

Trigger dopamine again and again for a long time lose interest in many things, and it also becomes very difficult to give up.

Most drugs of abuse increase dopamine, as a reward pathway, and some common drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and nicotine.

After entering alcohol inside us, it slows down the information, chemical and pathways to our brain causing:

  • Mood swings
  • anger
  • slowing reflexes
  • unbalanced
  • forgetting things, but using it excessively leads to memory loss

In the case of smoking are increased oxidative stress, neuronal apoptosis, and DNA damage, which overall damages our health.

How to Fix it?

If you decide to quit alcohol, then here are some tips which include:

  • take support of your family
  • do yoga, meditation, and exercises
  • think about the benefits of leaving alcohol
  • change your environment

So avoid excessive alcohol and smoking (there are several medicines available that help you to boycott nicotine use)

Head injury

Yes, if injury occurs on the hippocampus ( a brain part responsible for creating memory), then it may destroy the person’s recall power.

Any injury on the head can damage the brain’s thinking, creativity, remembering, focus, and recalling power (3)

If you are suffering from any minor head injury, then talk to your doctor, because it may become big in the future (4)

Not doing Exercise

Exercise is very vital for us, whether it is mental or physical, but still, many people are not aware of mental health.

ME is very vital, as physical activity reduces the risk of health issues like reduces the risk of anxiety and depression (4)

Not doing exercises whether it is brain or physical increase:

  • The risk of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • decrease the focus, productivity level, and level of learning new skills
  • increase the chance of disease by weakening the immunity
  • promote overweight
  • Increase the chance of mortality

So it becomes vital to do brain exercises such as learning new things, doing yoga, meditation, avoiding smoking, reading books, etc

Lack of sleep

Sleep is necessary for all of us, researchers reveal that an adult should sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, however, kids need more (5)

Good sleep and how much sleep depends on conditions like pregnancy, patients, and kids need more sleep, than a healthy adult.

Sleep deprivation reduces the capacity to handle info, stress, anger, etc resulting in worse the overall situation in daily life (2).

In other cases, oversleeping and messing with a sleeping schedule by using a mobile and laptop late at night affect your memory.

Oversleeping (more than the recommended amount of sleep at night), raises several health issues like heart disease, low mental health, etc.

So make sure to adopt a healthy sleeping cycle like sleep at the same time, and avoid using screen before bedtime, etc

Stress, anxiety, and Depression

Any type of stress and anxiety (whether is finical or family) make it harder to think, and focus, which directly triggers your cognitive function.

See, normal stress is not destroying memory, but chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can several ways including:

  • Stress release cortisol hormone, which damages the hippocampus (responsible for maintaining memory)
  • interact with new info, and not allowed to focus, and brain to capture any new info
  • anxiety makes it harder to think about different moments and situations.
  • In depression, a person just wants to leave alone, and negative thoughts overflowed, which difficult to recall positive thoughts.

Do you know that oversleeping and sleep deprivation are associated with depression and other mental illnesses like stress?

Many studies show that in both ways sleep disorder and depression are significantly linked to each other strongly.

A study reveal a high rate of depressed patients among long sleepers compared to normal sleepers (8) (9) (10) (11).

Certain Medications

Some medications can be shown adverse effects on mental health such as forgetness, headache, irritability, etc.

Depression and anxiety medicine are common medicines that show side effects on memory.

So it’s better to talk to your doctor, they may reduce the dose or may change the medicine to prevent memory-related issues.

If you are in medicine period, make sure to give importance to exercise like reading, writing, playing solving games, running, etc

Other Things

  • too much-consuming food or overeating and malnutrition
  • lack of exercises
  • unhealthy diet
  • older age
  • spending too much time alone
  • work overload triggers your stress level
  • staying at dark

If you experience any type of discomfort, like severe stress, or any physical pain, then you should talk to your doctor.

Down Line

Things that can destroy memory such as a Sedentary lifestyle, abuse use of alcohol, smoking, medication side effects, etc

Stressful events, lack of sleep, multitasking, older agree, and having a poor lifestyle are common reasons for poor cognitive health.

If you experience any discomfort physically and mentally, then should consult a doctor, it may be some warning sign of health.


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