Infrared Sauna And Cancer: What You Need To Know

Infrared sauna and cancer, some studies show IS can help with cancer, and some tell IS may lead to cancer. but what is truth?

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna, where the body is directly heated through infrared radiation, which detoxifies the body.

Cancer is a group of abnormal cell growth, which has the capacity to colonize and spread to other parts of the body.

There are hundreds of types of cancer, which has different sign, symptoms, and treatment, which we discuss further.

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What Is Infrared Sauna Therapy?

IS are used electromagnetic radiation to produce sweat, which is totally different from the traditional sauna (heat produced by heating the rock).

It is several benefits, but also has some cons side which include:

Many studies on IST have shown that it, increases circulation, reduces stress, and anxiety may be helpful in burning calories, etc.

According to the research study Infrared sauna therapy is a safe and successful treatment for congestive heart failure.

But it also has cons side including – not be for everyone (if you are on medicines or have a medical issue, then talk to the doctor first)

Other cons (side effects) like skin and eye irritation, and may raise health issues if you do not follow proper safety guidelines.

Does Infrared Cause Wrinkles?

In FAQ does infrared sauna cause wrinkles? there is less evidence, some of said that it leads to wrinkles, and some say not.

Some studies have shown that a regular sauna may improve skin glow, and elasticity, and reduce wrinkles.

However, a 2015 study showed that in the long term, IS may break down the collagen in the skin, and leads to wrinkles.

Overall, make sure to avoid staying for a long time, keep your body hydrated by drinking water, and moisturize the skin after the sauna.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of abnormal cells that spreads to other body parts, by growing and dividing uncontrollably, leading to tumors.

There are different types of cancer, but the most common cancer is breast, lung, and colorectal cancer around the world.

But in India’s breast, followed by cervical, and oral cancer are the most common cancer types (2)

All cancer reasons are different, but the common reasons include:

  • Weak immune system
  • excessive alcohol, and tobacco use
  • exposure to Ionizing radiation
  • an unhealthy lifestyle like lack of exercise, unhealthy diet
  • genetic mutations
  • some viral infections

But early diagnosis and proper treatment can prevent cancer risk by knowing its sign like – dizziness, pain, and discomfort in a particular area, etc

In order to prevent, screening, and following a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to reduce the chance of cancer risk and other diseases.

Can Infrared Sauna Therapy Help With Cancer?

There is less evidence exists that shows (IS) can help with cancer, however, some say Infrared radiation can increase the risk of cancer.

Research reveals that IS stimulates the production of heat shock proteins, which protect cells from damage, resulting reduce the risk of cancer.

Animal studies and clinical trials have shown that hyperthermia may use as a powerful weapon in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Hyperthermia is a type of treatment, where body tissue is at heat at a temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius to kill cancer cells.

When bacteria, viruses, and pathogens enter our body, the body increases the temperature to kill them and leading to fever.

This same process happens during the Infrared sauna and radiation where body temperature is increased to kill cancer cells (5)

A 2007 study, showed that Far-infrared radiation, suppresses some cancer cells, but if patients have a low level of HSP70.

However, Infrared therapy and other cancer treatments also have short and long-term side effects such as:

Long-term side effects of cancer treatment such as:

  • Reduce the immunity
  • early menopause
  • fertility issues in both women and men
  • sexual health issues
  • more chance of diseases or illness
  • headache

Does Infrared Radiation Cause Skin Cancer?

As we know very well, heating the body tissue at a considered temperature can kill cancer cells, without damaging normal cells (6).

NOTE: But, repeating this process, staying a long time in an infrared sauna, or radiation can be harmful to the skin, and even may link to skin cancer.

Also high temperatures in a particular area of the body, cause burns, blisters, pain, swelling, blood clot, or discomfort (7).

So make sure to avoid excessive heat, and keep your body hydrated with drink plenty of water, even during other cancer treatments.

A 2020 study, reveals that first time UV combined with Infrared light causes skin damage.

However, infrared saunas in a moderate amount, limiting excessive exposure to heat whether it is sun UV rays can reduce the risk of cancer (9).

But How Does Radiation Cause Cancer?

Radiation is 2 types of ionizing radiation (X-rays, and gamma rays that remove electrons from atoms which overall damage DNA)

Non-ionizing (sun UV rays, which are less ionized, but still able to damage DNA, if severe sun exposure happens)

DNA is a type of file (that contains all the necessary information to build or maintain a body).

When radiation interacts with DNA, it causes breaks, changes, and other types of damage and disturbance, which develop cancer cells (12)

Not only exposure to radiation leads to cancer, but old age, gender, and genes individuals are also at risk of cancer (10)

There is less evidence that exists in both agree and non-agree on cancer and infrared sauna or tradition, so need more studies.

Precautions and Considerations For Using Infrared Sauna

Here are some precautions you should follow, before and after going on IS include:

Before Infrared sauna

  • Drink enough water to prevent dehydration
  • avoid heavy meals, as they may cause discomfort during the session
  • make sure, not to drink alcohol before entering
  • remove personal items before entering the sauna
  • wear light and comfortable cloths
  • if you have a health issue or are on medication, or you are pregnant then should consult your healthcare provider first (11)

During Infrared Sauna

  • You can do relaxation, where you do meditationbreathing exercises, and read magazines, which power up the session.
  • avoid staying longer periods 15 to 20 minutes is enough
  • if you are a beginner, the temperature should be low, and then gradually increase
  • maintain hygiene, avoid using others’ towels, and other items
  • some medications interact with heat, so consult your doctor, before taking a sauna and any therapy
  • listen to your body, if you feel nausea, and suffocation, then immediately drop out session.

After Infrared sauna

  • Do not go bath or shower immediately, after coming out, wait 15 minutes.
  • hydrate yourself
  • perform some gentle exercises
  • avoid staying too long time on the sauna

Down Line

Infrared sauna and cancer are related topics, where some studies show IS can help with cancer, and some say it increases cancer risk.

Cancer is a group of abnormal cells, which start by dividing, then spread to other body parts, and are shown as tumors.

Some studies have shown increasing body temp can kill cancer cells, but frequent use and long-term (IS) lead to the development of cancer.

Make sure to avoid long periods in the sauna, and talk to your doctor, before entering any new therapy or treatment.


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