Best 10 Research-Based Health Benefits of Cycling

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Cycling is one of the best physical exercises, whether it is indoor or outdoor cycling

Many studies have shown that indoor cycling has many health benefits like – reducing bad cholesterol, more oxygen consumption, controlling blood pressure.

It is a low-impact exercise, this means that it can show many health benefits by showing fewer side effects, which is suitable for all.

Here are the top 10 health benefits of cycling – indoor, or outdoor cycling includes:

Build muscles

Cycling is one of the best exercises for bigger or stronger legs muscles, which is even seen in professional cyclists.

It also improves the overall function of the lower body and strengthens and stretches each muscle, like the thigh, glutes, quads, hip, calves, muslce.

Cycling affects both young and older age groups, which also suggests improving muscle quality, but appears higher in older adults than young adults (1).

To make legs muscle stronger or bulky, enhance your cycling performance, with hard gear shifting, and try other exercises like:

  • Weightlifting
  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Lunges, which is also best for bigger muscles, for 3 to 4 times a week (2)

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Reduce Stress

Research by Sammi Chekroud’s shown that physical exercise can bring really positive effects, both in treatment and prevention, and cycling is on top of this list.

During research by Oxford University, data was prepared on the basis of their testing of professional cyclists wearing masks.

The results showed that the difficulty in running this cycle was having a significant impact on the way the brain functions in the short term.

Exercise increases heart rate, blood pressure, which promotes blood to the brain and then is associated with managing anxiety and stress.

But what particular thing makes exercise is excellent for mental health?

When you do exercises whether it is cycling, running, or gym, our brain release endorphins, these hormone acts as a natural painkiller, and promote feeling happy.

It considers that 45 minutes of daily exercise at least 1 hour helpful in supporting mental health (3).

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Improve stamina

Of course, cycling improves stamina or endurance power, but how?

If you are out of fuel, but still you make continuous exercises then it helps to progress up your stamina level.

A beginner can see more improvement in stamina, and then shift gear to a hard level – means – (when cycling becomes more difficult) will definitely see the benefits.

However, there are some other things that are excellent for boosting stamina such as:

  • Running, one of the best aerobic exercises
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Playing sports, where you have to run more, like football, cricket, etc.
  • Caffeine
  • Breathing activities can help you to run without stopping like kapal bhati, Anulom vilom.
  • Ayurvedic herbs or spices like Ashwagandha
  • Diet
  • Strong music

According to research gate, Lower-body heavy strength training and endurance-cycling training can improve both short- And long-term endurance performance.

Increased cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health refers to the health of the heart and blood vessels, In which heart attack is very common in this.

Indoor cycling might also be effective for losing weight and preventing the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in overweight women (4).

Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which means it can also improve blood circulation, lead to good heart health (5).

A study in working-age youngsters showed that consistent improvement in heart fitness and cycling indicate some improvement in heart risk factors (6).

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Help in Weight loss

In today’s time unhealthy living and eating lifestyle, make urban people more prone to getting more fat, compare to rural peoples.

A new study shows that overweight people can lose fat mass just as effectively by riding the bike to work than by exercising in their free time (7)

Cycling is the best fat burner tech, compare to running, jogging, and walking, and you can lose more weight by making cycling more difficult.

Diet also plays a vital role in – eating a healthy diet, instead of a fats, sugar diet, during a weight-loss period can help you lose weight quickly (8).

Also, the potential role of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to reduce weight is still not clear (9) (10).

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Lower your cholesterol level

The research on indoor cycling and strength training found that, reducing HDL levels in overweight and normal-weight female adults (11).

During the research, it was observed that a combined Indoor cycling and diet significantly decreases body mass and cholesterol levels (12).

A study indicates that the combination of exercise and diet seems to be the most effective way to increase HDL and reduce LDL, and triglycerides levels (13).

According to the 300 review studies say that Stationary cycling may boost good cholesterol, and lower bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels (14)

However, some did not observe any hard changes in the total cholesterol levels after Indoor cycling, strength training, and placebo at home (15)

Improve sex Life

As we know a good sex life is very essential for both men and women, and their relationship.

Having good intercourse can be good for heart health, but too much intercourse can cause early ejaculation and low libido issues (16).

A study, where 3,100 women were included, where cyclists were divided into 2 groups, one was a high-intensity group and second low-intensity group.

As a result, the high-intensity showed better sexual function and health, compared to a lower intensity.

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Low Impact-exercise

Cycling is a good low-impact exercise, which means (heart rate, and blood pressure increase, with very less wear and tear on knee, and other joints.

Research suggested that cycling activity could prevent bone strength losses in older people (17).

However, calcium intake with hormonal profile, and with cycling was found to play a vital in bone health (18) (19) (20).

A study showed that the indoor cycle may be effective in increasing bone mineral density (BMD) in the arms, legs, pelvis, and spine (21).

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Prevent Many Diseases

A study has shown, cycling at moderate intensity during dialysis can significantly improve the heart health of patients with kidney failure (22)

Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises that prevent numerous health-related issues such as:

  • Promote heart health
  • Reduce the risk of certain cancer
  • Prevent from depression, and anxiety (23) (24).
  • Reduce excessive weight, by buring fat.
  • Prevent bone from bone issues, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.
  • Increase lung capacity

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Pollution has increased to a great extent in today’s time, due to which even big automobile companies want to convert to electrical.

Yes, cycling is pure eco-friendly, which is also a great replacement for pollution transport.

Also, save time, for example:

  • In-car, traffic is seen, parking problem, red light issue, and one of the main issue is petrol.
  • On the bus, waiting is one of the main issues, the bus being late, paying, looking around that we reached, thief issues, etc.
  • In the bike, filter pass traffic, lock

In addition, cycling is good for starting your day, which increased self-esteem, confidence, and many more benefits.

Other Benefits

  • Promote better sleep, by bringing fatigue
  • Improves Spatial awaress, by teaching you to use your body weight to get the bike to go where you want it to.
  • Best way to grow your social circle with other cyclist, like in adventure trip.
  • Improves navigational skill
  • Strengthen your immune system, by increasing the production of essential proteins and boosting up white blood cells.
  • Helps improve Self-Esteem

Downside of Cycling

There are some also downsides to cycling, which are mostly seen outdoor, are include:

Risk of an accident, whether it a village, or cities area, (in cities people are more risk of accident), where the cycling path is also full of car jam.

It also considers that cycling is riskier than travel by car for all age groups except young adults (15–30 years of age).

Risks for nonfatal accidents are higher for cyclists than for car drivers, as well (25).

Wearing loose clothing might be stuck on the bike chain, so make sure to wear fit clothes. Use light and reflective gear, especially if you are love riding at night.

Pollution is also one of the main threats during cycling.

It estimated life expectancy was lost because of air pollution (0.8–40 days) and traffic accidents (5–9 days) were much smaller.

Some other downside such as:

  • Rain, cold weather, monsoon change
  • Exposure to sunlight, especially during a summer day, causes excessive sweating, so wear UV-protective sunglasses, cream, and a hat.


Indoor cycling is a great option to avoid monsoon conditions, rain, and foggy which is even riskier than, a normal day.

Cycling is a happy adventure time, to stay healthy in overall ways.

Avoid road, take safety precautions, like riding on side, or park. Cycling is a wonderful way to explore your local area.


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